Report of the Corporation Commission

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Edwards & Broughton Company, 1911

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Halaman 51 - On cars held for loading, time will be computed from the first 7 am after placement on public-de.livery tracks. (b) On cars held for orders, time will be computed from the first 7 am after the day on which notice of arrival is sent to consignee.
Halaman 630 - Enginehouse expenses — road Fuel for road locomotives Water for road locomotives Lubricants for road locomotives Other supplies for road locomotives.. Road trainmen Train supplies and expenses Interlockers and block and other signals — operation Crossing flagmen and gatemen Drawbridge operation Clearing wrecks * Telegraph and telephone — operation..
Halaman 630 - GENERAL EXPENSES Salaries and expenses of general officers Salaries and expenses of clerks and...
Halaman 54 - Is impossible to get to cars for loading or unloading during the prescribed free time. (b) Bunching. 1. Cars for Loading. — When, by reason of delay or irregularity of the carrier in filling orders, cars are bunched and placed for loading in accumulated numbers in excess of daily orders. The shipper shall be allowed such free time for loading as he would have been entitled to had the cars been placed for loading as ordered. 2. Cars for Unloading or Reconsigning. — When, as...
Halaman 54 - Weather interference. 1. When the condition of the weather during the prescribed free time is such as to make it impossible to employ men or teams in loading or unloading, or impossible to place freight in cars, or to move it from cars, without serious injury to the freight, the free time shall be extended until a total of 48 hours free from such weather interference shall have been allowed.
Halaman 50 - NOTE. Private cars while in railroad service whether on carrier's or private tracks, are subject to these demurrage rules to the same extent as cars of railroad ownership. (Empty private cars are in railroad service from the time they are placed by the carrier for loading or tendered for loading on the orders of a shipper. Private cars under lading are in railroad service until the lading is removed and cars are regularly released.
Halaman 464 - Freight Traffic: Number of tons carried of freight earning revenue Number of tons carried one mileNumber of tons carried one mile per mile of road Average distance haul of one ton.
Halaman 52 - On cars to be delivered on interchange tracks of industrial plants performing their own switching service, time will be computed from the first 7 am following actual or constructive placement on such interchange tracks until return thereto. See Rule 4 (Notification) and Rules 5 and 6 (Constructive placement).
Halaman 629 - Enginehouse expenses — yard Fuel for yard locomotives Water for yard locomotives Lubricants for yard locomotives Other supplies for yard locomotives Operating joint yards and terminals — Dr.
Halaman 57 - ... demurrage upon the car or cars in which they are stored to the same extent and at the same rate as such charges are now, under like circumstances by the rules of this Commission, imposed upon consignees who neglect or refuse, after notice of arrival to remove freight of like character from the cars of a carrier.

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