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Date of Fiat.

Date of Fiat. 1841, MARSHALL John, of Birchin-lane, London, merchant; div. 1840, POPE James, and Joseph Beech, of Market-street, Man1843, PEARSALL Charles, of Anderton, Cheshire, boiler-maker and chester, Lancashire, brush-makers; fur, joint div. salt-pan manufacturer; first div.

1807, WALTER Francis Twigden, of Liverpool, Lancashire, mer1843, SHEPHERD William, of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, miller; chant; div. div.

1840, WILLSMER Charles, of Tillingham, near Maldon, Essen, 1843, SMITHSON William, of Thirsk, Yorkshire, linen and woollen- draper; div.

draper; div. 1843, TURNER William Henry, and Thomas Blucher Turner, trading under the style or firm of William and Thomas Turner, at

Gazette, Tuesday, January 23. Blackburn, Lancashire, as cotton-spinners and manufacturers;

joint div. 1842, WILLOCK Matthew, of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, merchant;


BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. 1840, WILSON Thomas Winsmore, of Barnsley, Yorkshire, linen. PRANCE James, now or late of Manchester, cotton-manufacturer.

manufacturer and yarn-merchant, trading under the firm of Mawer & Wilson; div.


CLEEVE Henry, of Rettendon, in the parish of Rettendon, in the Gazette, Friday, January 19.

county of Essex, and late of No. 31, Edgware-road, in the parish of Marylebone, in the county of Middlesex, cow keeper, cattle and

sheep salesman, d. c.- Official assignee, Lackington. --Sols. Messrs. BANKRUPTS.

Rickards & Co.,

Lincoln's-inn-fields, and Clifton, Romford. Fit, Jan. 19. Pet. Crs. Richard James Meeson and John Messum, a

Rettendon, Essex, coal-merchants. HOWE John, of Sheffield, table-knife manufacturer.

COURTNEY Francis Burdett, of No. 42, Great Marlborough-street,

in the county of Middlesex, bookseller, surgeon, and apothecary. TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

- Official assignee, Graham.-Sols. Rutter and Trotter, BEARUP William, of the borough and county of Newcastle-upon- Fiat, Jan. 18. Pet. Cr. Henry Cox, of Arthur-street, West, cruggist.

Tyne, joiner and builder.-Official assignee, Baker.-Sols. Lambert, Newcastle.

EMMINS William, of No. 23, Montpelier.row, Brompton, in the Fiat, Jan. 8. Pet. Crs. George Thomas and Charles Milner, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ironmongers.

county of Middlesex, builder, d. c.- Official assignee, Edwards.

Sol. Ward, Essex-street. Fiat, Jan. 20. Pet. Cr. James Emmins, BENTLEY Thomas, of Eccleston, in the county of Lancaster, calico- 17, Moscow-road, Bayswater, builder. printer, d. c.-Official assignee, Turner.-Sols. Evans, Liverpool, JACKSON Charles Smith, of Leeds, in the county of York, cloth Alcock & Dixon, Burnley, and Messrs. Bennett, Manchester.

merchant, d. C.-Official assignee, Fearne.--Sols. Sudlow & Cong Fiat, Jan. 6. Pet. Cr. Nicholas England, of Colne, assignee of John

Chancery-lane, and Messrs. Lee, Leeds. Fiat, Jan. 15. Pet. Crs. Smalley, of Danbury-mill, near Chorley, corn-miller.

James Stansfield and Joseph Watmough, of Calverley, cloth-madeLEWIS William the younger, of Axbridge, in the county of Somerset, facturers.

baker, corn-factor, d. c.-Official assignee, Hutton.-Sols. Robins & Co., Wells. Fiat, Jan. 11. Pet. Er. James Griffin, of North MARYON Richard, of Chigwell-row, in the parish of Chigwell, in Wootton, Somerset, miller.

the county of Essex, blacksmith and farrier, d. c.- Official assignee,

Edwards.—Sol. Buchanan, Basinghall-street. Fiat, Jan. 18. Pet REAVELEY John, of Hammond's-wharf, Queenhithe, in the city Cr. William Meredith, 21, King-street, Commercial-road, biscui

of London, paper commission-agent.--Official assignee, Green. baker. Sol. Cooper, Old Cavendish-street. Fiat, Jan. 16. Pet. Cr. George PARR Thomas, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, plumber, Sparks, of Swan-street, Minories, sack-maker.

painter, glazier, hosier and draper, d.c.-Official assignee, Cazenove, CERTIFICATES to be allowed February

Sols. Reed and Shaw, Friday-street, and Robinson, Liverpool

Fiat, Jan. 15. Pet. Crs. Richard Groucock, Sampson Copestate, Abbott Robert Tebbitt, of Birminghain, wholesale tea-dealer, (partner and George Moore, of Bow-churchyard, lace-manufacturers.

with Alfred Thwaytes). Bourne Thomas, of Liverpool, corn-factor.

ROBINSON James, late of the town and county of the town of NotBrown Alexander, Henry Brown, and Richard Brown, of Liverpool,

tingham, wharfinger and brick maker, but now of Arnold, in the slaters and plasterers.

said county of Nottingham.-Official assignee, Bittleston.-Sais. Cambridge John, of Cheltenham, wine-merchant.

Cann. Nottingham, and Smith, Birmingham. Fiat, Jan. 16. PE Canning Samuel, of Warwick, victualler.

