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Never call him fatherless

Who has God.

For darkness passes

storms shall not abide, A little patience and the fog is past; After the sorrow of the ebbing tide, The singing floods return in joy at last. The night is long and pain weighs heavily, But God will hold His world above despair; Look to the East, where up the lurid sky The morning climbs! The day shall yet be fair.


Thick clouds and darkness cannot conceal Thee, our Heavenly Father, from trustful hearts. Even in our pains Thou art near to soothe and to cheer. We would bless Thee even when our eyes are moist with tears.

We would find wells in the valley of Baca. Grant us grace for hard circumstances and light for dark valleys. Strengthen us to bear burdens, and through our afflictions develop in us the character of Jesus Christ. Deliver us from doubt when the clouds lower, and make us feel Thy presence when the storms rage. Inspire us to fight bravely and to wait patiently until the day of victory dawns. Amen.


'Be of good cheer,he said;
Yet well he knew
The way seems hard and weary, too,
And still he says this day to you,
Be of good cheer!

Be of good cheer," he said,
O trembling one!
So much attempted and so little done?
Love will complete the work by you begun,
Be of good cheer!


Dear Lord, Our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ we thank Thee for this day. Help us to remember that our Savior knew the weariness of toil, the distraction of petty things, the bitterness of failure and help us like Him to know a peace which we cannot understand. Grant, O God, that for the new day we may receive new faith, increase our love for those who hinder and annoy us, make us more watchful to be kind. Forgive us that we have done so little but do Thou keep us ambitious to do much for Thee. May to-day see less opportunities neglected, fewer minutes wasted or ill-spent than yesterday. In Thy Holy Name we ask it. Amen.


Nothing can bring peace but the triumph of principles.


With faint far bugling in the noble east,

I hear the herald of the struggling day
Calling each man to victor's earnestness,
To bring in truth the dream of yesterday.


In the still air the music lies unheard;

In the rough marble beauty hides unseen. To make the music and the beauty needs

The Master's touch, the Sculptor's chisel keen.

Great Master, touch us with thy skillful hand,

Let not the music that is in us die! Great Sculptor, hew and polish us, nor let

Hidden and lost, Thy form within us lie.

Spare not the stroke! Do with us as Thou wilt!

Let there be naught unfinished, broken, marred; Complete Thy purpose, that we may become Thy perfect image, Thou our God and Lord !


Because the road was steep and long

And through a dark and lonely land,
God set upon my lips a song

And put a lantern in my hand.
Through miles on weary miles of night

That stretch relentless in my way,
My lantern burns serene and white,

An undiminished cup of day.
O golden lights and lights like wine,

How dim your boasted splendors are.
Behold this little lamp of mine ;
It is more starlike than a star!

Joyce Kilmer GREEN.

Thou hast blessed me, Thou hast chastened,

That I might be drawn to Thee,
Yet my steps I ne'er have hastened,

Spite of all Thy care for me.
I have sought the road to danger,

I have lingered on the way,
To Thy pleading still a stranger,

Though Thy love grew day by day.

Now I turn to Thee, depending

On Thy will to bid me live, For a life of bliss unending,

Which Thy love alone can give. And I pray Thy mercy, hear

me, And I ask Thy tender grace That Thou keepest ever near me Till I look upon Thy face.


He walked with God. Where'er he went abroad,

Hate changed to love, wrath melted into calm,

every wounded heart received its balm, Nor knew from what celestial fountain poured The healing flood, nor recognized the Lord.

He walked with God. Ill lost its power to harm

As he passed by, and evil ceased to charm; To purblind eyes was light again restored.

He walked with God. His was the common lot

Of joy and pain wherein full life is found; Yet peace was his, and love that faileth not

Shone in his face, diffusing light around. He walked with God, all trivial cares forgot; And lo! where'er he trod was holy ground.


Our Heavenly Father, we thank thee for the men and women of all ages who have walked with Thee, and by so doing have been made to know and feel, and even embody the sweetness and beauty of Thy divine nature, thus giving to their fellow-men the benefit of their experience and inclining other hearts to walk with Thee. Help us as night lifts her sable curtains and the daily work begins, to go to our tasks with cheerful hearts, and with lives so transfigured by Thy love, that they shall bring peace and blessing to every one we meet, and they shall know that we have walked with Thee. Amen.


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