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We hope, we resolve, we aspire, pray,

And we think that we mount the air on wings

Beyond the recall of sensual things While our feet still cling to the heavy clay. Wings for angels, but feet for men !

We may borrow the wings to find the way We may hope, and resolve, and aspire, and pray, But our feet must rise, or we fall again.


Father, may we remember that as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. May we think love, may we think truth, may we think brotherhood to-day. May our feet go where our souls would lead them. May we count our bodies temples of God, and abodes for the Spirit of God. May the candle-stick exist for the light of the candle, and not the light of the candle for the candle-stick. Let soul help flesh and flesh help soul to-day. May we be like Thy cedars with our roots firm in the ground and our heads high in Thy pure atmosphere. “As the sun rises gloriously from the depth of the

Ocean, Making earth beautiful, driving shadows away; So we offer Thee our prayer of devotion. Guide us, O Father, guide us, guide us to-day.”


The strength that faces four square,

How good it is to see!
It lifts its own hard burdens

And bears them silently.

It puts its sturdy shoulder

Beneath its neighbor's load;
It spreads its shield above the weak,

Along the wearying road.

It stands forever for the right,

With valiant sword, and free:
The strength that faces foursquare
How good it is to see !


We thank Thee, dear Father, for every word which gives us strength. Bless to our good, the words above. Thou knowest how many are the hours of our weakness, how needful it is that we hear some clear, strong voice calling us to be not afraid and to be strong. We want not only to hear the call, but to see the deed of strength. Blessed be Thy Name for all the words which inspire us to bear and to do! Blessed be Thy Name even more, for the heroes whose deeds shine out along the pathways on which men have been compelled to walk. Their words invigorate, their deeds inspire. Chief among these helpers, for us, stands the Master who was strong enough to die upon the Cross. His words “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world,” shall sound in our minds forever. Amen.


Oh, the smell of summer rain

As it patters down the dust!
And, oh, the thoughts that come again
Of verdant hope and vanquished pain,

Like fragrance rising from earth's crust,
Subdued and wet by summer rain !
Who could cherish doubt and fear,

When through lattice pink and white
Of blossoming trees, blue skies appear?

For sooner gone than dreams of night
Are fickle clouds of summer rain.
Oh, the thrill of emerald green

When the sun comes out again !
And, oh, the freshness of the flowers,

Gently steeped in summer showers !
Everywhere God's smile is seen;

All the world looks sweet and clean;
And feathered folk in loud refrain
Sing gratitude for summer rain.


We bless Thee, O God, for the freshness and the beauty of the morning. The world is bigger and better, and we live again. Thou makest the desert blossom and bringest forth streams of plenty and content from the Ainty rock. The heat shall not smite us, for the sun is Thine; Thou art a Rock in whose shadow we dwell. We cast every care on Thee, fully persuaded that Thou art able to keep all that we now commit unto Thee. Amen.


Jog on, jog on the foot-path way,

And merrily hent the stile-a;
A merry heart goes all the day,
Your sad tires in a mile-a.


Out of the fragrant heart of bloom,

The bobolinks are singing;
Out of the fragrant heart of bloom
The apple-tree whispers to the room,
Why art thou but a nest of gloom
While the bobolinks are singing ?

W. D. Howells.

Our Father, the day gladdens. Each rosy tint, each cheery note thrills us. All nature, astir with a thousand harmonies speaks of Thee, and calls us from sleep to happy service. Help us to know how to "walk and not faint.” The day may be cloudy, its work may bring severest testings, and we may learn how frail we are, but be Thou near. Illuminate the cloud. Impart the needed wisdom. Stay our feet though they almost slip. Make Thy presence so precious and clear that we may all day have “The joy of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow.” In Jesus' name “Whom not having seen we love, in Whom ... believing we rejoice with joy unspeakable." Amen.


'Tis a lonely way, said a pilgrim,

As he gazed at the path ahead;
There is no one to travel beside me

And my heart is filled with dread,
Because, should I faint or falter

Ere I win to the other side,
There is none to care in the desert
Or to know that I ever tried.

The pilgrim went his way
With girded loins and sandaled feet,

And lo, at close of day
His voice arose in accents sweet:
He whom my steps fared forth to meet

Hath been my guide and stay;
'Twas not a lonely way!


O Lord Jesus Christ, grant that we keep near Thee through this day. May we do nothing in which we cannot ask Thee to aid us with the hands which Thou didst lay upon little children whom Thou didst bless. Shelter us in the arms in which Thou didst take them up. Thy heart and thoughts are with men to-day as truly as when Thou wentest about doing good in Palestine. Show us the path of life. Walking in it with Thee may we have such peace as the world can neither give nor take away. And when the day is gone may evening find us still with Thee. Amen.


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