Traditions and Reminiscences, Chiefly of the American Revolution in the South: Including Biographical Sketches, Incidents, and Anecdotes, Few of which Have Been Published, Particularly of Residents in the Upper Country

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Walker & James, 1851 - 592 halaman

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Halaman 27 - Parliament, had power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and validity to " bind the colonies, and people of America, in all cases whatsoever.
Halaman 80 - ... the Provincial Congress of each province, under the direction of the great Continental Congress, is invested with all legislative and executive powers within their respective provinces ; and that no other legislative or executive power, does, or can exist, at this time, in any of these colonies.
Halaman 77 - That all officers, both civil and military, in this county be entitled to exercise the same powers and authorities as heretofore; that every member of this delegation shall henceforth be a civil officer and exercise the powers of a justice of the peace, issue process, hear and determine controversies according to law, preserve peace, union and harmony in the county, and use every exertion to spread the love of liberty and of country until a more general and better organized system of government be...
Halaman 97 - em ; their shot Came so swift and so hot, And the cowardly dogs stood so stiff, sirs, That I put ship about, And was glad to get out, Or they would not have left me a skiff, sirs.
Halaman 81 - That whatever person shall hereafter receive a commission from the Crown, or attempt to exercise any such commission heretofore received, shall be deemed an enemy to his country...
Halaman 81 - That these resolves be in full force and virtue until instructions from the Provincial Congress regulating the jurisprudence of the province shall provide otherwise, or the legislative body of Great Britain resign its unjust and arbitrary pretensions with respect to America.
Halaman 81 - Men of the said company, who, upon proof of the fact, shall commit him, the said offender, to safe custody, until the next sitting of the Committee, who shall deal with him as prudence may direct.
Halaman 81 - ... seized and held in custody by the constable, for the space of thirty days ; in which time, if the debtor fail to return and discharge the debt, the constable shall return the warrant to one of the...
Halaman 427 - ... years by the unanimous choice of his men in the invasion and conquest of Canada by the British, the command of a regiment at the capture of Burgoyne in 1777, that of a member of the State convention which adopted the Federal Constitution and a long service as a State Senator, member of the Council of Appointment, and Chief Judge of this county.
Halaman 564 - A glance to the left showed the young men their danger : they were within pistol shot of a thousand men drawn up in order of battle. Wheeling their horses, they discovered a troop already leaping the fence into the avenue in their rear. Quick as thought they again wheeled their horses, and dashed down the avenue directly towards the house, where stood the quarter-guard to receive them. On reaching the garden fence — a rude structure formed of a kind of lath, and called a wattled fence — they...

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