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7. The mass of prostitutes in this and other countries belong to the defectives.

8. The sexual perverts also belong to the defectives.

9. Much of the moral responsibility for the prevalence of libertinism in America rests upon the physician.

10. The ravages of venereal diseases are past comprehension. Among the results mentioned are:

(a) Criminals.
(b) Blindness.
(c) Sterility.
(d) Abortion.
(e) Abdominal operations.
(f) Uterine and ovarian disease.
(g) Death at an early age.

11. Army statistics show that there are more cases of venereal diseases among the soldiers in the United States army where there is no legal control, than among soldiers in foreign countries where control is exercised.

12. It is estimated there were over 30,000 public prostitutes in New York City (1897).

(a) Rates of mortality among children of these prostitutes is greater than ordinary ratio among children.

(b) Average duration of prostitute's life, four years.1

(c) Nearly one-half of the prostitutes in New York City are or have been luetics.

(d) Destitution or poverty is said to be the greatest cause of prostitution, inclination next.

13. Administrative measures have reduced the amount of venereal diseases among European troops in India.

14. Infection from gonorrhoea and syphilis can be prevented in a great number of cases.

15. Preventive measures are now being introduced among the soldiers in the United States army.

16. The modern program for the reduction of venereal diseases should command the support of the majority of medical men.

1 This estimate is too low. It is now thought to be from five to ten years.

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(a) This program of action is to reduce the physical evils of prostitution.

17. The examination of infected persons by the Department of Health should include:

(a) Physical (b) Laboratory. (c) Gonorrhoea, by microscope. (d) Syphilis, by microscope and Wassermann blood test. (e) Quarantine in hospitals. (1) In homes when under age. (f) Notification of venereal diseases to Department of Health.

(g) Names of all infected persons supplied to Department of Health.

Attention is called to the recommendations of the Commission, page 55.


Text of Revised Statutes of Illinois and Ordinances

of the City of Chicago.


DISORDERLY HOUSE-HOUSE OF ILL-FAME. Hurd's Revised Statutes of Illinois (1909), Chapter 38, Section 57.

SECTION 57. Whoever keeps, or maintains a house of ill-fame or place for the practice of prostitution or lewdness, or whoever patronizes the same, or lets any house, room or other premises for any such purpose, or shall keep a common, ill-governed and disorderly house, to the encouragement of idleness, gaming, drinking, fornication or other misbehavior, shall be fined not exceeding $200. When the lessee or keeper of a dwelling house or other building is convicted under this section, the lease or contract for letting the premises shall

, at the option of the lessor, become void, and the lessor may have the like remedy to recover the possession as against a tenant holding over after the expiration of his term. And whoever shall lease to another any house, room or other premises, in whole or in part, for any of the uses or purposes finable under this section, or knowingly permits the same to be so used or occupied, shall be fined not ex ceeding $200, and the house or premises so leased, occupied or used shall be held liable for and may be sold for any judgment obtained under this section, but if such building or premises belongs to a minor or other person under guardianship, then the guardian or conservator and his property shall be liable instead of such ward, and his property shall be subject to be sold for the payment of said judgment. (R. S. 1845, p. 174, sec. 127.)


HOUSE OF. ILL-FAME OR ASSIGNATION. Revised Municipal Code (1905), Sections 1456, 1458, 1458A, 1460.

SECTION 1456. No person shall keep or maintain a house of illfame or assignation, or place for the practice of fornication or prostitution or lewdness, under a penalty of not to exceed two hundred dollars for every twenty-four hours such house or place shall be kept or maintained for such purpose.

SECTION 1458. Every house of ill-fame or house of assignation where men and women resort for the


of fornication or prostitution is hereby declared to be a nuisance.

SECTION 1458A. Any person leasing to another any house, room or other premises in whole or in part for any of the uses or purposes set forth in Section 1456 of the Revised Municipal Code of Chicago of 1905, or knowingly permitting the same to be used or occupied for such purpose, shall be fined not exceeding $200. (Passed Feb. 7th, 1910, Council Proceedings, p. 3111.)

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