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Do you give thanks for this? - or that?

No, God be thanked

I am not grateful In that cold, calculating way, with blessings ranked

As one, two, three, and four,—that would be hateful.

I only know that every day brings good above

My poor deserving;
I only feel that in the road of Life true Love

Is leading me along and never swerving.

Whatever gifts and mercies to my lot may fall,

I would not measure As worth a certain price in praise, or great or small; But take and use them all with simple pleasure.


Gracious Father, we thank Thee for another sunlit morning. May the light of Thy countenance be upon us all this day. May the rays of Thy light which rest upon us be reflected upon those about us. Help us to be light-holders and light-givers. May our lives be bright and joyous by being constantly in touch with Thee. Help us to live always in the light of Thy love; and no matter how bright our day, may those who look upon us “See no man save Jesus only.” So may all our days be an honor to Thee and a blessing to all our friends and thine. Amen.


Every year with dwindling number,

Loyal still to those that slumber, Forth they march to where already many have found

peace at last, And they place the fairest blossoms

O’er the silent, mould'ring bosoms Of the valiant friends and comrades of the battles of the


[blocks in formation]

Every year we see them massing,

Every year we watch them passing, Scarcely pausing in our hurry after pleasure, after gain,

But the battle flags above them

Seem to bend and bless and love them, And through all the lilting music sounds an undertone of pain!

Denis A. McCarthy.

Thou God of nations, to-day we would honor the memory of those who freely gave their lives to save their country. We would remember with gratitude those who fell in battle and whose bodies lie in unknown graves. With no less gratitude would we remember those who survived to take up again the burdens of civil life. As with reverent hand “they place the fairest blossoms o’er the silent, mould'ring bosoms of the valiant friends and comrades of the battles of the past,” let us too enter into the spirit of their devotions. Let the flag they saved be to us the symbol of that glorious freedom which is the pride of our country. Amen.


Just to recollect His love,

Always true;
Always shining from above,

Always new.
Just to recognize its light,

Just to claim its present might,

Just to know it as thine own,

That no power can take away.
Is not this enough alone
For the gladness of the day?


Our Father in Heaven, we remember that in our souls we have the inheritance of Thy perfect love. Its power can give beauty to the brightest morning and make the burdens of the hardest day easy to our hands.

We beseech Thee that we may come nearer by this grace unto Thyself, fulfilling every duty with cheerfulness, bearing all sorrows with patience and always struggling and aspiring to better things. Let us live continually in the joys of the thought that nothing can ever separate us from Thy love and find in the hope it brings us continual help and satisfaction. And Thine shall be the praise for evermore. Amen.


Enchanted I sit on the bank by the willow,
And trill the last snatch of a rollicking tune;
And since all this loveliness cannot be Heaven,
I know in my heart it is June.

ABBA Good Woolson.

Now is the time of the bloom and the gold,
O beautiful world so fair to unfold !
My heart is as light and as glad as the day,
As the jubilant air and the lark's merry lay.
You, joyful ones, sing! Your life makes its May.
Now is the time of the bloom and the gold,
Now are the days of the roses.


Our Father, we thank Thee for the vision of Soul that enables us to see Thy face behind the shadows of time. We thank Thee especially for these days in June when flowers and birds and the incense of growing things call us to worship Thee as the Supreme Beauty. Enable us, our Father, to worship and be glad and to see in this wondrous pageant of spring, something of Thy ways with man. May we see that wind, and storm, and biting frost have all worked together to produce this day of days. So may we see in hours of seeming trial that all things are working together for our good and that the soul's jubilee of spring is at hand. May it be so. Amen.


When I'm thinking roses

In my heart 'tis June,
Shadows flee the sunshine,

All the world's in tune.
Rose-thoughts bring the solstice

Of each sunlit year,
When I'm thinking roses

Happiness is here.

When I'm living roses

Golden glows the way
Leading into service,

Stronger day by day.
Rose-thoughts know the secret

Of my inner shrine,
When I'm living roses
Flower o'love is mine.


We feel this morn the deep and vital truth the masters teach, that “the mind is its own place, and of itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” Give us to-day, O God, to be the captains of our souls, to think Thy great thoughts after Thee; to behold the beauty, not the ugliness, of our world, that we may be transformed into its likeness. With no illusion, but seeing the invisible, the things unseen that are eternal, may we have peace and joy in knowing that ever the good comes uppermost and ever is justice done, and that life is ever lord of death, and love can never lose its



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