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'Thy will be done." Why always bow the head
In anguish when these sacred words are said ?
More light than darkness falleth from above ;
The will of God shows clearest through His love.
Why should we kneel in fear, as God were foe,

When unto Him we pray, Thy will be done"?
Why learn to bend and kiss the rodin woe?

On just and unjust shines His blessed sun.

Thy will be done." Is there no other way
Than drying out of sorrow, thus to pray?
God's daily gifts outweigh the heaviest loss;
The crown is ours as surely as the cross.

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If aught we know, we know that joy reigns there;
Then let us, as we pray the Christ-taught prayer,
Lift up our hearts in joy at blessings given:
Thy will be done on earth, as it is done in Heaven.


O Master of the thorn-strewn way! Thou hast journeyed with unfaltering step over the road where we so often falter. Thou didst not escape the thornthrusts; the stones of stumbling were not removed from Thy path. Through all these Thou madest Thy way unerring to the crown by patient perseverance and gracious yielding to the Father's will. We can know no

to which Thou art a stranger, no heart-longing to Thee unknown. Teach us Thy secret.

Walk with us in the way we take and hearten us in the trying hours. Amen.



Who seeks success
Must look for it in paths untrod before,
Must journey on, though weary and footsore;
Striving to climb, though steep the mountain seems,
Having the courage

make real his dreams,
Enduring pain and heartache, bitter sorrow,
Looking always for better things to-morrow;
Life's prizes are hung high and out of view,
And some reached only by our failures, too;
Who seeks success, must falter not nor shirk,
The only road that leads to it is work.


Our Father, we love Thee for the paths we have already trod and for the untrodden paths of a new day. We remember Thy loving kindness in the night watches, Thy tender mercies in hard marches and Thy protecting presence in journeys of great dangers. Again our trust is in Thee. We would welcome the valleys and the hills, the dusty road of the common day or the steep challenge of the mount of vision, for life and joy is to do our work, the work Thou hast given us to do. We rejoice that in light or darkness it is glorious, for on all our paths there falls the shadows of the spires of a city whose maker and builder is God. Amen.


The life that counts must toil and fight;
Must hate the wrong and love the right;
Must stand for truth by day and night:

This is the life that counts.

The life that counts must aim to rise
Above the earth to sunlit skies;
Must fix its gaze on Paradise

That is the life that counts.

The life that counts must helpful be;
In darkest night make melody;
Must wait the dawn on bended knee

This is the life that counts.

The life that counts must helpful be,
The cares and needs of others see;
Must seek the slave of sin to free -
That is the life that counts.


O Lord, help us to realize that the life Thou givest us is not called eternal simply because it is long, but also because it is deep and broad and high. Make us thoughtful and fraternal and prayerful that the dimensions of our souls may be so stretched that we may hold an abundance of the life that is life indeed. O Christ, source of life and light and love, help us to live on such intimate terms with Thee that such a life may be as natural to us as for morning glories to open in the quiet dark of early summer morning. Amen.


We speak with awed tenderness of our guardian angels; but have we not all had our guiding angels, who came to us in visible form, and recognized or unknown, kept beside us on our difficult path until they had done for us all that they could ?


Somebody did a golden deed;
Somebody proved a friend in need;
Somebody sang a beautiful song;
Somebody smiled the whole day long;
Somebody thought "'tis sweet to live"
Somebody said " I'm glad to give";
Somebody fought a valiant fight;
Somebody lived to shield the right;
Was that somebody you?


O Thou, who art our Guardian and our Guide, we bless Thee for the souls whom Thou hast joined with Thyself, to be our guides and helpers by day, and our sentinels by night. We thank Thee for those who watch over us, who ease our burdens, lighten our cares, smooth our paths, and stand between us and evil. Our guardian angels are of Thine own, Thy gracious care and love. Give us a due sense of their unselfish service, and help us, in turn, to be watchers over all who are weak, untaught, or wayward. Help us to give even as we are receiving. Amen.


A smile is quite a funny thing;

It wrinkles up your face,
And, when it's gone, you never find

Its secret hiding-place.

But far more wonderful it is

To see what smiles can do:
You smile at one, he smiles at you,

And so one smile makes two.

He smiles at some one, since you

And then that one smiles back,
And that one smiles, until in truth

You fail in keeping track.

* And, since a smile can do great good

By cheering hearts of care,
Let's smile and smile, and not forget
That smiles go everywhere!


Our Father, we thank Thee for the light of Thy face dispersing the gloom of a darkened world. O Light of life, Thou shinest on the cradles of our newborn and over the graves of our dead, and lightest all the way our feet must tread from one to the other. Shine in the hearts of the poor until they shall see the infinite value of the soul. Shine in the hearts of the rich until they shall see the poverty of things. Shine health into sickness, joy into sorrow, life into death and in that glad to-morrow, O, lift Thou up the light of Thy countenance upon us. Amen.


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