Cr. William Swanwick, of Sneinton, Notis, porter-njerchant Cooke Thomas, of Leicester, glove-manufacturer.

SHAW Frederick, of No. 60, London-wall, in the city of Londen, Florance Edmund, jun., of Subdeanry, potatoe-dealer.

builder, carpenter, d.c. --Official assignee, Turquand --Sols HadeGodwin Henry Morgan, and Charles Lee, of Bishopsgate-street Within, son & Co. Austin-friars. Fiat, Jan. 17. Pet. Cr. Edward Stox, ship-owners.

10, London-wall, gent. Gray John Lavender, of Jermyn-street, tailor. Harrison Joseph, of Brighton, coach-builder.

WILLIAMSON Caleb, of No. 17, Regent-street, in the parish of Poett Joseph George, of University-street, surgeon.

Saint James, in the county of Middlesex, hosier, glover, de

Official assignee, Follett.— Sol. Goddard, Wood-street. Fiat, Slade William, of Bridport, boot-maker.

Jan. 20. Pet. Cr. William Yeathead Ball, of Wood-street, Cheap Wright Joseph, of St. Sidwell, builder.

side, glover. DIVIDENDS. Date of Fiat.

CERTIFICATES to be allowed February 13. 1843, ABBOTT Robert Tebbitt, and Alfred Thwaytes Tebbitt, of Cowherd John, of Kendal, miller.

Birmingham, Warwickshire, wholesale tea-dealers and coffee Kennedy Francis, of New Bond-street, and York-place, Vauxhallroasters, carrying on trade in Birmingham, under the style or

road, stationer. firm of Abbott, Tebbitt & Co.

Sutton Theophilus Jonas, of Scarborongh, master-mariner. 1843, AUSTEN Edward, of Walmer, Kent, grocer; div.

Whittington George Thomas, of Great St. Helen's, mercbant. 1842, BEANLAND Joseph, of Birkenshaw Bottoms, in Birstal, and also of Bradford, both in Yorkshire, woolstapler, coal-miner,

DIVIDENDS. and toll contractor ; div.

Date of Fiat. 1843, CLAPHAM John, of Leeds, licensed victualler and innkeeper; 1843, ALPORD Thomas, of No. 26, Harrow-road, in Paddington, final div.

Middlesex, licensed victualler; div. 1842, COTTAM George, and William Osburn, the younger, both of 1842, ALLEN John, of Penzance, Cornwall, baker and confectionet Leeds, Yordshire, wine and spirit merchants : div.

div. 1841, DOLLMAN Edward, of Church-court, Clenient's-lane, London, 1843, BALL John, of No. 20, St. George's-place, Hyde-park-cora?, merchant; div.

Middlesex, tailor; div.



Date of Fiat.

WILSON Joseph, of the borough and county of Newcastle-upon1841, BISHOP George Blight, and Frances Hildyard, of South- Tyne, linen-manufacturer, draper, hosier, d. c.-Official assignee,

ampton, drapers, trading under the name, style, or firm of G. Baker.-Sols. Plumptre, Temple, and Cram, Newcastle. Fiat, B. Bishop & Co.; final div.

Jan. 18. Pet. Cr. Allan Robinson Bowes, of Gateshead, gent. 1843, BLAKE Dodson, of Norwich, mohair manufacturer and merchant; div.

CERTIFICATES to be allowed February 16. 1842, CORAH Edward, of Union-street, Bristol, hosier; div.

Bate Joseph, of Dudley, iron-merchant. 1841, CRANE Rebecca, of Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, draper; Bussey. Edward, of Sheffield, broker. div.

Cartwright Thomas, of Heaton Norris, banker. 1S13, HAYES James, of Taunton, Somersetshire, innkeeper; div.

Coleman Thomas, of St. Alban's, victualler. 1841, HAYWARD James, and Richard Hanks Moore, of No. 53, Hilton Edward, of Over Darwen, paper-maker, (partner with Natha

Drury Benjamin George, of Dudley, victualler. Paternoster-row, London, booksellers and publishers; div. niel Walsh). 1833, HOLT Thomas Lyttleton, the younger, of No. 4, Crane-court, Morley Charles James, of Liverpool, flour-dealer and baker.

Fleet-street, and of No. 6, Bell's-buildings, Salisbury-square, Nutter James, of Cambridge, brewer, (partner with William Elliston). both in London, printer and publisher; div.

Pow James Brough, of Newcastle, ship-broker. 1843, HOWARD John Press, of Attlebridge, Norfolk, maltster and Thurston Samuel, of Grosvenor-row, Pimlico, corn and coal mer

Ross Sarah, of Leicester, hosier, (partner with Timothy Ross). merchant; div.

chant. 1842, LEWIN Richard, of Northampton, leather-seller; div. Wheldon George, of Dudley, clothier. 1836, NETTLETON William, of George-street, Hanover-square,

Widnall George Frederick, of Edgware-road, stationer. Middlesex, tailor, trading and a partner in the firm of Nettleton & Le Gassick, of George-street, tailors; div.


