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working men and women, and one or two papers in the present volume have aimed to represent these methods (see pp. 314, 333). He seems always to have studied his subjects with a main design to let the Bible speak for itself, linking his Scripture proofs together and building them into one another with singular aptness and unceasing prayer.

We hope such method will be more and more followed this winter by the Superintendents in our Mothers’ Classes, because these lessons, if carefully prepared, provide a stem or stalk of Scripture statement on any subject chosen, and while showing WHAT GOD says, and always coming back to that, admit of most varied illustration and anecdote, personal or biographical, (as in Mr. Moody's addresses,) which may grow naturally as leaves from the stem, and meanwhile the plan strikes at the root of egotistical, desultory, and rambling addresses. We may add that it already proves so attractive as at once to increase the number of mothers in attendance where it has been tried.

Our papers this year on HOME work are divided between the experiences of Bible-women and Bible Nurses, Lady Superintendents and Pioneers, and they tell of many souls won for Christ in dark places of the earth, full of drunkenness and cruelty. Bible-women in Syria, India, and Burmah, are also represented from their far-off spheres.

Other articles culled from the Researches of the Palestine Exploration Society afford new illustrations of Bible narratives for those who have not access to the original reports, such as-The Cave of Adullam, p. 27; The Altar of Ed, p. 57; the Boundary Stone of Gezer, p. 89; and the Excavations on Mount Zion, p. 273; while continuous papers for the last six months on the STORY OF THE Book as contained in itself, are intended to promote Bible study by intelligent young people, which is more than ever needed in days of growing Popery and reckless Infidelity

The following classification will show that the Editor continues to keep in view

as usual FIVE distinct spheres of observation.

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190, 223, 254, 286, 319, 350.

“If fifty pounds, fifty more" 33

right way”.

A Change of Reading


Sanctuaries, Ancient and Modern 85



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A Few Mistakes and a Reply to Them, Eighteen Months' Work at Hoxton, 20


Eleventh Hour, At the, 321, 377

A Fresh Page from Westminster, 375 Excavations on Mount Zion, 273
Afflicted yet. Comforted, 68
“ After many days," 295

Falstaff-yard District, 328
Altar of Ed, The, 57

Financial Report, 30, 92, 289
American Evangelists in London, The,

Financial Appeal, 161

Financial Statement, 225

An Outlying District, 37

Financial Necessities, 286

Another “Stone crying out," 212

Financial Minute, 321

Answer to a Bible-woman's Prayer, Flower Mission to London, 112, 257

The, 72

Foreign and Specific Funds, 360

Autobiography of A. Tui-A Bible- Furnace and the Rest, The, 22

woman at Swatow, China, 79

Gift from Miss Nightingale, A, 125

Ball's-pond, 202

Golborne-road District, 225

Bible and Domestic Female Mission,

Our, 12

Help to Better Habits, 111

Bible and the Novels, The, 196

Help to the Helpers, 106

Bible needs to be Studied, The, 193

How Wonderful, 405
Bible Pioneer's help to Good Workers,

“If Fifty Pounds, Fifty More,” 33
Bible Pioneer's Report, 163

I Never Can Forgive Him,” 169

Bible Visits to Moslem Hareems, 115

Israelitish Origin of the British Nation,

Bible-women in India, Our, 302

On the, 152

Bible-woman in Africa, A, 401

“It was You who Saved my Life," 174

Bible-women in Southern India, Our,

" I've only to Trust Him, 294
25, 237

Bible-women Nurses, The, 392

Jesus and Little Children, 381

Jottings from Various Bible Districts,

Bible Work, 161


Book and its Story, contained in Itself,

213, 243, 279, 304, 337, 392 King Mtesa's Message from the Great
British Syrian Schools, 209

Lake of Central Africa, 401
Building Fund and Our Dormitories,

Lambeth, Mothers' Tea-Meeting in, 299

Canal-road District, 200

Last Month of a Wasted Life, 260

Cave of Adullam, The, 27

Letter from Syria, A, 47
Central Africa, Explorations in, 346

Letter to a Bible-woman from One of
Change of Reading, A, 79

her Subscribers, 373

Change of Agents during the Year, 358 Light at Eventide, 140

China's Millions, 253

Lisson-grove, Good News from, 38

Cutting Old Bibles to Pieces to make a Locksfields District, 225

New One, 314

Lodiana, Letter from, 403

Council of Friends for 1875, Our, 353

Lord, Teach us to Pray, 65

Directions to Bible-women, 235
Dormitories for Working Girls, Ouro

Madagascar, Bible-women for, 144

Madagascar, Letter from the Prime
107, 399

Minister of, 147
Dust Heap District, A, 231

Madagascar, Martyr's Cave in, 06
East-end Sketches from the Life, 107 Madras Medical Mission, 303

Meeting of the British and Foreign

Bible Society for 1875, 177 Men of the Book in India, The, 121 Mint District, Borough, The, 171 Missionary Charge to a Young Japanese,

49 Mission Details, 164 Monthly Receipts, 30, 61, 93, 125, 158,

190, 223, 254, 286, 319, 350 More Sick Children, 398 Mothers' Meeting at Whitsuntide, 199 Mrs. Ingolls to an English Friend, 118 Mudnompilly, 26, 303

Soripture Clocks, 333
Scriptural Illustrations of this Nine-

teenth Century, The, 54 Service of the Word, 371 Signs of the Times—Messrs Moody and

Sankey in London, 97
Short Lists of Subscribers, 222
Song in the Valley, The, 388
Souls Brought In, 201
St. Patrick's Prayers, 101
Syria, Our Blind Colporteur in, 239

Needy who Want our Kind of Nurse,

The, 142
New Bible-woman in Rome, Our, 24
New Cut, Good Work in the, 326
New Tablets from Nineveh, 101
Nineteen Years' Subscriptions, Table of,

Notes from a Mothers' Meeting, 167
Notes of a Bible Pioneer, 267
Not Very Far, 135
Number of Subscribers, 361
Nursing Work, Fruits of Our, 289

Tell Gezer, 90
Ten Years' Retrospect, A, 9
Text Quilt, The, 325
The Countries yet

Unclaimed for
Christ, 1
The Master is Come, and Calleth for

Thee, 34 These Golden Days, 198 “ Through Much Tribulation,” 300 Tidings of Bible-women Connected with

the Medical Mission at Noyoor, India, from Mrs.

Thompson, 148 Total Receipts for 1875, Our, 358 Trevandrum, 25 “ Two of my Drunkards," 208 Two Hundred and Three Districts' Ac

counts, 362, 369

Page from Westminster, A, 136, 375
Paris, Bible Work in, 271
Parker-street Dormitory, 268
Pentonville, 379
“Praise God! I've Found the Right

Preparation, 13, 44
Pulhampet, Cuddapah District, 26, 302

United Palestine Exploration Society,

The, 27, 55, 89 Wanted, Missionaries for Africa, 82 Westminster, a Fresh Page from, 375 " What Hast Thou that Thou didst

not Receive ?" 19 “Where am I Going ?”' 298 Who will come to our Help? 30 Wild Flowers of the Holy Land, 389 Workers Rising out of Work, 203

Ratcliffe, 201, 379 Resurrection, 176 Rotherhithe, 226

“Safe in the Arms of Jesus," 16 Sanctuaries Ancient and Modern, 85

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