Dublin Hospital Gazette, Volume 3

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Halaman 230 - ... 2. Send with all speed for medical aid, and for articles of clothing, blankets, &c. 3. Place the patient gently on the face, with one arm under the forehead, so that any fluids may flow from the throat and mouth; and, without loss of time, — I.
Halaman 30 - ... tetanoid rigidity. And this phenomenon, alternating with perfect relaxation, was repeated again and again. As the nerve and muscles of the frog's leg, properly prepared, have been very aptly designated as galvanoscopic, so the whole frog, properly employed, becomes strychnoscopic. In cases of suspected poison from strychnia, the contents of the stomach and intestines, and the contents of the heart, blood-vessels...
Halaman 30 - ... about the thirty-third part of a grain. In a few minutes, the frog became violently tetanic, and though taken out and washed, died in the course of the night. " I thus detected, in the most indubitable manner, one thirty-third part of a grain of the acetate of strychnia. It appeared to me that, had more time been given to the experiment, a much minuter quantity would be detectible.
Halaman 135 - Nature, had not placed so many valves without design ; and no design seemed more probable than that since the blood could not well, because of the interposing valves, be sent by the veins to the limbs, it should be sent through the arteries and return through the veins whose valves did not oppose its course that way.
Halaman 336 - He gave two grains of calomel and a quarter of a grain of opium, thrice a-clay.
Halaman 310 - I could not bear the windows drawn up, and was therefore often obliged to travel on horseback. The leaves of my memorandum-book were often so tainted, that I could not use it till after spreading it an hour or two before the fire. And even my antidote, a vial of vinegar, has after using it in a few prisons, become intolerably disagreeable. I did not wonder that in those journeys many gaolers made excuses and did not go with me into the felons wards.
Halaman 65 - ... it is paralysis of the placental portion of the uterus, occurring at the same time that the surrounding parts go through the ordinary processes of reduction. It induces a very peculiar appearance. The part which gave attachment to the placenta is forced into the cavity of the uterus by the contraction of the surrounding tissue, so as to project in the shape of a conical tumour, and a slight indentation is noticed at the corresponding point of the external uterine surface.
Halaman 30 - The detection of strychnia as a poison is, at this moment, of deep public interest When the chemical test fails, there remains, I think, another — the physiological. Having long studied the effects of strychnia on the animal economy, (I have sent two papers on this subject to the Institute of...
Halaman 135 - I remember that when I asked our famous Harvey, in the only discourse I had with him, (which was but a little while before he died) what were the things which induced him to think of a circulation of the blood?
Halaman 326 - For loyalty is still the same Whether it win or lose the game ; True as the dial to the sun, Although it be not shin'd upon.

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