Proceedings of the American Electric Railway Engineering Association ... Containing a Complete Report of the ... Annual Convention, Held at ..., Volume 9

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Halaman 849 - IV. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting...
Halaman 532 - GENERAL NOTICE. To enter or remain in the service is an assurance of willingness to obey the rules. Obedience to the rules is essential to the safety of passengers and employes, and to the protection of property.
Halaman 394 - Owner shall be at liberty, after three days' written notice to the Contractor, to provide any such labor or materials, and to deduct the cost thereof from any money then due or thereafter to become due to the Contractor under...
Halaman 344 - When through wear and tear or through casualty it becomes necessary to replace some part of any structure, facility, or unit of equipment, and the extent of such replacement does not amount to a substantial change of identity in such structure, facility, or unit of equipment...
Halaman 131 - As soon as the stronger solution is taken from the vessel containing the unfiltered neutralized stock solution, additional crystals and water must be added to the stock solution. An excess of cupric oxide shall always be kept in the unfiltered stock solution.
Halaman 174 - The manufacturer shall afford the inspector, free of cost, all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordance with these specifications All tests and inspection shall be made...
Halaman 685 - The number of passes and speed of train shall be so regulated that on leaving the rolls at the final pass the temperature of the rail will not exceed that which requires a shrinkage allowance at the hot -saws, for a 30-ft.
Halaman 615 - The use of tobacco by employes when on duty in or about passenger stations, or on passenger cars, is prohibited. J. Employes on duty must wear the prescribed badge and uniform and be neat in appearance.
Halaman 685 - The inspector representing the purchaser shall have free entry, at all times while work on the contract of the purchaser is being performed, to...
Halaman 117 - Conductors: The conductors shall be of copper, aluminum, or other non-corrodible material, except that in exceptionally long spans, where the required mechanical strength cannot be obtained with the above materials, galvanized or copper-covered steel strand may be used.

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