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Halaman 13 - means any drain of and used for the drainage of one building only, or premises within the same curtilage, and made merely for the purpose of communicating therefrom with a cesspool or other like receptacle for drainage, or with a sewer into which the drainage of two or more buildings or premises occupied by different persons is conveyed : "Sewer" includes sewers and drains of every description, except drains to which the word
Halaman 64 - That nothing herein shall authorize or empower the Undertakers to lay down or place any Pipe or other Works into, through, or against any Building, or in any Land, not dedicated to public Use, without the Consent of the Owners and Occupiers thereof...
Halaman 57 - If any one is concerned in knowing the ordinary laws of mechanics one would think it is the hand-labourer, whose daily toil lies among levers and pulleys; or among the other implements of artisan work. And if any one is interested in the laws of health, it is the poor workman, whose strength is wasted by ill-prepared food, whose health is sapped by bad ventilation and bad drainage, and half whose children are massacred by disorders which might be prevented.
Halaman 288 - ... a certificate or declaration, stating, according to the forms prescribed and supplied to him by the corporation, the name of such inmate, the situation of such building, and the name of such occupier or person, and the nature of the disease from which such inmate is suffering. 5. The...
Halaman 64 - ... be taken, and which shall be required for the purposes of such act, and with all parties having any estate or interest in such lands or by this or the special act enabled to sell and convey the same, for the absolute purchase, for a consideration in money, of any such lands, or such parts thereof as they shall think proper, and of all estates and interests in such lands of what kind soever.
Halaman 15 - Treutler were balloted for and duly elected Fellows of the Society. The following papers were read : — 1. " Thermometric Observations on Board the Cunard RMSS Algeria,
Halaman 106 - Parliament be not then sitting, within three weeks after the beginning of the then next meeting of Parliament, and shall not come into operation until they have lain for forty days before both Houses of Parliament during the session of Parliament.
Halaman 191 - That hitherto no mode of utilizing the excreta has been brought into operation, which repays the cost of collection. 3. That the almost universal practice of mixing ashes with the pail products, though it applies these as a convenient absorbent, and possibly, to some extent, as a deodorant, is injurious to the value of the excreta as manure. 4. That, for use within the house, no system has been found in practice to take the place of the water-closet.
Halaman 64 - ... doing as little damage as may be in the execution of the powers hereby or by the special Act granted, and* making compensation for any damage which may be done in the execution of such powers.
Halaman 25 - ... to fall. Health in the home is health everywhere. Elsewhere it has no abiding place. I have been brought indeed by experience to the conclusion that the whole future progress of the sanitary movement rests for permanent and executive support on the women of the country. When as a physician I enter a house where there is a contagious disease, I am, of course, primarily impressed by the type of the disease and the age, strength, and condition of the sick person. From the observations made on these...

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