Date of Fiat. 1843, RATCLIFFE George, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, fender-manu. 1843, DORRAL Benjamin, of Iron-bridge, in Madeley, Salop, mercer,

facturer; div. 1842, RICHMOND John, of No. 46, Lime-street, London, merchant; 1843, AALE Robert, of Hawley-square, Margate, Kent, bookseller

draper, and tailor ; div. final div.

and stationer; div. 1843, SLATTER James William, of Turl-street, Oxford-street, 1843, KIPLING Robert, and William Atkinson, of Wood-street, Middlesex, boot and shoe maker; div.

Cheapside, London, warehouseman ; joint div., and sep. div. of 1840, SMITH Thomas, of Gloucester, money-scrivener, and James Kipling. Henry Dowling, same city, money-scrivener; final joint div.

1843, OLIVER John, and John York, of Stoney Stratford, Bucking1842, SMITH William, of St. Alban's, and of Watford, Herts, and hamshire, bankers, and which said John York is now residing

also of Rotherhithe, Surrey, miller and seed-crusher; fin. div. at Brighton, Sussex; fur. div. 1843, WRIGHT Thomas, of Blackmore-street, Clare-market, Mid-1843, SHAW William, of Stafford, saddler; div. dlesex, cheesemonger; div.

1843, SPORER Joseph Francis, of St. James's-street, Piccadilly,

Middlesex, tailor, formerly partner with John Miley, since

deceased; joint div. Gazette, Friday, January 26.


Gazette, Tuesday, January 30.



BANKRUPTS. BESWICK Marshall, of the city of Norwich, wine and porter mer

chant.- Official assignee, Pennell.-Sol. Shearman, Trinity-place, Charing-cross. Fiat, Jan. 24. Pet. Cr. John Beswick, of Turner- BALLS Thomas, of Thames-street, in the city of London, ironstreet, Commercial-road, victualler.

merchant.- Official assignee, Green.-Sols. Tucker & Steavenson, EVANS William, of Borthwen, in the parish of Llangelynin, in the Sun Chambers, Threadneedle-street. Fiat, Jan. 27. Pet. Crs.

county of Merioneth, miller, d.c.- Official assignee, 'Bird.--Sols. James Coombs and William Henry Coombs, of Benet's-hill,
Lowe & Co. Southampton-buildings, Jones, Dolgelly, and Curry & Doctors'-commons, carpenters.
Co. Liverpool. Fiat, Jan. 20. Pet. Cr. Ellis Evans, of Llanbedr, BERRIDGE Thomas, of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster,
Merionethshire, farmer.

tobacconist, d. C.-Official assignee, Pott.-Sols. Johnson & Co. FOTHERGILL John, the elder, of Selby, in the county of York, Temple, and Kershaw, Manchester. Fiat, Jan. 25. Pet. Cr. Wil

apothecary, d. c.-Official assignee, Hope.-Sols. Jaques & Co. liam George Harrison, of the city of London, merchant. Ely-place, 'Haigh, Selby, and Ward & Son, Leeds. Fiat, Jan. 20. BUTCHER William, of Great Marlborough-street, in the parish of Pet. Cr. John Hood, of Nettleham, Lincolnshire, gent.

St. James, Westminster, in the county of Middlesex, commissionHITCHIN Henry, of Halifax, in the county of York, ironmonger, agent, dealer in carpets, d. c.- Official assignee, Groom.-Sols. d. 6.-Official assignee, Young.--Sols. Slaney, Birmingham, and Messrs. Mayhew, Carey-street. Fiat, Jan. 25. Pet. Cr. William Bloome & Gatliff, Leeds. Fiat, Jan. 17. Pet. Cr. John Cartland, Goodchap, of Hatton-garden, accountant. of Birmingham, brass-founder.

HILLER George, of Sun-street, Bishopsgate-street, London, varnishMORGAN George, of the city of Gloucester, currier.–Official as- manufacturer, d. c.- Official assignee, Graham.-Sol. Rutherford,

signee, Miller.- Sol. Lovegrove, Gloucester. Fiat, Jan. 8. Pet. Cr. Lombard-street. Fiat, Jan. 26. Pet. Cr. Samuel Matthews, of

John Frederick Coules, of Kingsholm, Gloucestershire, tanner. Charing-cross, India-rubber cloth manufacturer.
ROLFE John, late of Uxbridge, in the county of Middlesex, coal LEECH John, of the borough and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

and timber merchant, d.c.-Official assignee, Groom.-Sol. Sleap, ironmonger.- Official assignee, Baker.-Sols. Harle, Newcastle, Middle Temple-lane. Fiat, Jan. 16. Pet. Crs. Thomas and John and Chisholm & Co. Lincoln's Inn-fields. Fiat, Jan. 22. Pet. Cr. Charrington, of Lower Shadwell, coal-merchants.

Mary Hogg, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, spinster. RUSHTON John, the younger, of the town and county of the town LEQUeUtre Alphonso, of Chingford Mills, in the county of Essex,

of Nottingham, livery-stable keeper, smith, veterinary surgeon, miller and mealman, d.c.-Official assignee, Johnson.-Sols. Adamd. c.- Official assignee, Christie.—Sols. Brewster, Nottingham, and son & Cooper, Ely-place. Fiat, Jan. 24. Pet. Cr. Mary Warner, Smith, Birmingham. Fiat, Jan. 19. Pet. Cr. John Rushton, sen., of Manor Cottage, Chingford, spinster. of Nottingham, gent.

