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What's the use of fretting

When the joys you want slip by,
What's the use of getting

Glum of lip and dull of eye?
What's the use of moping

skies are dark and gray?
Does it help you in your groping,

Does it ever smooth the way?

You can't fret away your sorrows,

You can't mope away your care ;
You can reach the glad to-morrows

If the troubled ones you bear.
But your growling and your whining

And your face that's sour and glum
Will not start the sun to shining
Or hasten joys to come.

EDGAR A. Guest.

Heavenly Father, help us that throughout this new day we may walk in closest fellowship with thee, and learn the secret of Thy joy in the serving of others. Forbid that we should ignobly surrender to our peevish moods, and fret under the love-sent discipline of life. Forbid that we should pout and murmur like spoiled children. Make us more like the divine man, who, when he was misjudged and thwarted, was not embittered; and who was kept in perfect peace by staying his heart upon the Father. Amen.


Speak not harshly

much of care
Every human heart must bear;
Enough of shadows sadly play
Around the very sunniest way;
Enough of sorrows darkly lie,
Veiled within the merriest eye.
By thy childhood's gushing tears
By the grief of after years
By the anguish thou dost know,
Add not to another's woe.


Like rain that refreshes the parched valley, is the helping word to needy hearts, O Father! Give to us the grace to speak always the helping word. Amidst the warring and strife of life, help us to speak the words of peace; amidst the troubles that discourage, we would speak the words that shall renew within the hearts of men courage for all life's tasks; amidst the diseases that lead to death, we would speak the healing word, - the word of life; amidst the afflictions that leave us broken-hearted, may we learn to speak the words of comfort. Our words are but the echo of the richness of our hearts, O God. May we be so rich in Thy spirit that the words that fall from our lips may ever bless and be filled with life. Amen.


Beneath the shadow of the Great Protection,

The soul sits, hushed and calm.
Bathed in the peace of that divine affection,
No fever-heats of life or dull dejection
Can work the spirit harm.

Diviner heavens above

Look down on it in love.
And, as the varying winds move where they will,

In whispers soft, through trackless fields of air, So comes the Spirit's breath, serene and still,

Its tender messages of love to bear
To men of every race and speech and zone,
Making the whole world one,
Till every

sword shall to a sickle bend,
And the long, weary strifes of earth shall end.


Our Refuge and our Strength, O God, art Thou ! Before Thee do we bow! Blessings have been ours in all the days. Thou hast been in all our ways. Nights were dark so dark! Troubles beat upon us, but under them we did not bend. We trusted, not in man, not in bank, not in sword and navy's guns. We maintained our faith in Thee, the Mighty One, the Almighty. And the bent back did not break, because the soul was strong. Our integrity abides! We praise Thee! We persist in this royal way, our Master's Road to the most beautiful Ad

Every goal will be a messenger to bear us nearer Thee, our Haven. For our Pilot is the Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.



We turn not back
When paths look dim

And skies seem gray;
No good we lack
When trusting Him

Love lights the way.

No dream of sense
Can make us fear;

We watch and pray.
This our defense :
Heaven is here,
Love leads the way.

Our Father, we thank Thee that Thy love lightens the grayest skies and illumines life's darkest pathways. We praise Thee that no dream of sense can shake our ultimate confidence in Thee. The shadows close about us oftentimes; our pathway seems to end in stark, abysmal gloom, but the upward glance never fails to reveal Thy care, the inward glance shows forth Thy love. “Therefore will we not fear though the earth be removed,” nor will we turn back however long and steep the way. Thou art about and above and within us, and Thou, O Lord, art our Heaven. Light Thou our path, Eternal Love, until the perfect dawning. Lead on and we will follow "until the day break and the shadows flee away." Amen.


If you were busy being kind,
Before you knew it you would find
You'd soon forget to think 'twas true
That someone was unkind to you.

If you were busy being glad,
And cheering people who are sad,
Although your heart might ache a bit,
You'd soon forget to notice it.

[blocks in formation]

If you were busy being true
To what you knew you ought to do,
You'd be so busy you'd forget
The blunders of the folks you've met.

If you were busy being right,
You'd find yourself too busy, quite,
To criticise your neighbor long
Because he's busy being wrong.


Heavenly Father, we give Thee thanks, that we are to live with Thee to-day in this dear world. May we see that when we are able to be of use to our fellow-men, life will be worth while. May we realize that the deepest joy of life comes through the avenue of service. May we find such happiness in simply being kind, it will not matter if we are forgotten. And may that which is true and right so claim us, we shall have no time to judge the mistakes of others, but be lenient towards all. Help us, dear Father, that we may be able to do all we ask. Amen.


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