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at present it shall be in a prescribed ratio-Agreed to-Motion to
amend by striking out the provision for impeaching the Executive
- Disagreed 10–Motion to provide that the Electors of the Execu-
tive shall not be members of the National Legislature, nor National

officers, nor eligible to the supreme magistracy-Agreed to.

SATURDAY, July 21st


Ninth resolution, relative to National Executive, resumed—Motion

to provide for the payment of the Electors of the Executive out of

the National Treasury.-Agreed to.

Tenth resolution, relative to the negative of the Executive on the

Legislature, resumed— Motion to amend by providing that the
Supreme Judiciary be associated in this power--Disagreed to.

Elerenth resolution, relative to Judiciary, resumed— Motion to

provide that the Judges be nominated by the Executive, and ap-

pointed, unless two thirds of the second branch disagree thereto

Disagreed to.

MONDAY, July 230


Serenteenth resolution, providing for future amendments-Agreed to.

Eighteenth resolution, requiring the oath of State officers to sup-

port the Constitution-Agreed to.

Nineteenth resolution, requiring the ratification of the Constitu-
tion by State Conventions—Motion to amend by providing for its
reference to the State Legislatures—Disagreed to--Motion to a
secund Federal Convention-Not seconded.

The eighth resolution, relative to the suffrage in the second
branch, resumed-Motion to amend so as to provide that the rep-
resentation consist of two members from each Slate, who shall

vote per capita-Agreed to.

TUESDAY, July 24th


Ninth resolution, relative to the National Executive, resumed-Mo

tion to amend so as to provide that he be appointed by the National

Legislature, and not by Electors chosen by the State Legislatures,

Agreed 10–Motion to amend so as to provide that the Executive

be chosen by Electors taken by lot from the National Legislature

- Postponed.

The resolutions as amended and adopted, together with the

propositions submitted by Mr. Patterson, and the plan proposed by

Mr. C. Pinckney, referred to a Committee of Detail, to report a

Constitution conformable to the resolutions.

WEDNESDAY, July 25th


Ninth resolution, relative to the National Executive, resumed-

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Mr. PINCKNEY, in support of his motion entered on the Journal, for stopping the enlistment of troops, argued that he had reason to suppose the insurrection in Massachusetts, the real, though not ostensible object of this measure, to be already crushed; that the requisition of five hundred thousand dollars for

supporting the troops had been complied with by one State only, viz. Virginia, and that but in part; that it would be absurd to proceed in the raising of men who could neither be paid, clothed nor fed, and that such a folly was the more to be shunned, as the consequences could not be foreseen, of embodying and arming men under circumstances which would be more likely to render them the terror than the support of the Government. We had, he observed, been so lucky in one instance—meaning the disbanding of the army on the peace—as to get rid of an armed force without satisfying their just claims; but that it would not be prudent to hazard the repetition of the experiment.

Mr. King made a moving appeal to the feelings of

* From 1783 till this period Mr. Madison was not a member.

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