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A. Ross ECKLER, Deputy Director
HOWARD C. GRIEVES, Assistant Director.
CONRAD TAEUBER, Assistant Director

JACK, B. ROBERTSON, Special Assistant

MORRIS H. HANSEN, Assistant Director for Statistical Standards
CLARENCE E. BATSCHELET, Geographic Adviser

WALTER L. KEHRES, Assistant Director for Administration
Calvert L. DEDRICK, Chief, International Statistical Programs Office
A. W. VON STRUVE, Acting Public Information Officer

Industry Division-Maxwell R. CONKLIN, Chief

OWEN C. GRETTON, Assistant Chief for Manufactures
Statistical Methods-Jack L, Ogus, Chief

Economic Planning and Analysis-Murray D. Dessel, Chief
Materials Data and Analysis-Morris R. Goldman, Chief

Commodity Data and Analysis-Irvin Strauss, Chief

Industry and Commodity Classification-Isidore Bogdanoff, Chief
Food Products-Joseph A. Zettler, Chief

Textiles-Willis K. Jordan, Chief

Apparel-Alfred I. Jacobs, Chief

Wood Products-Cyril M. Wildes, Chief
Chemicals Jack J. Gottsegen, Chief

Metals and Metal Products-Clarence H. Olsen, Chief :
Machinery and Equipment-David N. Cohen, Chief

Economic Operations Division—M. D. BINGHAM, Chief

IRVING WEISS, Assistant Chief for Processing

SOL DOLLECK, Assistant Chief for Systems Development
Administrative Service Division-EVERETT H. BURKE, Chief
Agriculture Division-Ray HURLEY, Chief

Budget and Management Division-Charles H. ALEXANDER, Chief
Business Division-HARVEY KAILIN, Chief
Field Division-ROBERT B. VOIGHT, Chief

Foreign Trade Division—J. EDWARD ELY, Chief
Geography Division-William T. Fay, Chief
Governments Division-ALLEN D. MANVEL, Chief
Housing Division-WAYNE F. DAUGHERTY, Chief
Machine Tabulation Division-C. F. VAN AKEN, Chief
Personnel Division-HORACE H. Carroll, Chief
Population Division—Howard G. BRUNSMAN, Chief
Statistical Reports Division-EDWIN D. GOLDFIELD, Chief
Statistical Research Division-WILLIAM N. HURWITZ, Chief
Transportation Division-DONALD E. CHURCH, Chief

This volume comprises the 1954 Census of Manufactures Subject Bulletins, Series MC-201 thru MC-212, and related supplementary materials.


U. S. Bureau of the Census. U. S. Census of Manufactures: 1954.

Vol. I, Summary Statistics.

U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1957

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., or any of the Field Offices of the Department of Commerce. - Price $4.75

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This is one of a series of three volumes presenting final results of the 1954 Census of Manufactures. The 1954 Census was a large-scale undertaking which depended upon significant contributions from a great number of private and public organizations and individuals. Essential to the success of the Census, of course, was the excellent cooperation of some 280,000 manufacturing establishments in completing the appropriate report forms.

Hundreds of trade associations and thousands of individual manufacturers--large, medium, and small--as well as Government agencies and other data users provided valuable counsel in determining the types of information which would be of maximum usefulness. Among the Government agencies, the Bureau of the Budget, Business and Defense Services Administration, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Mines, Department of Agriculture, the Office of Business Economics, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Tariff Commission made especially important contributions to the 1954 Census. Also noteworthy was the assistance of the Advisory Council on Federal Reports in advising upon the feasibility of collecting various types of data and in participating in efforts aimed at minimizing the reporting burden. Support by the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and other business groups, and timely publicity given to the Manufactures Census by the press, television, and radio aided materially in the collection of the reports.

The primary responsibility for the 1954 Census of Manufactures was centered in the Industry Division of the Census Bureau. Other divisions of the Bureau, particularly the Economic Operations Division, Machine Tabulation Division, Field Division, Administrative Service Division, and the Electronic Systems Branch, also had important functions in the Census.

The Manufactures Census was taken under the supervision of Maxwell R. Conklin, Chief of the Industry Division. The individuals listed in the organization structure of the Division shown on the opposite page carried the principal responsibility for the Census within the Division. Other Industry Division staff personnel also had important responsibilities in various phases of the Census. Their individual and collective contributions were essential to the completion of the census and of greater significance than would ordinarily be inferred from the mere alphabetic listing of their names which follows: Daniel Arrill, John J. Bartosiewicz, Paul F. Berard, Martin Bloom, Evelyn W. Colburn, Alice K. Cullen, Angela R. Daly, Jerome Deitch, M. Audrey Dickerson, Robert J. Dressel, David M. Fishbein, Edward D. Gruen, Arthur W. Horowitz, Shirley Kallek, Alvin S. Lubeck, Martin L. Marimont, Reese R. Morgan, Richard J. Rice, Albert A. Schulman, Charles H. Wittman, and John J. Zirkle, Jr. These individuals merited recognition for their participation in the development of the Census inquiries, the preparation of the report forms and instructions, the design of specifications for editing and coding the returns and the preparation and review of final text and tables. In a broader sense, special mention is due the entire staff of the Industry Division and a large number of people in other divisions of the Bureau during the collection, processing, tabulation, and publication of data from the 1954 Census of Manufactures.

Processing of the 1954 Census of Manufactures reports was performed by the Economic Operations Division under the supervision of Marion D. Bingham, Chief, Irving Weiss, Assistant Chief for Processing, and Sol Dolleck, Assistant Chief for Systems Development. Milton D. Lieberman, Chief of the Manufactures Census Branch and Sol Dolleck who succeeded him in that position on October 24, 1955 were assisted by Herman Hess, Walter A. Hines, Mary H. Johnson, Joseph M. Schubert, and Donald E. Young. Samuel Schweid contributed to certain procedural aspects of the Census and Robert Hansen to the Univac programming of the editing and tabulation phases.

Donald K. Heiser, Chief of the Electronic Systems Branch, and Rudolph M. Micoly, Chief of Operations for the Branch, were responsible for the utilization of electronic computer and accompanying high-speed printer equipment in the Census.

C. F. Van Aken was Chief of the Machine Tabulation Division and, in that division, Catherine M. Neafsey, Chief, Economic Section, and Emil Gorgovits were responsible for the machine tabulation procedures used in the Manufactures Census.

In the Field Division, Jack B. Robertson, then Chief of the Division, and Ivan G. Munro, Assistant Chief, were responsible for directing the field work for the Census of Manufactures. George Klink, Branch Chief, supervised the collection of reports from Eastern sawmills that were not included in the Census mail canvass.

Julius Shiskin, Chief Economic Statistican in the Office of the Assistant Director for Statistical Standards, as well as Harold T. Goldstein and Irving Rottenberg of that office, contributed to the coordination of the Manufactures Census with the Censuses of Business and Mineral Industries and to several phases of the planning and processing of the Censuses. In addition, Mr. Goldstein assisted in the planning and preparation of the textual material for the industry reports.

Robert H. Brooks, Chief of the Graphics Branch of the Administrative Service Division, was responsible for preparing the Census of Manufactures publications for reproduction. Elma D. Beynon and Ingrid L. Millison of the Statistical Reports Division reviewed text material and table forms, and assisted on publication problems.

September 1957



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