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Who drives the horses of the sun

Shall lord it but a day;
Better the lowly deed were done,

And kept the humble way.
The rust will find the sword of fame,
The dust will hide the

Aye, none shall hang so high his name

Time will not tear it down.
The happiest heart that ever be at

Was in some quiet breast,
That found the common daylight sweet,
And left to heaven the rest.


Almighty God, we pray Thee to make us sensible of all Thy gracious blessings, both temporal and spiritual, showered upon us, that we might receive them with due appreciation and devout thanksgiving in our daily walk and conversation. Grant unto us the gift of the Holy Spirit, that by His guidance our thoughts and affections may be weaned away from things that are sinful and be placed on things that are eternal, thus enabling us to become thoroughly furnished unto all good works. So help us to live for Thy glory and for the good of humanity, that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord. Amen.


What matter if your grandfather didn't leave you any of his estate so long as he left you his unconquerable spirit?


But this my prayer, and this my one request:
That when my wrestle with the foe is done,
It be not said of me, He did his best,
Not that alone, but let them add, He won.


We lift up our thoughts to our Maker and we ask, O Lord of all life and power, to give us that vision of the future, which will bless us with peace. We feel our own weakness, our own sin. We know in ourselves, we are defeated. Yet just beyond, we are sure of victory in Thy name. Help us to be so true, so obedient to Thy Word, that we will no longer question or doubt, but leave results to Thee. Surely, Thou art King of Kings and Lord of Lords and howsoever we may seem to prosper now, Thou wilt bring the best to pass for our eternal life. “Thy right hand and Thy holy arm hath gotten thee the victory." Amen.


Two Gospels there are of the years

That haunt men, and follow after them:
And one is the Gospel of tears,

The other the Gospel of laughter.

The Gospel of laughter is good,

For it sweetens the gall of our sorrow;
Therethrough is slow anguish withstood

And the spirit trussed up for the morrow.

The Gospel of tears is divine,

For it makes us draw closer together,
And shows us the beacon and sign

Of souls, in Life's stormiest weather.

Two Gospels there are of the years,

Rich-crowning our grief and our pleasure:
The Gospel of laughter, of tears,
With meanings that man may not measure.


Father, we thank Thee that we may read Thy wish for the happiness of Thy children in verdant fields and fragrant flowers, in azure seas and shining skies. We thank Thee, likewise, that Thy children find in the deep waters of sorrow the priceless pearl of the gospel of Thy love; that as the rain cometh down from heaven and watereth the earth and maketh it bring forth and bud, and giveth seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so the clouds of sorrow are big with blessings, and that in the hour of our helplessness, we come to know the greatness of Thine all-sufficient grace. Amen.


Don't let the song go out of your life,

Though it chances some time to flow
In minor strain, it will blend again

With the major tone, you know.
What though shadows rise to obscure life's skies

And hide for a time the sun;
They sooner will lift and reveal the rift

let the melody run.

If you

Don't let the song go out of your life,

Let it ring in the soul while here,
And when you go hence it shall follow you thence,

And sing on in another sphere.
Then do not despond, and say that the fond

Sweet songs of your life have flown,
For if ever you knew a song that was true,
It's music is still your own.


As life's experiences multiply and disappointments have to be faced, and sorrow borne, when the stress and storm beat hard upon us, we pray that Thy Kindly Light may lead through the encircling gloom; and we ask, dear Lord, that we may not forget the joys of life, its music and its songs, but that sweet and low in all our hearts, there may be singing the dear songs of youth when hope was high, the songs of faith which steady and make calm and which renew within us the assurance that all is well; that faith which keeps our hearts in tune with the melody of Thy divine purpose. Amen.


Let nothing disturb thee,
Nothing af right thee:
All things are passing:
God never changeth.
Patient endurance
Attaineth to all things:
Who God possesseth
In nothing is wanting:
Alone God sufficeth.


We thank Thee, our Father, that Thou art light and in Thee is no darkness at all. We thank Thee that with Thy coming a new song is put into our mouths, — even praise unto Thee. We dare to hope because Thou art with us. We


be brave because Thy presence gives us courage.' Teach us the meaning of the sunshine, the song of the birds, the message of the flowers, the manifestations of Thy will in the daily events of history, that we may know that the greatest fact in the universe is God, that the sweetest fact in the universe is that “God is love," that this God of power is our Father, and "no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” Tell us that the last mile of Life's journey is the sunniest part of the way and help us to travel life's road toward our home with songs and everlasting joy upon our heads. Amen.


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