MURCH Henry, of the parish of Norton-under-Hamdon, in the TEBAY Richard, of Cheesehill-street, Winchester, in the county of county of Somerset, sail-cloth manufacturer.- Official assignee, 6

Southampton, plumber and glazier.- Official assignee, Whitmore. Hertzel.–Sols. Nicholetts, Bridport, Stogdon, Exeter, and Brace, -Sols. Finch & Neale, Lincoln's Inn-fields. Fiat, Jan. 24. Pet. Essex-street. Fiat, Jan. 20. Pet. Crs. James Haydon and Robert Cr. Rebecca Tebay, of Cheesehill-street, Winchester, spinster. Turner, of Broadwinsor, Dorsetshire, yarn-manufacturers.

2. BANKR, 1844.


RODHAM Thomas, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer, ale and porter Hill, London, and Cariss, Leeds. Fiat, Jan. 24. Pet. Crs. merchant, d. c.-Official assignee, Baker.-Sols. Ingledew, New

Thompson Clarkson and Sarah Clarkson, of Leeds, lallowcastle, and Williamson & Hill, Gray's Inn. Fiat, Jan. 19. Pet. Cr.

chandlers. Allan Robinson Bowes, of Gateshead, gent.

LAMONT Duncan, of the Grapes public-house, West Smithfield, TUBB John, of Basingstoke, in the county of Hants, draper, d. c.- in the city of London, dealer in foreign wines and spirits, porter

- Official assignee, Green.—Sol. Ashurst, Cheapside. Fiat, Jan. 25. and ale, and British compounds and tobacco, d.c.-Official assignet, Pet. Crs. William White and Smith Greenwell, of Cheapside, ware- Whitmore.- Sol. Buchanan, Basinghall-street. Fiat, Jan. 26. Pet

. housemen.

Cr. John William Dexter, of No. 18, Duke-street, Smithfield,

glover. CERTIFICATES to be allowed February 20.

PERRYMAN Joseph Henry, of Birmingham, in the county of WarBaker Thomas, of High-street, Camberwell, carpenter.

wick, bookseller and publisher, d. c.-Official assignee, Valpy.Exley William, of Manchester, boot-maker.

Sols. Holroyde, Halifax, and Wright, Birmingham. Fiat, Jan. 25. Ward John, of Nottingham, tailor.

Pet. Cr. William Milner, of Halifax, bookseller.

PETIT Robert, of Exning, in the county of Suffolk, livery-stable Date of Fiat.

keeper, d. c.-Official assignee, Turquand.-Sol. Gin, Harrington 1842, BOTTOMLEY James, of Delph, within Saddleworth, York

street, Hampstead-road. Fiat, Jan. 25. Pet. Cr. Andrew Gien, of shire, woollen-manufacturer and merchant, trading under the

Regent-street, baker. style or firm of William Bottomley & Co.; fur. div.

PHILLOTT Robert, late of Clement's-lane, in the city of London, 1841, BROWN Robert, of Kingston-upon-Hull, bookseller, printer,

but now of the parish of Blagdon, in the county of Somerset, scriand stationer; div.

vener, d. 0.

:-Official assignee, Acraman.-Sol. Heaven, Bristo,

Fiat, Jan. 30. Pet. Cr. Charles Ranken Hall, of Grove House, 1843, CUMMING John, of No. 206, Tottenham-court-road, Middle

Staplegrove, Somersetshire, clerk. sex, furrier and draper; div. 1808, DANSON George, and John Walmsley, of Liverpool, Lanca- THOMPSON William, and James Mellis, of the

borough and courty shire, merchants ; div.

of Newcastle upon-Tyne, in England, and of Buenos Ayres and

Monte Video, in South America, merchants, commission-agents. and 1831, DIXON Matthew, of Hessle, in Kingston-upon-Hull, corn

copartners, d. c.-Official assignee, Baker.-Sols. Watson, Ver. dealer; final div.

castle, and Shield & Harwood, Queen-street, Cheapside. Fiai, 1843, FORD Frederick, of Aldgate, London, draper; div.

Jan. 22. Pet. Crs. Robert Vernon and John Sowerby, of Ver. 1842, GAUTIER François, now or late of Gould-square, Crutched- castle-upon-Tyne, glass-manufacturers.

friars, London, trading under the firm of Wood, Gautier & Co.; Webb William, of Leamington, in the county of Warwick, hotel. div.

keeper, d. c. Official assignee, Bittleston.-Sol. Great wood, Bir. 1843, HAVELOCK William, of South Shields, Durham, carver; first mingham. Fiat, Jan. 26. Pet. Crs. Henry Middleton and Joseph and final div.

Harris, of Birmingham, drapers. 1842, HILL William, and William Kemble Wackerbarth, of Leaden- Wood William Law, now or late of No. 117, Bishopsgate-street

hall-street, London, ship and insurance agents and merchants; Within, in the city of London, export ironmonger.-Official div.

signee, Belcher. -Sol. Henderson, Mansell street. Fiat, Jan. 30. 1842, LOCKWOOD James, and George Lockwood, trading together Pet. Cr. Thomas Yates, of Devonshire-place, Old Kent-road, gent.

at Wakefield, Yorkshire, and at Saint John's, in New Brunswick, North America, as linen and woollen drapers and mer

CERTIFICATES to be allowed February 23. chants, under the style or firm of J. and G. Lockwood; div. 1843, LUCY John, the younger, of Liverpool, Lancashire, tailor and Clapton Henry Game, of Bristol, warehouseman, (partner with Widraper; div.

liam Pickford). 1843, MARKBY Frederick, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire, Locke Edward, and Alexander Dixon Mills, of Lawrence Pountnes.

