Staff Report on Tennessee Valley Authority's Fertilizer Operations, Fiscal Year 1947 ... 80-2, Pursuant to H. Res. 18

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1948 - 6 halaman

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Halaman 4 - To produce, distribute, and sell electric power as herein particularly specified. (m) No products of the Corporation shall be sold for use outside of the United States, its Territories, and possessions, except to the United States Government for the use of its Army and Navy, or to its allies in case of war.
Halaman 3 - Research on products and processes" is not scaled to TVA's production operatioas. Its scope is determined by opportunities to render service in the public interest; findings are made available to the public throuah technical publications, answers to correspondence, and discussions with technical visitors to the laboratories and plants. For these reasons and because It would be impracticable to do so, TVA does not allocate any portion of such research expenditures to production.
Halaman 2 - ... tests the fertilizers produced and demonstrates their effectiveness. Production is carried out on an experimental basis, and costs are consequently affected by the developmental nature of the manufacturing operations. Research on products and processes is not scaled to TVA's production operations.

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