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Copy of card used by physician who examines inmates of houses of prostitution.

[blocks in formation]

This is to certify that I have examined this day, M......

and found


from infectious and contagious diseases.

...M. D.



Copy of actual letter from man whom we will call “C," agent, whom we will call "A" to continue transaction with procurer, whom we will call "B" for the purchase of women.



October 17, 1910. Mr. "A"..

Gen Del., Chicago. Dear ...

I am busy on a deal here and probably will have to stay here for a cupple weeks yet. I wish you would see that friend of yours, the one that you spoke about to me and get from him how much it will cost to get what I want over there, send me the prices, etc., and if I cannot do

any better here I will ask you to handle the deal you know what I want and if as you say your friend has been in business all over the country he also will know what to look for. If I can get them in Chicago it will save me a cupple of hundred in fares alone. Do that as soon as you can as I don't want to waste to much time in going back to Shanghai. Write as soon as you can.

Your friend,



Copy of a telegram supposed to have been received from “C” in New York to “A” in Chicago, instructing him to get women through "B" for his house in China.


Station., 9 gy h i8 paid,

New York. "


Chicago. You know what I want. See your friend, get prices and number I can get. Will forward money to the ..... Company of Illinois.



Copy of letter sent to Hotel

New York, to "C" who wanted to secure women for his house in Shanghai.


Mr. "C"

New York City.
Dear Sir:

I have spoken to my friend, he believes he can get you two, maybe more. The price will be for expenses, spending money, etc. $50.00 for each. Send what you want according to how many you want I certainly will not spend more than will be necessary. Answer at once.

Yours truly,



Copy of letter from New York from "C" giving Instructions to A” about the payment of money to “B” for three women.



NEW YORK. Mr. "A,"

Gen. Del., Chicago. Dear Sir:

Have received your letter, go ahead and let your friend get the two you write about and let me know as soon as possible how many more he can get. I have sent $150.00 to your account to the

.Co., that will be enough at present, when you need more telegraph.

Answer as soon as possible and keep me posted as to progress as I am anxious to return to China as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

“CP. S.—Tell your friend that if he will do his best and get me what I want, I will not only pay him, but will make him a nifty present as well.



A Bill for an Act Entitled An Act to Prevent the Transmission of Venereal Diseases.

Mouse Bill 357. Introduced by Hon. R. K. Bedgood.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana,

That it shall be unlawful for County Clerks to issue a license to marry to any male who fails to present a medical certificate showing him to be free from all venereal diseases; said certificate to be sworn to by a licensed physician and to be filed with the usual application for license to marry.

SECTION 2. The certificate required in Section 1, shall read as follows, to-wit: I, ..

M. D., being a licensed physician in the State of Indiana, do hereby certify that I have carefully and thoroughly examined

having applied the recognized clinical and laboratory tests of scientific medicine and find him to be free from all symptoms and taint of any venereal disease.

(Here follows affidavit of examining physician.)

SECTION 3. If persons resident of this State, with intent to evade the provisions of this act, go into another State and there have their marriage solemnized with the intention of afterward returning and residing in this State, and do so return and reside in this State, such marriage shall be null and void and such parties, upon returning to this State, shall be subject to all the penalties provided for in this act,

SECTION 4. Violation of this act shall be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars.

SECTION 5. All acts or parts of acts in conflict with this act are repealed.

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