Diamond Hugh Welch, of Frith-street, surgeon. common brewer ; div.

hill, and Redditch, needle-manufacturers. 1839, MARSH Robert, the younger, of St. Helens, Lancashire, Messenger Frederick, of Liverpool, corn-merchant. chemist and druggist, grocer and tea-dealer; div.

Moseley Lewin, of High-street, Shadwell, Staffordshire, wars. 1842, NICHOLSON Charles Mills, of the New Corn Exchange, houseman.

Mark-lane, London, and of Dockhead, Surrey, corn-merchant; Nuttall Peter Austin, of Edward-terrace, Chalk-road, newspaper div.

vender. 1842, PEPPER John, of Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, Wintle John Marriott, of Drury-lane, silversmith. tailor and draper; div.

Zuliani James, of Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing-lane, merchant. 1831, RICKETTS John Bourke, of No. 147, Leadenhall-street, London, merchant; div.

DIVIDENDS. -, SUFFIELD Samuel Wilson, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, Date of Fiat. druggist; div.

1843, ALLISON George, of Darlington, Durham, scrivener and ship1832, TEMPLE Joseph, of Myton, in Kingston-upon-Hull, common

owner; final div. brewer; final div.

1843, BEDFORD James, of Melina-place, Westminster-road, Lan. 1843, WEGG Nathaniel, of East-street, East Greenwich, Kent, vic- beth, Surrey, carrying on business as an iron-merchant; div. tualler; div.

1842, BIDMEAD David, of No. 62, Bread-street, Cheapside, Lea. 1843, WOOD John, of Beauvale, in Greasley, Nottinghamshire, miller don, warehouseman and shipping agent ; fur. div. and corn-factor; div.

1842, BUCKLEY John, of Higher Crompton, near Oldham, Lanca 1843, WOODRUFF James Leonard, of Great Missenden, Bucks, shire, coal-master, timber-merchant, and shopkeeper ; div. innkeeper and coach-proprietor ; div.

1842, COLLINGS William, of Devon port, Devonshire, baker; dir.

1840, COLLINS John, of Staines, Middlesex, hotel-keeper; div. Gazette, Friday, February 2.

1833, CULLEN Michael, of Liverpool, Lancashire, merebant ;

fur. div.

1828, FRY William, Joseph Fry, and Jonathan Chapman, of Saint BANKRUPTS.

Mildred's-court, Poultry, London, bankers ; fur. joini dis. TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

1842, HODGSON Daniel, of Sandwich, Kent, banker; div. COOPER George, of Leeds, in the county of York, butcher, d.c.

1843, JONES Samuel, of No. 78, Cheapside, London, jeweller; die Official assignee, Young.–Sols. Raynar & Son, Leeds, and Sudlow 1843, LAING Alexander, of Halifax, Yorkshire, draper ; div. & Co. Chancery-lane. °Fiat, Jan. 27. Pet. Cr. Dorothy Hollins, of 1842, LYON Robert, of High Holborn, Middlesex, cabinet-make Leeds, widow.

and carpet-dealer; div. DRAGE James Robert, of Leeds, in the county of York, tallow. 1839, YALLOP Rowland, of No. 77, Basinghall-streci, Londea,

merchant, d. c.-Official assignee, Fearne.-Sols. Williamson & scrivener ; div.




WALTON George, of Stockton-upon-Tees, in the county of Durham, Gazette, Tuesday, February 6.

wine and spirit merchant, d. c.- Official assignee, Baker.-Sols.

Dimmock & Burbey, Sise-lane, and Steavenson, Darlington. Fiat, BANKRUPTS.

Jan. 22. Pet. Crs. Jobin, William, and Richard Payne, and Richard

Nicholson, of St. John-street, Clerkenwell, distillers.

WHITE Thomas, of No. 284, Regent-street, in the parish of Saint BILLINGTON Samuel, of Birkenhead, in the county of Chester, Marylebone, in the county of Middlesex, lace-dealer, d.c.-Official woollen-draper and tailor.–Official assignee, Morgan.-Sols. Min. assignee, Lackington.-Sol. Ashurst, Cheapside. Fiat, Jan. 27. shull, Liverpool, and Vincent & Sherwood, Temple. Fiat, Jan. 27. Pet. Cr. John Dillon, James Morrison, John Kersop, and George Pet. Cr. John Royle, of Chester, joiner,

Brown, of l'ore-street, warehousemen. CHAPMAN Richard, of Scorton, in the county of York, innkeeper,

CERTIFICATES to be allowed February 27. de 6.-Oficial assignee, Hope.- Sols. Close. Furnival's Inn, Hunton, Richmond, and Teale, Leeds. Fiat, Jan, 31. Pet. Cr. John Dawson Charles, of North-row, Covent garden, fruiterer, Young, of Richmond, Yorkshire, brewer.

