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It doesn't look right, somehow. Oh, I see I've made a little mistake in the pattern, away back there,and she held up the dainty bit of fancy-work for her girl chum's inspection.

Better make it right before you go on,” suggested the chum. But the first worker shook her head.

It won't show much. It isn't worth the bother," she declared, and went on with the work to the end. Yet many times afterward she wished she had remedied that trifling fault in her work. She knew it was there; others saw it, and it marred the pleasure of the whole thing. Instead of the unadulterated enjoyment of the pretty work, the girl grew to dislike the very sight of it, to see only the mistake, to watch others find it and mention it. ( But it did her good; for she learned the beauty of perfection and the satisfaction of good work, one's best effort, whether it be fancy-work or the art of living, and to pass no mistakes unheeded. )


Grant to us, our Father, that we may fulfill our days, bringing to each with the morning's light a pure heart purpose to serve Thee and to bless our fellow men; and may our every task be wrought so sincerely, that in part it may become worthy of Thy benediction, and glorify Thee. Give to us, a wise and understanding heart; şuch loving patience with others as Thou ever showest to us, and a sure will to bear the burdens, and to temper all the experiments of sorrow or of joy which may come to us. Thine may we be always, and Thine the work of our hands! Amen.

THOMAS L. Eliot.

It is pleasant to think, just under the snow

That stretches so bleak and blank and cold, Are beauty and warmth that we cannot know

Green fields and leaves and blossoms of gold.
Yes, under this frozen and dumb expanse,

Ungladdened by bee or bird or flower,
A world where the leaping fountains glance

And the buds expand, is waiting the hour.
And often now when the skies are wild,

And hoarse and sullen the night winds blow, And lanes and hollows with drifts are piled,

I think of the violets under the snow.
So there, from the outer sense concealed

It lies, shut in by a veil of snow.
But there, to the inward eye revealed
Are boughs that blossom and flowers that glow.


We thank Thee, our dear Father, for the light and leading of faith. How dark and sad our world would be if Thou hadst not given to us visions born of Thy Spirit. We are deeply grateful that the inward eye can see above the storm the shining of the sun, and under the snow the blossoming of the flowers. Help us, O God, to develop more and more the power that will enable us to get beneath the transient to the permanent, finding underneath all the Eternal Love and Heart. (May we also open our eyes to the large side of life, and so become better disciples of Him who endeavored to bring Thy kingdom on earth. Amen.


The period of life is brief;
'Tis the red of the red rose-leaf,
'Tis the gold of a sunset sky,
'Tis the flight of a bird on high;
But one can fill the space
With such an infinite grace,
That the red will tinge all time;
And the gold through the ages shine ;
And the bird fly swift and straight
To the portals of God's own gate.



Thank God for life, thank God for truth and love,
For good brown earth, for starry skies above,
For golden days of sunshine warm and bright,
E’en for each candle flickering through the night.

Thank God for flowers that blow in gardens fair,
For tiny blossoms in a city square.
Thank God for saints who steadfastly abide,
Thank God for all mankind who tried, who tried !

Thank God, each day, each hour, thank God for all ! And He shall judge what things are great, what small !


I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;'
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.


Eternal God, help us to consecrate this new day to useful and loving service. Chasten and ennoble our hearts by Thy conscious presence. In all our thought and toil may we find Thy wisdom and feel Thy power. (Guard our tongues from the cruel, unjust and idle words that hurt our comrades and stain the soul.) Inspire us now to go forth with cheerful courage and hope, to relieve pain and create gladness through every fleeting hour. We would cast our bread upon the waters that it may be found after many days. Help us to face our present tasks with an unselfish and dutiful mind, — not anxious as to the end, but let us commit our song of healing to the winds of Thy Providence; - for even they that sow in tears shall reap in joy, and know the divine surprise. Amen.


I hold that man alone succeeds
Whose life is crowned by noble deeds,
Who cares not for the world's applause
But scorns vain custom's outgrown laws;
Who feels not dwarfed by nature's show,
But deep within himself doth know
That conscious man is greater far
Than ocean, land or distant star;
Who does not count his wealth by gold,
His worth by office he may hold,
But feels himself, as man alone,
As good as king upon a throne;
Who, battling 'gainst each seeming wrong,
Can meet disaster with a song,
Feel sure of victory in defeat,
And rise refreshed the foe to meet.
Who only lives the world to bless,
| Can never fail HE IS SUCCESS.

Henry Victor Morgan.

We thank Thee, our Father, that soul-nobility is greater, even, than its expression in noble deeds, į and that Thy Kingdom, the very Kingdom of Heaven, is within us. In the opening of this new day, make clear to us the glory of our eternal treasures, and send us to our tasks in the fullness of spirit, whereby we shall be a help and a blessing.) Let our strength be shown in courage, our wisdom in discernment, and our high source of spiritual renewal in continued good cheer. Let our inward assurance that right is might, and will overcome every wrong, shine forth in manifestations of faith and faithfulness as we practice and persevere in the ways of brotherly love. Amen.


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