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A voice is in the wind I do not know;
A meaning on the face of the high hills
Whose utterance I cannot comprehend.
A something is behind them: that is God.


How often do we look upon God as our last and feeblest resource. We go to Him because we have nowhere else to go.

And then we learn that the storms of life have driven us not on the rocks but into the desired haven.


Almighty God, we thank Thee for the varied and glorious revelation of Thyself in all the world. Send us forth into this day with beings alert and responsive to all evidences of Thy presence. May we behold Thy beauty and power in nature, reading there Thy thoughts. Grant us to perceive Thy truth in those noble works that exalt, and strengthen, and give true freedom to humanity. Show us the grace of Thy spirit and the tenderness of Thy love in those activities that hearten, and heal, and save. Give us minds instant to discern, hearts ready to love, and wills strong to follow Thy desires. Amen.


Haven't got over summer, burning inside me still,
Fancying it all over, meadow and stream and hill;

Haven't got over summer,

Feel it, a golden flood,
Rippling along in rivers

Of beauty within my blood.

Haven't got over summer

trust that I never may. Even if it should vanish, dreams will be sure to stay:

Dreams of it, tender visions,

Feel of the violet air
Blowing across my forehead,

Tangling up my hair.

Haven't got over summer - tell you the honest truth, Haven't got over childhood, haven't got ver youth;

Haven't got over April,

Green of meadow and hill-
And I pray to the Lord forever
He may grant that I never will.

Folger McKINSEY.

Loving Father, give us a glad, grateful heart for to-day. Help us to put cheer and courage into the hearts of others. Keep us from giving hard blows to those about us. Teach us the life of simple trust and generous service. Make us ashamed to fret over anything. Give us a keen sympathy for those who have lost the spring and summer out of life. Help us to keep young and full of hope. Plant the flowers of faith and love in our hearts. and may we care for them as the gardener cares for lilies and roses. Amen.


Alone I sail life's stormy sea,

Nor fear the waves' rebuf;
Despite the winds of destiny
No harm can ever come to me

For I am strong enough.

I pit myself against each wave,

My faith against the night;
I venture far beyond the grave
To where God's suns forever lave

The dreamed-of coast with light.

Let tempests blow! Let lightnings sear!

They cannot harm my soul !
Though all alone my bark I steer,
My flag is nailed, my course is clear,
And I shall reach my goal !


Lord, we lift up our morning hearts to Thee. Thou hast been our guardian in the night, and the stay of our lives. We renew our faithfulness. As Thou workest, so may we work without variableness or shadow of turning. Make us to feel Thine unceasing urge.

Cause us to welcome the common throes of them who struggle to be useful and true. Establish in our hearts a desire not for rewards but for strength. Temper our disposition when men do not understand us. Teach us independence of fitful opinion. Prepare us, if need be, for a solitary way. Let us know of him who was buffeted, and in travail often, yet had the peace and joy of a lonely man because he lived with Thee. Amen.


So many things we wish for every day.
So ill content with blessings by the way;
But much is ours that's really worth the while, -
A song, a prayer, a greeting and a smile;
A rift of sunshine in a stormy sky,
Health-giving winds of heaven passing by,
Sweet scent of roses, breath of forest wild,
Faith, Hope and Love, the laughter of a child:
And richer gift no grace of heaven can send
Than hearty hand-clasp of a faithful friend.


Dear Lord, help us to see Thee always in all things both great and small. Open our eyes to the beauty and possibilities of life itself. Make us to see and count the blessings by the way.


away all ill content, and make us truly glad. Enlarge and enrich our lives, so that our whole lives may be an expression of genuine Christian joy and gratitude. Keep us ever in close fellowship with Thyself. And help us to let the love and friendship of Jesus, through us, draw others into this fellowship, that they too may see and share in the manifold blessings of life, which Thou hast so bountifully and graciously provided for everyone. Amen.


In dark and dew and veiling light,

In paling night at heaven's bourne,
There stands for me a virgin day

And blows upon her crystal horn.

Whatever I have done or do,

So long as I am more than clay,
At every dawn, divine and blue,

Will break for me a virgin day.

Deep-flooded as the stars behind

Her sapphire heights and piling snows,
My heart I pray may know the wind
Of truth her crystal bugle blows.


Our Heavenly Father, Who givest the day and its hours of promise, Who givest the blossoms and the growing and the ripened fruit, grant to us this day, we pray Thee, the benediction of Thy guiding hand upon our way. Fill, we pray Thee, every hour with heaven-directed uses. And let the morning blossoms of this consecrated purpose pass through the growing fruit of worthy service in the day's high noon, full to the ripening hours of setting sun and the day's fulfilment. That our day may be Thy day, we lift our hearts to Thee in this, our soul's petition. Amen.


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