Dewson Charles Frederick, of Birmingham, victualler. EWART John, and George Ewart, of the town and county of New Jenkyns Francis, and John Hay Hardyman, of Love-lane, Eastcheap,

Hale Robert, of Margate, bookseller. castle-upon-Tyne, auctioneers and partners, d.c.-Official assignee, Baker.-Sols. Brooksbank & Farn, Gray's Inn-square, and Brown, Pouchee George John, of Oxford-street, stationer.

merchants. Newcastle. Fiat, Jan. 29. Pet. Crs. Joseph Armstrong, John Blackwell , and John Brunton Falconer, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Withell Thomas, and William Witheil, of Padstow, ship-builders.

Tregaskes James, of Bristol, victualler. printers. GREGORY Thomas, of Poulshot Mill, in the parish of Poulshot, in

DIVIDENDS. the county of Wilts, miller.- Official assignee, Kynaston.-Sol. Date of Fiat. Austie, Devizes. Fiat, Jan. 29. Pet. Cr. William Gillett, of 1842, ATHERTON William, of Manchester, Lancashire, flint-glass Melksham, Wilts, accountant, on behalf of the North Wilts Banking manufacturer; first div. Company.

1835, GAGE John, of Delverton, Somersetshire, carpenter; div. HARDLEY John, of West Mills, Newport, in the Isle of Wight, in 1843, KNIGHT John Mason, of Rugby, Warwickshire, ironmonger, the county of Hants, miller, d. c.- Official assignee, Alsager. -Sols.

grocer, and seedsman; div. M'Leod & Stenning, London-street. Fiat, Jan. 29. Pet. Crs. Ed

LANE Hervey, of Derby, innkeeper and licensed victualler; ward Hales, John Laforey Butler, Felix Prior, and Charles Butler, 1841, MOLYNEUX Henry, of No. 42, Lombard-street, London, and

div. of No. 15, Bush-lane, corn-factors.

of Ealing-green, Middlesex, watch and chronometer maker ; HILLAM Francis, of Cambridge-terrace, Edgware-road, in the div. county of Middlesex, ale and porter merchant.- Official assignee, 1839, RABEY William, of Redruth, Cornwall, leather-seller and Green.-Sol. Appleton, Fenchurch-buildings, Fiat, Feb. 5.


ironmonger; div. Crs. William Clark & Joseph Coulthard, of No. 34, Great Tower- 1842, RALEIGH Joseph, Thomas Smith Goode, and William Holstreet, bottle-merchants.

land, of Manchester, Lancashire, merchants; joint div., and HONE Robert, late of No. 27, Garnault-place, Spa-fields, but now

sep. div. of Raleigh. of No. 54, Hatton-garden, both places in the county of Middlesex, 1843, THORNTON William Carr, of Cleckheaton, in Birstall, Yorkstationer, d. c. Official assignee, Edwards.-Sol. Cattlin, Ely

shire, machine-maker; div. place. Fiat, Jan. 30. Pet. Cr. Henry Rains, senior, Henry Rains, junior, and William Rains, of Crescent-place, Blackfriars, papermanufacturers.

Gazette, Friday, February 9. LANGRIDGE Thomas, of Tonbridge Wells, in the county of Kent,

BANKRUPTS. auctioneer and dealer in furniture.- Official assignee, Johnson. Sols. Manning, Craven-street, Strand. Fiat, Feb. 2. Pet. Cr.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. Thomas Habgood Buxton, of No. 57, Wood-street, warehouseman. THOMAS Owen Wynne, of Milk-street, Cheapside, silk-wareMOORE Joseph, of Tamworth, in the county of Warwick, draper,

houseman. d. c.-Oficial assignee, Follett.—Sol. Ashurst, Cheapside. Fiat, COULSON Jukes, and Harry Phipps, of Clement's-lane, shipping Jan. 24. Pet. Crs. William White, and Smith Greenwell, of Cheap- ironmongers.

side, warehousemen. OGSTON Mary, of Davies-street, Berkeley-square, in the county of ALDRED John, of the town of Nottingham, wholesale stationer and Middlesex, watch-maker, d. c. — - Official assignee, Graham.-Sol. pasteboard manufacturer. Official assignee, Whitmore.

Sols. Ashurst, Cheapside. Fiat, Feb. 2. Pet. Cr. Helen Johnson, of Bradshaw, Nottingham, and Motteram & Giddy, Birmingham. Putney-heath, spinster.

Fiat, Jan. 25. Pet. Cr. Joseph Aldred, of Nottingham, lace-manuREESBY Charles, of Stamford, in the county of Lincoln, miller, d.c.

facturer. Official assignee, Valpy:--Sol. Jackson, Stamford, and Smith, HETHERINGTON Joseph, Henry Docker, and Cuthbert Johnson, Birmingham. Fiat, Jan. 15. Pet. Cr. Edward Johnson, of Whit- all of No. 89, Quadrant, Regent-street, in the county of Middlesex, tering, Northamptonshire, farmer.

lamp-dealers, d. c.-Official assignee, Turquand.-Sols. Clark &

Davidson, Essex-street. Fiat, Feb. 3. Pet. Crs. John and Charles SMITH Noel Thomas, the younger, of Lime-street, in the city of London, ship-owner, carrying on business under the firm of Noel

Ratcliff, of Birmingham, lamp-manufacturers. Thomas Smith & Company. -Official assignee, Follett.–Sols. Clay- LEONARD Samuel Walker, of Frances-street, Golden-square, in ton & Cookson, No. 6, New-square, Lincoln's Inn. Fiat, Feb. 2. the county of Middlesex, butcher, d. c.-Official assignee, Groom. Pet. Cr. Noel Thomas Smith, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, doctor of - Sols. Pain & Hatherley, Great Marlborough-street. Fiat, medicine.

