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Out of the darkness of the night,

All-conquering, comes day!
Cloud-roses, angel-pink and white,

Shine through the shadows gray;
And mists, that hid the sun from sight,

Float dreamily away.

Out of the silence and the dark,

Gallant and glad comes song!
High above city smoke, a lark

Trills joyously, day-long,
And busy toilers pause to hark

To praise so clear and strong!
Into our hearts shine light and praise,

Glad birds of promise sing
Of love that lasts, of joy that stays,

For God made everything!
Across earth's dim cloud-shadowed ways,
Beams Love, all-conquering !


Yea, Lord, we bless Thee that out of all things as we proceed toward Thee, we come to Thee and to all imaginable and unimaginable Glory. Out of darkness to dawn, out of silence to song, out of the less to the large, so always is it when Thou art our Goal. We bless Thee this is so. So we ourselves have found it. Thou art our Glory and the Bringer of Glory to our lives, and so we praise Thee. Amen.


Fear not, O soul, that thou shalt sink too low !
Infinity is deep as is the sea;
And depth on depth is mercy under thee,
And calm and limitless those waters flow;
Profound beyond what human heart can know,
Below the scorn of men, though deep it be,
The waters that o'erwhelm thee, buoyantly
Shall bear thee up if thou wilt have it so.

And fear not thou, although thou climbest high.
Toil upward. Still the mountain summits yield
A farther, fairer world beneath the cloud;
Rivers and lakes reflecting back the sky,
Peaks beyond peaks, and valleys new-revealed;
O soul of mine, be humble, and be proud!


Lord, the troubled waves of Galilee lay quiet in Thy peace, when stern rebuke from Thee had stilled the storm that tossed them to the heavens; and so rebuke we pray, dear Lord, the winds of passion and the storms of strife, that vex and drive us as they will, and let Thy peace descend upon our life till it shall quiet lie, reflecting fair the beauty and the light that from Thy presence shine as shine the stars from out the depths of night. And Lord, to-day, the darkness gone, the storm-cloud fled away, let Thy presence, we beseech of Thee, give life and light and cheer to him whom Thou didst rescue from the night and storm; so we will rest in Thee and bless Thy name throughout the day made golden by Thy love. Amen.


I heard a bird flood all the night
With strains of rapture and delight,
The leaves leaned low to listen, and
The sleepy trees could understand.

Many the birds and folk by day,
Sing when the golden world is gay;
But, O my heart, the men of might,
Who bravely sing through sorrow's night!


Thou hast made all things to praise Thee, O Lord. Morning, noon, and night are Thine, and their voices unite in glorifying Thy great and holy name. Thou art the God of the sunshine and the shadow. Thy benediction crowns them both, and they together magnify Thee. The whole earth is full of Thy glory. The flowers, the trees, the heavens, and the birds hymn Thy perfections. Thou makest glad the heart of man. In the morning of joy and in the night of sorrow, Thou strengthenest Thy children to do Thy will. We bear our burdens with a song of triumph. We sing through the day and we sing through the night. We deeply rejoice and are thankful that nothing can separate us from Thy love in Jesus Christ. Amen.


Dim grows the wood; the amber evening tints

Merge into opal skies and stars just seen;
Down vistas gloomed and winding there are hints

Of elves and gnomes among the mosses green.

A holy song the thrush has distant sung;

The tree-tops murmur like some dreaming sea;
Hark! far away a silvern bell has rung

Twelve strokes, slow tolled, that faint and fade from



A shaft of gold upon my upturned face

As fleeting and as shy as any fawn;
Sweet odors, stirring minds and forms of grace;
Now tell me, is this heaven, or is it dawn?


Eternal Light, we lift our hearts to Thee, at the dawn of this new-made day. We have been protected by Thy love through the helpless hours of the night; now we lay our powers in Thy hand to be guided through the busy hours of the day. Thou who saidst, in the beginning, “Let there be light,” speak that magic word to our hearts this morning. Dispel the darkness of sin and sorrow by the shining of Thy face. Make, for us, each dawning day a symbol of Heaven where we shall see. Thee face to face when the day breaks and the shadows flee

away. Amen. H. GRANT PERSON.


I bowed to a tree, and his thought unto me

Bless you, O bless you, O bless you!I smiled at the sky, and the blue seemed to cry,

O bless you, O bless you, O bless you!I chirped to a bird, and the answer I heard

Was, Bless you, O bless you, O bless you!I sang everywhere, and the echoing air

Rang, Bless you, O bless you, God bless you !

The mountain and vale, the dell and the dale,

Proclaim to mankind, O God bless you !The land and the sea, in beauty and glee,

Forever seem saying, God bless you!
The noon and the night, in dreamful delight

Of sunshine and stars, say, God bless you!
A pæan of mirth doth engirdle the earth
Of Bless you, O bless you, God bless you!


Father in heaven and in the earth, we thank Thee that blessing is everywhere. "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork.” We are glad that when our mood is right everything in the heavens and in the earth becomes a new and divine voice proclaiming the goodness of God. The trees and flowers and birds and sky; the mountains, the land, the sea, all shout to us “God bless you.” O Lord, let Thy spirit touch our spirits that our mood may invite the blessing. Amen.


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