Gambar halaman

I meet a friend upon my daily walk :
One of the rare, uplifted sort of chaps,

Who rise above the pitiful mishaps
At which so many of us turn and balk :
And this my constant greeting as we meet

Friend, are you happy?With contented smile,
As he were half an angel all the while,
And needed only wings to be complete,

I'm not unhappythus he makes reply With calm assurance that I may not doubt, And I am sent away to wonder why

My friend should learn a trick I've not found out. "Not quite unhappy?Confident and strong, This ever is the burden of his song.


Blessed Lord and Redeemer, all our springs are in Thee. We praise Thee for Thy love and power by which those springs are evermore kept full and free. Speak to us at this morning hour as a man speaketh unto his friend. Go with us through the hours of this day, making our hearts burn within us as Thou shalt talk with us by the way. May we hear Thee still saying, “Ye are my friends, if ye do the things which I command you”; and by this test may we prove a real, reciprocal friendship for Thee, having its root and flower in love. So may we realize the supreme joy of life, brightening every duty and transfiguring all earthly things. Amen.


When the cares of life are many,

And I have to bear their load
Over long and lonesome highways,

Or along an uphill road,
I have found the burden lightened

And the way seems not so long
If I set the echoes ringing

With a bit of cheerful song.

Many a time a weary comrade

Heard me singing by the way,
And the song gave hope and courage,

And new strength to face the fray.
And he'd sing with me for gladness,

Quite forgetting care and fret,
As we journeyed on together
With God-speed" to those we met.


O God of our fathers, Thou art still leading us as our fathers were led; sometimes by the pillar of cloud, at other times by the pillar of fire. Often we are led by the way that we know not, but always by the right way. If our path leads up hill, give us strength for the climb; if through the darkness, give us a song in the night. If the way is long, permit us to rest with Thee on the curb by the well. As we meet our fellow travelers on the way, forbid that any murmur of ours should cast a shadow on their path. May our faith in Thee be contagious. Amen.




travelers in a train
That stops they know not where,
Catch sometimes through the windows borne

Along the still night air,

A breath so sweet, their tired hearts,

Reviving 'neath its power,
Know well that hidden somewhere near

The wild grape vine's in flower,

So, oft a sudden sweetness here

Breathes through our pilgrim gloom,
And we too know that somewhere near,
God hath a soul in bloom.


We thank Thee, our Father, for the gracious privilege of coming to Thee every day. Grant that Thy Guardians of Truth and Purity may ever stand on guard at the portals of our heart. Bestow upon us we pray a vision of Thyself that we may walk with Thee and do Thy service. May the fragrance of thy presence as reflected in other lives help us to self-mastery. Guide us so this day that we may be an inspiration and not a hindrance to others in their hour of need. Abide with us, and then this day will be filled with the sunlight of God and the music of Heaven. Forgive us for the past and may this day reflect our love for Thee. Amen.


Ah God, for a man with heart, head, hand ...
One still strong man in a blatant land
Whatever they shall call him, what care I,
Aristocrat, democrat, autocrat
Who can rule and dare not lie!



When you have decided that a thing ought to be done, and are doing it, never avoid being seen doing it, though the many shall form an unfavorable opinion about it. For if it is not right to do it, avoid doing the thing; but if it is right, why are you afraid of those who shall find fault wrongly?


O Lord, Jesus Christ, vouchsafe unto us in all our decision, action, endurance, yea, even in our chastening, that our continuance in well-doing may be patient under suffering, our ideals unsullied by sin, our efforts unblighted by injustice; and may our character remain incorruptible amid all the changes, anxieties, and falsities of an age when truth is so often spurned, and righteousness disesteemed. Make our lives radiant with the joy that is forever, and wilt Thou, O Christ, Thou Good Shepherd of the sheep, bring us at last safe bome to the fold which is the heart of God. Amen.


In the blue sky one little star

And in my soul a hope so young,
And white and starlike, trembling still,

By God upon my life-string hung.

In the high tree a cheerful bird

And in mine ear a burst of song,
To bring me joy and soft-eyed peace,

And make my pulses beat more strong.

On the far hills a crimson shines,

And in my heart a dawn of light
To-day Love's roses will be red,
To-day my hours will be bright.


Our Father, we rejoice in the light of this day. The night ofttimes seems long, but the morning always brings cheer. The stars fade but the glorious sun will rise. So hope never dies. Grant, O gracious God, that as the song bird's note refreshes our spirits, so may we by our words of cheer through the day and days bring to saddened hearts the solace sought. Disarm us of every fear, keep us from questionings and the blighting blindness of distrust, and flood our souls with the divine. Amen.


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