Feb. 5. Pet. Cr. James Leonard, of Mount-street, Hanover-square, SUTTON Charles, of Southampton, in the county of Hants, grocer

butcher. and cheesemonger.-Official assignee, Pennell. --Sol. Oldershaw, LEWIS William, of Twinnell-street, in the out-parish of St. Philip King's Arms-yard. Fiat, Jan. 31. Pet. Cr. Joseph Anderson, of and Jacob, in the city and county of Bristol, carpenter and builder, College-street, merchant.

d. c.-- Official assignce, Hutton.--Sols. Gregory & Son, Bristol. TILDESLEY Matthew, of Porto Bello, in the parish of Wolver

Fiat, Feb. 5. Pet. Cr. George Bragg, of Bristol, ironmonger. hampton, in the county of Stafford, timber-dealer and brick-maker. MINISTER Edward, of No. 8, Argyll-place, Regent-street, in the Oficial assignee, Christie. - Sols. Phillips & Bolton, Wolver. county of Middlesex, tailor, d. c.- Official assignee, Alsager.-Sols. hampton. Fiat, Jan. 27. Pet. Cr. Henry Chellingworth, of Pulford- Hodgson & Burton, Salisbury-street. Fiat, Feb. 6. Pet. Cr. heath, near Solihull, Warwickshire, timber-merchant,

Thomas Scott, of Howland-street, Fitzroy-square, tailor. TISOE Henry. of the town of Hertford, in the county of Hertford, Scott Frederick James, of St. Alban's, in the county of Hertford, Carpenter and builder.-Official assignee, Pennell. --Sols. Thomp- apothecary, d.c.-Official assignee, Belcher.- Sols. Clark & Davidson & Co. Salters' Hall, and Nicholson & Longmore, Hertford. son, Essex-street. Fiat, Pet. Cr. Charles Glendenwyer Fiat, Jan. 30. Pet. Cr. Tisoe, of Hertford, plumber.

Scott, of Broughton-street, Edinburgh, esq.




TEESDALE Christopher, and Richard Toulson, lately carrying on LANG Richard, of Mill Bridge, in the parish of Birstall, in the business in partnership as furnishing warehousemen, in the West- county of York, tallow-chandler.-Official assignee, Hope.-Sols

. minster-bridge-road, in the county of Surrey.-Official assignee, Jacques & Edwards, Ely-place, and Watts, Dewsbury. Fiat, Green.-Sols. Messrs. Sole, Aldermanbury. Fiat, Jan. 25. Pet. Feb. 8. Pet. Cr. Joseph Ward, of Dewsbury, parish clerk. Crs. William Hitchcock, Richard Lewellin, and Christopher Tru- LAY Thomas, of Dudley, in the county of Worcester, grocer, d., of Wood-street, warehousemen.

Official assignee, Bittleston.-Sols. Collis, Stourbridge, and Smith, CERTIFICATES to be allowed March 1.

Birmingham. Fiat, Feb. 6. Pet. Crs. Thomas Baylie, of Stout

bridge, and Edward Biven Baylie, iron-merchants. Armstrong John Flemell, of Blackheath, and Greenwich-road, china. MARKS Edward Mansfield, of No. 21, Mortimer-street, Cavendishdealer.

square, and of No. 10, Stanhope-street, Regent's-park, both in the Lumley John, of Kirkby Fleetham, with Fencoat, brewer.

county of Middlesex, upholsterer, d. c.- Official assignee, Edwards. Martin Thomas, of the Pavement, victualler.

-Sol. Ivimey, Chancery-lane. Fiat, Feb. 6. Pet. Cr. Joseph M.Pherson William Bosher, of Hoxton, victualler.

Ivimey, of Chancery-lane, gent.
Rolfe William, of Therfield, farmer and corn-merchant.
Swallow John, sen., of Halifax, corn-miller.

MILNER John, of Brook-street, New-road, in the county of MidWhite George Zachariah, of Southampton, stone-mason.

dlesex, engine-manufacturer, lately carrying on business, in partWright Thomas, of Blackmoor-street, cheesemonger.

nership together, with Frederick Braithwaite, late of the same place, engine-manufacturer, under the firm of Braithwaite, Milner,

& Co. - Official assignee, Follett. — Sol. Rivington, FenchurchDIVIDENDS.

buildings. Fiat, Feb. 10. Pet. Crs. James Patishall Jones and Date of Fiat.

George Augustus Brown, of Fenchurch-street, soap and candle 1843, BELL John, of Basford, Nottinghamshire, hosier ; div.

manufacturers. 1843, CARPENTER William, of Southampton, stationer; div.

TURNER Robert, of Woodsome Lees, in the parish of Almondbury, 1842, FEHR Thomas James, of High-street, Birmingham, Warwick. and of Highburton, in the parish of Kirkburton, both near Hadshire, draper, and dealer in straw bonnets ; final div.

dersfield, in the county of York, trading under the firm of Robert 1843, HARRIS Mordecai, of Swansea, Glamorganshire, draper; div.

