Census of the Philippine Islands: Taken Under the Direction of the Philippine Commission in the Year 1903, in Four Volumes ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905
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Halaman 232 - Cienfuegos, are likewise divided into two zones, namely, one to the east and the other to the west of the harbor of Batabano, divided by an imaginary line drawn from the harbor of Batabano to the mouth of the "Sierra de Casas" River in the Isle of Pines, passing between Malpaez and Boqueron.
Halaman 11 - Moros or other non-Christian tribes and such facts shall have been certified to the President by the Philippine Commission, the President upon being satisfied thereof shall...
Halaman 11 - That two years after the completion and publication of the census, in case such condition of general and complete peace with recognition of the authority of the United States shall have continued in the territory of said Islands not inhabited by Moros or other nonChristian tribes...
Halaman 49 - Spain cedes to the United States the island of Porto Rico and other islands now under Spanish sovereignty in the. West Indies, and the island of Guam in the Marianas or Ladrones. ARTICLE III. Spain cedes to the United States the archipelago known as the Philippine Islands...
Halaman 11 - Commission to call, and the Commission shall call, a general election for the choice of delegates to a popular assembly of the people of said territory in the Philippine Islands, which shall be known as the Philippine Assembly.
Halaman 49 - ... north to its intersection with the one hundred and sixteenth (116th) degree meridian of longitude east of Greenwich, thence by a direct line to the intersection of the tenth (10th) degree parallel of north latitude with the one hundred and eighteenth (118th) degree meridian of longitude east of Greenwich, and thence along the one hundred and eighteenth (118th) degree meridian of longitude east of Greenwich to the point of beginning.
Halaman 575 - Act, shall, without justifiable cause, neglect or refuse to perform the duties enjoined on him by this Act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor...
Halaman 375 - All ports and places in Cuba which may be in the actual possession of our land and naval forces will be opened to the commerce of all neutral nations, as well as our own, in articles not contraband of war, upon payment of the prescribed rates of duty which may be in force at the time of the importation.
Halaman 492 - Politeness is to do and say The kindest thing in the kindest way; and by this definition the population of these Islands ranks high among the peoples of the earth.
Halaman 574 - And in case no person shall be found at the usual place of abode of such family, or individual living out of a family...

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