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The House call'd BEAUTIFUL ; the lowly Vale

Of SELF HUMILIATION, where the might Of Christian panoplied in heavenly mail,

O'ercame APOLLyon in that fearful fight;

The Valley, named of Death, by shades of night
Encompass'd, and with horrid phantoms rife;

The Town of VANITY, where bigot spite,
Ever with Christian Pilgrimage at strife,
To martyr'd Faithful gave the Crown of endless Life!

Thence, on with Christian, and his Hopeful peer,

To Doubting Castle's dungeons I descend; The Key of PROMISE opes those vaults of fear ;And now o'er Hills DeLECTABLE I wend

To BeulaA'S SUNNY PLAINS, where sweetly blend Of flowers, and fruits, and song a blissful maze ;

'Till at the BRIDGE-LESS STREAM my course I end, Eyeing the farther shore with rapture's gaze, Where that Bright City basks in glory's sun-less blaze!

Immortal Dreamer! while thy magic page

To such celestial visions can give birth, Well may this Portraiture our love engage,

Which gives, with grace congenial to thy worth,

The form thy living features wore on earth : For few may boast a juster, prouder claim

Than thine, whose labours blending harmless mirth With sagest counsel's higher, holier aim, • Have from the wise and good won honorable Fame.

And still for marvelling Childhood, blooming Youth,

Ripe Manhood, silver-tress'd and serious Age,Ingenious Fancy, and instructive Truth

Richly adorn thy allegoric page, .

Pointing the warfare Christians yet must wage,
Who wish to journey on that heavenly road;

And tracing clearly each successive stage
Of the rough path thy holy Travellers trod,
The Pilgrim's Progress marks to glory, and to God!





I. Portrait of John Bunyan (to face the general Title)..
II. The Valley of the Shadow of Death (to face the Title to

Part I.)
III. The Celestial City, (to face the Title to Part II.)


From Original Designs by Mr. W. Harvey, with the Names of the several



IV. The Author dreaming, . . . J. Jackson, 11 V. Initial Letter, Christian, Obstinate, and Pliable,

J. Wright, 11 VI. Christian at the Wicket-Gate, . W. Bonner, 33 VII. Christian losing his Burden at the Cross, J. Jackson, 49 VIII. Christian passing the Lions, . . C. Nisbet, 59 IX. Christian's Fight with Apollyon, . J. Jackson, 78 X. The return of Pliable-derided by “ all sorts of people,”

H. White, 88 XI. Moses and Christ meeting Faithful, T. Williams, 92 XII. Evangelist pointing out Vanity Fair, . T. Mosses, 115 XIII. Faithful carried to Heaven,

H. White, 127 XIV. The Pilgrims in the Dungeon of Giant Despair,

C. Nisbet, 151 XV. The Delectable Mountains, . . T. Williams, 155 XVI. Pilgrims in the Nets, . . S. M. Slader, 173 XVII. The Pilgrims passing the River, . T. Mosses, 21%


XVIII. The Author awoke from his second Dream,

J. Jackson, 225 XIX. Initial Letter, Christiana, Mercy, and Mrs. Timorous,

J. Jackson, 225 XX. The Mission of Secret to Christiana and Children,

C. Gorway, 232 XXI. Mercy fainting at the Gate, . T. Williams, 247 XXII. The Pilgrims at the house of the Interpreter

Parable of the Hen and Chickens, J. Smith, 263 XXIII. Halt of the Pilgrims at the Cross where Christian

became eased of his Burden, . T. Mosses, 273 XXIV. Victory of Great-heart over Giant Grim,

S. M. Slader, 287 XXV. The Valley of Humiliation,

J. Jackson, 312 XXVI. The Pilgrims overtaking Mr. Honest, J. Byfield, 324 XXVII. Great-heart daring Giant Slay-good to combat,

T. Mosses, 350 XXVIII. The Pilgrims rejoicing at the death of Giant Despair,

J. Smith, 372 XXIX. Sleepers on the Enchanted Ground, S. M. Slader, 392 XXX. Christiana received by the Shining Ones and conducted to the beautiful Gate of the City,

T. Williams, 404

XXXI. Elstow Church and Tower, Bedfordshire, T. Mosses, v
XXXII. Singular Autograph and Specimen of the Author's

. xliii. & xliv. XXXIII. Emblematical Design, end of the Life, . . c

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