Turner & Co., as a fancy cloth manufacturer, d. c.- Official as1800, MOON Robert, the elder, and Robert Moon, the younger, of

signee, Young.–Sols. Clark & Co. Lincoln's Inn-fields, Robinson, Greenfield, near Coln, Lancashire, manufacturers and mer

Huddersfield, and Bond, Leeds. Fiat, Feb. 6. Pet. Cr. Richard chants; final joint div.

Dewhurst, of Huddersfield, woollen-printer. 1842, PORTER John, of Nantwich, Cheshire, tailor and draper ;

CERTIFICATES to be allowed March 3. div.

Dickinson William, of Bexley and Poplar, merchant. 1841, POTTER Richard, late of Gisborne Park, Yorkshire, but now Smalley John, of Sneinton, iron-founder.

of Birkacre, near Chorley, and of Manchester, both in Lanca- Webster John, of Sheffield, newspaper-proprietor.
shire, John Potter, of Manchester, and James Potter, of Man-
chester, cotton-spinners and manufacturers, trading at Man-

chester, under the firm of J. & J. Potter; first and final Date of Fiat.
joint div.

1843, BARANDON Frederick William Eugene, of No. 15, Philpot 1843, SEWELL John, of Charles-street, Paddington, Middlesex, lane, London, merchant (as surviving partner of Charles Louis victualler and builder ; div.

Theodore Bergeman, since deceased); div. 1843, WHIDBORNE Thomas James, of Liverpool, Lancashire, 1842, BATE Joseph, of Hall-street, in Dudley, Worcestershire, ironchemist and druggist ; div.

founder; div. 1842, BISHOP George, of St. Mary Axe, London, merchant, ship

and insurance broker; div. Gazette, Tuesday, February 13.

1842, BOYD. George, and William Boyd, of Kingston-upon-Huli,

millwrights and engineers; final div. BANKRUPTS.

1841, BROWN John, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, merchant and factor ;

div. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. 1843, CARTWRIGHT Saint John, of Worksop, Nottinghamshire

, RHODES Joseph, of Leeds, woolstapler.

grocer ; first div. 1841, ĎUNCAN Angus, and Charles Duncan, both of Tokenbouse

yard, London, merchants, (trading under the firm of Dunce, AMOS Thomas, of No. 114, Kingsland-road, in the county of Mid

Brothers); div. dlesex, builder, d. c.- Official assignee, Groom. — Sols. Messrs. 1840, FERRIS Richard, James Henry Butler, and John Butler, et Sheffield, Leadenhall-street. Fiat, Feb. 12.

Pet. Crs. Henry

Liverpool, Lancashire, merchants, carrying on business under Cheswright, Thomas Sheffield, and Reuben Henry Williamson, of

the firm of Ferris, Butler & Co.; div. Bunbill.row, timber-merchants.

1837, GEORGES William Payne, of Devonport, wine-merchant : BARRY John Hoosse, late of St. John, New Brunswick, but now of 1827, HANSFORD Richard, of Weymouth, Dorsetshire, groce

div. Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, merchant and ship-owner,

div. as a trader indebted together with 'John Alexander and James 1843, HARRISON Joseph, of Lower Rock-mews, and St. James's Alexander, his late partners in trade.-Official assignee, Turner.Sols. Sharp & Jackson, Bedford-row, and Miller & Peel, Liverpool.

street, in Brighton, Sussex, coach-builder ; div. Fiat, Feb. 9. Pet. Cr, George Frederick Thompson, late of St. John, 1843, HOLDSWORTH George, of Salterly Mill

, Northowran, in but now of Liverpool, painter.

Halifax, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner and manufacturer; dir

. FAULKNER John, of Danvers-street, Chelsea, in the county of

1840, HOOD George, of Brownhills, in Burslem, Staffordakine, Middlesex, builder. - Official assignee, Whitmore. - Sol. Ward,

earthenware-manufacturer; div. Lincoln's Inn-fields. Fiat, Feb. 2. Pet. Crs. Joseph Drake and 1802, JACKS Walter, of Bristol, merchant ; div. James Burnley, of No. 315, Oxford-street, window-glass dealers.

1843, JONES Thomas William, of Wellington, Salop, draper and

mercer; div. FIELD George, of No. 2, Bond-court, Walbrook, in the city of Lon- 1842, MARSHALL Charles, of Old Castle-street, Whitechapel

, Middon, packer and merchant.-- Official assignee, Lackington.-Sol. dlesex, brewer ; div. Cottrill, Throgmorton-street. Fiat, Feb. 9. Pet. Crs. James Barber 1843, MASON Ambrose, of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, coach-pos and George Watson Field, of St. Mary-axe, agents.

prietor ; div. HIGGINSON Thomas, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, 1843, MUNDEN James Richardson, of Barwick, near Yeovil, Ss. pawnbroker, auctioneer, general outfitter, and dealer in ready-made

mersetshire, flax and tow spinner; div. clothes and wearing apparel, d. c.--Official assignee, Cazenove. 1843, NETTLETON George, of Brompton, Kent, tailor; div. Sols. Thompson, Liverpool

, and Norris & Co. Bartlett's-buildings. 1842, webb Alfred, of Liverpool, Lancashire, carpet-seller; fx. Fiat, Feb. 8. Pet. Crs. John Woodcock, of Liverpool, wine-mer- div. chant, and Charles M'Kee, of the same place, victualler.

1843, WHELDON George, of Dudley, Worcestershire, clothier; di


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