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Sing a song of summ

zmer-time, meadows sweet with clover, Bees with honey freighted and the poppies all aflame. Every bird that dips and darts sings it o'er and over.

Seems to fill me, thrill me with the magic of a name.

Sing a song of loving-time, fleecy clouds a-drifting, Shadow chasing shadow where the waving grain is

stirred. Everywhere the buttercups their chalices uplifting, All my heart is dancing to the music of a word.


Our Heavenly Father, hear us as we pray in sheer gladness on this wonderful day of Thy summertime. Forgive us for the depressed wintry thoughts which from time to time have come upon us and have made us unworthy to be called Thy children. So fill us with bird-music and the homelier joy of ripening grain that the memory of Thy bounty in the material sphere will, when our souls are sad, serve to remind us how richly Thou dost give to the sphere of the spirit. Thou hast said it: “Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge." Amen.


Be Strong: for in this world of toil are loads to bear

And hourly tasks, which take the strength of brain

and arm,

With days of cloud, and foes to fight, for all who dare; While shelt'ring love alone can shield the weak

from harm.

Be Kind: for on life's road are brothers wounded sore,

Stripped by the robber-hands of sharp adversity, Who need the smile of friends, the words of cheer

and more

The helping hand which lifts the load in sympathy.

David LANG.

Father of Light and Life, we thank Thee for the gladness of the morning. We are grateful for the tasks that demand our powers, for the trials that awaken us to the need of Thy care, and the blessing of Thy love and Thy strength. We thank Thee, Father of mercy, that Thou dost teach us kindness and forbearance, that by lightening the load of others, we lighten our own, that by rolling the stone from out the path of weary feet, we smooth our own pathway, that by cheering discouraged souls with our morning gladness and hope, we lift up our own souls to Thee, the Giver of all joy, the Inspirer of all hope. Amen.


Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10.

This is my Father's world.

I rest in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas,

His hands the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world.

The birds their carols raise,
The morning light, the lily white,
Declare their Maker's praise.

Maltbie D. BABCOCK.

Our Father in Heaven, with joy inspeakable we would recognize a Father's world. In the morning light we would reflect the shining of Thy face. In spite of hate and war, we believe Thou art upon the throne of peace and that it is our portion to stand for the Kingdom of our Lord. Give us grace to rest, even in the midst of activity, to be still and know that Thou art God, to believe that peace and good will shall triumph in our Father's world and to contribute this day's mite toward the consummation of Thy Kingdom. Amen.


I saw a lad

- a beautiful lad
With a far-off look in his eye,
Who smiled not on the battle flag

When the cavalry troop marched by,
And, sorely vexed, I asked the lad

Where might his country be,
Who cared not for his country's flag,

And the brave from oversea.
"O, my country is the Land of Love"

Thus did the lad reply
“My country is the Land of Love,

And a patriot there am I.
And who is your king, my patriot boy,

Whom loyally you obey ?
"O, my king is Freedom," quoth the lad,

And he never says me nay.”
' Then


do as you like in your Land of Love, Where every man is free?Nay, we do as we love,replied the lad, And his smile fell full on me.

Ernest CROSBY.

God of nations, we thank Thee for the patriotic impulse through which we hail and salute the flag. But we thank Thee yet more for that all embracing love by which we see in every man a brother. Help us, O Lord, at once to keep our pride in our country's home and to keep alive our hope for the welfare of all the world. So may passion die, and love prevail. Amen.


'Tis an easy thing, if you want to know
How sweet the summer is, just to go
Down in the fields, or deep in the wood,
Or fain toward the swash of the sea,
For they will teach you how heavenly good
Such wholesome places be
If you seek the souls warm summer too,

Don't dream, but do!

[blocks in formation]

You may worry one God's grinding Laws,
You may probe and probe for the great First Cause;
But an hour of life with an honest thrill
Of self-forgetting joy
Will ease your mind of its moody ill
And make you blithe as a boy.
The plan is simple; then see it through:
Don't dream, but do!


Our Father, we bless Thee for the message of field and wood and sea. Help us, great God of love, to go forth in newness of life, to share the moods of summer mornings, that as we wander afield, we may learn to know Thee better. Give unto us, we pray Thee, ability to read and wisdom to interpret Thy word as it is written in the book of Nature. And grant that we may so possess the mind of Christ as to see in growing thing and living creature the assurance of our Father's love. Amen.


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