Miscellaneous Bills: Hearings Before the Committee on Naval Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-seventh Congress, Second Session, on S. 2568, a Bill to Establish Additional Commissioned Warrant and Warrant Grades in the United States Navy, and for Other Purposes; S. 2592, a Bill to Provide for the Better Administration of Officer Personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps During the Existing War, and for Other Purposes; S. 2593, a Bill to Provide for the Reimbursement of Certain Navy Personnel and Former Navy Personnel for Personal Property Lost Or Damaged as a Result of the Fire which Destroyed the Administration Building, Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Va., on January 26, 1942; S. 2570, a Bill to Provide for the Sale by the Superintendent of Documents of Copies of Certain Historical and Naval Documents Printed by the Government Printing Office; H.R. 3152, an Act to Suspend Restrictions During the Present War and for One Year Thereafter Upon the Service of Certain Officers of the Marine Corps Headquarters, Washington, D.C. June 22, 1942

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942 - 33 halaman

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