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The wild-bird sings,

And asks not who hath heard.
Forth well the springs

Nor wait for praiseful word.
Flow'r-petals part,

Are we fair?
Take heed, 0 heart,
Be thou, too, without care.


O Thou, who doth feed the birds of the air and clothe the lily of the field, help us that we may take no anxious thought. May our faith be so great and our trust so implicit that we will open our hearts to the inspiration of Thy spirit and be so filled with Thy love that we will sing with the spontaneity of the birds, and unfold into characters as care-free as the flowers. God of all comfort, God of every sunrise, God of every springtime, bless us with the hopeful heart and may our journey be gladsome as we face heavenward, and may the joy of our hearts this day be a foretaste of what we shall know in the city of our God forever. Amen.


Dawn, like a hallelujah, storms the sky;

The colors vie
With one another: now a crimson dye,
And now a golden, as if saints went by
In clouds of glory with a mighty cry,
The mists, like censer smoke, far-circling, fly.

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Let us stand up, O Heart! and with one voice

Like Heaven rejoice! Give praise to God! And, with the soul at poise, Forget a while the little mean annoys Of life, its tools and all its foolish toys, And like the Heao'n make Beauty our high choice.

Madison CawEIN.

Our Father, we thank Thee for Thy providence through the night. We bless Thee for the virgin breath of this new day which is vocal with song. We adore Thy holiness and purity. We bless Thee for light, liberty and love. Teach us to love men as Jesus loved them. Cool our lips with the water of life in the heat of noon and speak Thy peace when the shadows fall. Banish all fear from the heart and let us rest in Thy joy until Thou shalt say, Come, my child, to Thy Father's home." Amen. L. E. BARTON.

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I speak, not merely in the way of my profession, but as a man and a patriot, when I say that, above everything else, the nation needs a re-baptism of the old puritan faith in God and loyalty to the Bible, renewal of the spirit which in olden time pervaded New England and which caused the fathers to lay the foundations of both social and political life on what they believed to be the basis of rectitude and truth. Let their faith and piety be ours, ours to improve upon, if possible, with the aids of new light and progress, - ours to spread abroad over the whole land as the best contributions of New England to American greatness, ours to transmit to posterity as the most precious legacy of Christian civilization.


Almighty and Most Merciful God, we thank Thee for human fathers, in whose loving care for their children, Thou art continually revealing Thyself as our Heavenly Father. We know that Thou wilt help and protect all Thy children. In this confidence we ask Thee, Father who art in Heaven, to re-baptize Thy human family with faith and piety and may our sight be quickened, by the genius of Christian hope, to behold peace on earth to men of good will. Amen.


The sky is wind-swept, and the golden air,
Rain-washed, is crystal-clear and keen to breathe.
The hills since yesterday have shaken off
Their dim aloofness, and uprise so near,
Clean cut and purple 'gainst the brow of morn,
They startle you.

There is brilliancy
Set like a seal on earth and heaven; it seems
As if all Nature made her ready for
Some festival, some august guest to come
And tarry for a day. Some joy-to-be
Haunts in the field, inhabits all the woods,
And thrids the blue; nor een night's darker mood
Dispels the strong illusion: since the stars
Shine brighter than their wont, and breezes blow
The message, Patience; it will all come true.


Our dear Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy constant goodness, "new every morning and fresh every evening." Thou hast revealed Thyself to us again and again, in Thy wonderful works. This morning we feel Thy presence very near to us, and we yearn to open our hearts more fully. Not only the glorious sunshine, but every bird-note, every bush, and every flower bring us the message of Thy love. May we be worthy to receive that message, and pass it on to-day to some troubled and needy soul. May joy be radiated from our hearts and from our faces throughout this day and every day. Amen.


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Say hulloan' how d’ye do !
Other folks are good as you.
W'en yer leave yer house of clay,
Wanderin' in the far away,
Wen you travel through the strange
Country t'other side the range,
Then the souls you've cheered will know
Who you be, an'

Sam Walter Foss.

say hullo!

Thou Pilot of all souls, as we meet and pass on the high seas of life, may it not be as cold and indifferent strangers. May we be ready to dip the flag of friendship with a “Hail and God bless you” as we pass on to some "port beyond the fog.” Thus inspired, O Lord, may we be the more ready to answer the wireless call for help, since we know that it is a brother's call. Speed the day, when this spirit of brotherhood shall pass over all natural boundaries, when all who pass shall pass as friends and brothers. Amen.


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