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down to the ground. Nay, hold, let me recover, quoth he. So Mr. Great-heart fairly let him get up: so to it they went again, and the Giant missed but little of all-to-breaking Mr. Great-heart's skull with his club.

Mr. Great-heart seeing that runs to him in the full heat of his spirit, and pierceth him under the fifth rib; with that the Giant began to faint, and could hold HE IS SLAIN AND up his club no longer. Then Mr. HIS HEAD DIS- Great-heart seconded his blow, and POSED OF.

smit the head of the Giant from his shoulders. Then the women and children rejoiced ; and Mr. Great-heart also praised God for the deliverance he had wrought.

When this was done, they amongst them erected a pillar, and fastened the Giant's head thereon, and wrote under it, in letters that passengers might read,

He that did wear this head was one

That Pilgrims did misuse ;
He stopp'd their way, he spared none,

But did them all abuse :
Until that I, Great-heart, arose,

The Pilgrim's guide to be :
Until that I did him oppose,

That was their enemy.

Now I saw that they went on to the ascent that was a little way off, cast up to be a prospect for Pilgrims; (that was the place from whence Christian had the first sight of Faithful his brother). Wherefore here they sat down and rested; they also here did eat, and drink, and make merry, for that they had gotten deliverance from this so dangerous an enemy. As they sat thus, and did eat, Christiana asked the Guide



if he had caught no hurt in the battle? Then said Mr. Great-heart, No, save a little on my flesh; yet that also shall be so far from being to my detriment, that it is at present a proof of my love to my Master and you; and shall be a means, by grace, to increase my reward at last.

Chr. But was you not afraid, good Sir, when you saw him come with his club?

It is my duty, said he, to mistrust my DISCOURSE OF own ability, that I may have reliance on THE FIGHT. him that is stronger than all.

Chr. But what did you think when he fetched you down to the ground at the first blow?

Why, I thought, quoth he, that so my Master himself was served ; and yet He it was that conquered at last.

Matth. When you all have thought MATTHEW HERE what you please, I think God has ADMIRES GOD's been wonderful good unto us, both in GOODNESS. bringing us out of this Valley, and in delivering us out of the hand of this enemy. For my part, I see no reason why we should distrust our God any more, since he has now, and in such a place as this, given us such testimony of his love.

Then they got up, and went forward. Now, a little before them stood an oak, and under it, OLD when they came to it, they found an old ASLEEP UNDER Pilgrim fast asleep. They knew that he AN OAK. was a Pilgrim by his clothes and his staff, and his girdle.

So the Guide Mr. Great-heart, awaked him ; and the old Gentleman, as he lifted up his eyes, cried out


What is the matter? Who are you ? and what is your business here?




Great-heart. Come, man, be not so hot, here are none but friends.

Yet the old man gets up, and stands TIMES TAKES AN- upon his guard, and will know of them OTHER FOR HIS what they are. Then said the guide,

My name is Great-heart; I am the guide of these Pilgrims that are going to the Celestial Country. TALK BETWEEN Then said Mr. Honest, I cry you GREAT-HEART mercy; I feared that you had been of

the company of those that some time ago did rob Little-faith of his money; but, now I look better about me, I perceive you are honester people.

Great-heart. Why, what would or could you have done, to have helped yourself, if indeed we had been of that company?



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