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Because I lift my head above the mist,

Where the sun shines and the broad breezes blow, By every ray and every raindrop kissed

That God's love doth bestow;


you I find no bitterness at all, No burden to be borne like Christian's pack?

there are no ready tears to fall Because I keep them back?

Think you

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Dark skies must clear, and when the clouds are past,

One golden day redeems a weary year. Patient, I listen, sure that sweet at last Will sound his voice of cheer.


Heavenly Father, we seek Thee early for our hearts are burdened. Forgive us if we have borne the load alone until our souls are paralyzed, and we idly wait the better day. O God, how many there are this day more tried than we, friends untrue, poverty withering the soul, ideals unrealized, loved ones snatched away. Grant us this morning a new vision of Thy love. Help us to see Thy purpose when the hour is darkest. Upon Thee we cast all our care. We yoke ourselves with Thee to-day. Send us forth with courage and gladness to meet the day and its tasks. Amen.


Would'st learn to know one little flower,
Its perfume, perfect form and hue ?
Yea, would'st thou have one perfect hour
Of all years that come to you?
Then grow as God hath planned, grow
A lordly oak or daisy low,
As He hath set his garden; be
Just what thou art, or grass or tree.
Thy treasures up in heaven laid,
Await thy sure ascending soul,
Life after life be not afraid.


O Eternal God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we, Thy children, claim Thee as our Father. We thank Thee that Thou art more to us than our Creator. Thou didst create the bird, the flower and the star, but Thou art not the Father of bird and flower and star. When Thou dost call Thyself our Father, it means more than that Thou didst make us; it means that we may enter into sacred and intimate relations with Thee, as a child with an earthly father. Thou hast promised to take up Thine abode with those who love Thee, and find in Thee the home of our souls. Amen.


No backward glance shall hinder or appall me:
A new life is begun;
And better hopes and better motives call me;
Than those the past has won.


This is a grand day. The crocuses are peeping up just as pert and pretty.

The little brown buds 01 the trees have turned green and getting bigger every day, and even the air feels like it's had a bath. I just love the spring. Everything says to you: "Good-morning!

are again. Let's begin all over.And inside I say All right," and I mean it.


Here we

O Lord most merciful, who bringest the morning and the evening to us all, hear us, we beseech Thee, as once more we seek Thy favor. Thou hast given to each a new chance with the coming of the new day; Thou hast opened before us another page unspoiled as yet by sin or folly. Help us not only to believe that this is the best day the world has ever known, but to make it the fairest day in all the record we have written. To love as we live, merciful, kind and free from guile, - make this our ambition, we humbly pray Thee. Amen.


to be

Sure, this world is full of trouble

I ain't said it ain't.
Lord! I've had enough an' double

Reason for complaint.
Rain an' storm have come to fret me,

Skies were often gray;
Thorns an' brambles have beset me

On the road
Ain't it fine to-day!

but say,

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It's to-day that I am livin',

Not a month ago,
Havin', losin', takin', givin',

As time wills it so.
Yesterday a cloud of sorrow
Fell across the way;

rain again to-morrow,
It may rain
Ain't it fine to-day !

Douglas MALLOCH.

It may

but say,

O God, who makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice; and the mountains and hills to break forth into singing; and all the trees of the field to clap their hands; grant to us, Thy children, hearts full of Thy joy and gladness. Let the light that Thou hast implanted in our souls so shine today that our little world may glow with gladness. Help us to lighten the load of the weary and heavyladen by the cheer and comfort we receive from Thee, so that at eventide there may be light. Amen.


Hark, the lilt of a robin's song!

What cares he for raindrops falling?
Piercing the clouds, the sunbeams dance,

To him, their comrade, calling.

Fresh, shy, and sweet the primrose grows,

Pure, though the earth be mud-defiled;
Rich in beauty, fair in promise,

Smiling like a little child.

Gently speaks a voice, heart-thrilling:

O storm-tossed life, O raging sea,
Peace be to thee, for the Master
Walks again on Galilee !

STELLA E. Saxton.

Our Father, we are children in Thy home to-day. Help us to look out of the windows of the soul with a purpose to see everything that is happy and beautiful and good on the horizon of Thy world. Help us also to see with tender sympathy the weakness, the weariness and the failures of life. Teach us how to catch the inspiring messages of flowers and of birds and of twinkling stars. Lead us in our days of manhood and womanhood to find inspiration and joy in the challenge that comes out of the potential goodness of lives now wrong that may be made right, now weak that may be made strong by the boundless love of our Saviour. Amen.


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