Gambar halaman

Can we believe, O God, that we have done
To full perfection our appointed task,
Offered the sacrifice that thou dost ask,
If, like small flowers, we brave the burning sun,
Nor shrink from storms, but slowly, one by one,
Tear from ourselves the grimy husks that mask
An inward beauty, and disdain to ask
A better heritage than there upon
That lonely hill to bloom and fade and die;
Content if in the tenure of our life
Some haggard soul uplift his weary eye,
And pause amid the muddy world's dull strife
To gaze on us and so forget to sigh,
Is this to live the veritable life?


O Spirit of the Morning, too often we cry out from deep shade, Watchman, what of the night, too frequently we wander in the gloaming, reveal to us the brightness of Thy face. Give us the patience and the fortitude to do the day's work, whate'er it be. If some humble duty, may the knowledge that it is the King's business make it of imperial concern; if some great task, may it invest us with sunbeams and humility that we have been thought worthy of it. And when the day itself is almost done, may we await with assurance the dearest promise of all — at even time shall there be light! Amen.


Any one can carry his burden,

However heavy, until night fall.
Any one can do his work,

However hard, for one day.
Any one can live sweetly, patiently,

Lovingly, purely, till the sun goes down.
And this is all that Life really means.


O Thou, who art the burden-bearer of humanity, Thou biddest Thy children rest all their anxieties and burdens on Thee. Thou givest power to the faint, and to the weary, rest.

There is no loneliness and darkness where Thou art. May faith never fail us that we should forget Thy gracious, saving presence, or cease to see Thee close by our side and more than ready to assist. Thou art the Comforter, the Helper, the Lover, a friend in times of adversity and prosperity. We need Thee in both, and we can surely have Thee every moment. We are indeed pilgrims and strangers here, but with Thee to guide us we shall not falter on our journey or lose the way. Enfold us in Thy kindly care, and throw around us Thine everlasting arms. Amen.


Teach me to feel another's woe,

To hide the fault I see;

I to others show,
That mercy show to me.


Make a rule and pray to God to help you to keep it, never if possible, to lie down at night without being able to say I have made one human being a little wiser, a little happier, or a little better this day.” You will find it easier than you think, and pleasanter.


We pray Thee, our heavenly Father, to deepen in our hearts the desire to share with others all Thy good gifts. Open our eyes to see more clearly the sin, the sorrow and the suffering in the world about us; then make us eagerly glad to go forth as Thy messengers of helpfulness, comfort and good cheer. Make us generous, loving and large-hearted toward all whom we meet, in this short journey of earthly life. May we see our own faults rather than the failings of others. Enable us with unselfish, Christlike love bravely to help overthrow all organized evil and to hasten the coming of Thy kingdom upon earth. Amen.


We'll sing of the better things, my friend,

And think of the better ways;
We'll trust to-morrow to heal our sorrow

As beauty has healed to-day's.
We'll sing and think of the better things

For the sake of those we know Who need the sun and the shine of life

On the rocky road they go.

[blocks in formation]

We'll trust in the better things, my friend,

And hope for them, and smile;
We'll sing of the light instead of the night, ,

And twill come true afterwhile;
We'll chase the shadows and grief away,

By thinking the better things, And maybe God's answer will come some day To the heart that sweetest sings.


I would be quiet, Lord,

Nor tease nor fret;
Not one small need of mine

Wilt Thou forget. Amen.

Let me be a little kinder,
Let me be a little blinder
To the faults of those about me,
Let me praise a little more;
Let me be, when I am weary,
Just a little bit more cheery,
Let me serve a little better
Those that I am striving for.

Let me be a little braver
When temptation bids me waver,
Let me strive a little harder
To be all that I should be,
Let me be a little meeker
With the brother that is weaker,
Let me think more of my neighbor
And a little less of me.


The day returns and brings us the petty round of irritating concerns and duties. Help us to play the man, help us to perform them with laughter and kind faces; let cheerfulness abound with industry. Give us to go blithely on our business all this day, bring us to our resting beds weary and content and undishonored; and grant us in the end the gift of sleep. Amen.


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