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TEONARD OVIDE HÉTU, notary cal course and began to study law un| public, Montreal, Que., was born der the late F. X. Lafond, notary, of

V in Lavaltrie, Berthier county, Berthier, and later on, under the late Que., August 16th, 1834. His father, T. Doucet, of Montreal. After followJoseph Hétu, died in 1892, at the ad- ing a regular course of law in St. vanced age of 88 years. Mr. Hétu was Mary's College, Montreal, he obtained educated at L'Assomption, district of his diploma and was admitted to the Joliette, and after terminating the regu- notarial profession in October, 1859, lar course of study in 1853, entered on after which he opened an office in a three years' theological course, first Montreal, where he has since remained. in the Seminary of St. Sulpice, Mont. In 1874, he entered into partnership real, and later in L'Assomption Col- with L. N. Dumouchel, and continued lege, where he became professor and with him until 1888, when the firm had the honor of having the Hon. Wil- was dissolved, Mr. Hétu forming a frid Laurier for one of his pupils. In partnership with his son, an amateur 1856, Mr. Hétu abandoned his theologi- musician, and a young man of high cul

ture and standing. He is a member of the Board of Notaries for the Province of Quebec since 1885, justice of the peace, commissioner for the erection of civil parishes in the archdiocese of Montreal, and president of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, of Montreal. Mr. Hétu is administrator of very large and important estates, and the notary of several public institutions and corporations, notably the Roman Catholic Archepiscopal Corporation of Montreal, the Rev. Jesuit Fathers, the Sisters of Providence and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. Although a sincere Conservative, he never took an active interest in politics. He is, in religion, a Roman Catholic, and a man of sterling integrity. Mr. Hétu was married May 7th, 1861, to Marie Louise Euphrosine Martin, eldest daughter of the late Simon Martin, of Montreal.


TENRY ABBOTT, B.C.L., O.C., Commercial Law in McGill University 1 advocate, Montreal, Que., was in 1890, and has often appeared before


lo born there October 5th, 1857. the Supreme Court of Canada, and He is a son of Sir John Caldwell the Privy Council in England. He Abbott, and Mary M. Bethune, daughter has also taken an interest in military of the late Rev. John Bethune, Dean of matters, having served in the Victoria Montreal. Mr. Abbott was educated Rifles from 1878 to 1884; was 2nd at the High School and St. John's lieutenant in 1880, ist lieutenant in School, Montreal, Bishop College 1881, captain in 1883; he left the School, Lennoxville, Que., and Trinity regiment in 1884, but rejoined as College School, Port Hope, Ont. He 2nd. lieutenant on the outbreak of obtained his B.C.L., at McGill Univer- the Riel rebellion, 1885. In religion sity, March 30th, 1878, was admitted Mr. Abbott is an Episcopalian. In to the Bar, January 11th, 1879, and politics a Conservative. He was marmade Q.C., February 18th, 1887. Mr. ried May 17th, 1882, to Jane Ratcliffe Abbott was appointed professor of Liddell, who died in 1883.


ILLIAM ROAF CLIMIE, Sun. From 1876 to 1890 he was sec

editor and proprietor of the retary-treasurer of the Canadian Press Bowmanville Sun, was born in Simcoe Association. He is, in religion, a Concounty, January 28th, 1839, and has re- gregationalist; for thirty years leader sided in Bowmanville forty-eight years. of the choir; trustee of church property His father was the late Rev. John and senior member of the board of Climie, Congregational minister, a deacons. He is a life-long teetotaller pioneer in the Temperance movement and thorough prohibitionist. In poliand an advocate of the separation of tics he is an active Reformer and secchurch and state. Mr. Climie was edu- retary of the West Durham Reform cated at the public schools, and when Association for thirty years. He is the fifteen years of age, entered the print- only surviving member of the deputaing business. In 1860 he became pro- tion who induced the Hon. Edward prietor of the Canadian Statesman, Blake to enter public life. Mr. Climie which he published until 1878. In was married March ist, 1864, to Miss 1884, he established the Bowmanville Elizabeth Sanderson of Colborne, Ont. HARLES CUSHING, B. C. L., tured with Gibb & Hunter, the oldest N.P., Montreal, Que., was born English notarial house in Montreal,

at Cushing, in the county of entered the firm in 1871, and succeedArgenteuil, Quebec, in 1848. His ing to the business, associated with father, Lemuel Cushing, merchant and himself Robert A. Dunton, B. C. L., warden of the county, armed a company N.P. The Cushing family has always of volunteers for the defence of the occupied an honorable position, and British Flag during the Canadian Re- probably no other has, in the United bellion of 1837. Mr. Cushing was edu- States, furnished more judges for their cated at the Montreal High School, probate, municipal and supreme courts. from which he graduated as an Asso- Chief Justice William Cushing of the ciate in Arts, and entered the Law Supreme Court, an ancestor, adminCourse of McGill University, taking the istered the oath of office to the first degree of B.C.L. in 1869, and gradu- president of the United States, George ating from the Military School the Washington. Mr. Cushing is a white same year. He subsequently inden- seal Chautauqua graduate of 1892, a

director and life member of the Montreal Y.M.C.A., representing the province of Quebec on the International Committee, an ex-vicepresident of the International United Society of Christian Endeavor, and a life member of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association. He is a prominent Congregationalist, a deacon and trustee of Calvary Church, a life trustee of the Point St. Charles Church and superintendent of its Sunday school, a director of the Congregational College of Canada, and vice-president of the Montreal Congregational Club. In politics he is a Liberal. He is a justice of the peace and issuer of marriage licenses. He is also the author of Cushing's Notarial Form Book and Historical Outline. Mr.Cushing was married, June 28th, 1883 to Lily M., daughter of Robertson Macaulay, president of the Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada.


ILLIAM RENWICK RID- a life fellow of the Botanical Society,

DELL, B.A., B.Sc., LL.B., bar- Edinburgh, Scotland, and fond of scienrister, Cobourg, Ontario, was born in tific research. In religion he attends Hamilton Township, county of North- the Presbyterian Church. In politics umberland, on April 6th, 1852. He is he is a thorough Liberal, and has been a son of Walter Riddell, a descendant president of the Reform Association of of the Scottish Riddell family. Our West Northumberland for several years. subject began his education at the Co- He was chairman of the Cobourg Colbourg Grammar School, from which he legiate Institute Board for 1890-91-92, passed into Victoria University, and and was elected a Bencher of the Law graduated B.A. in 1874, taking mathe- Society in 1891, being the youngest matics and science as a specialty. He Bencher ever elected. Mr. Riddell was took the degree of B.Sc. two years later married, in 1884, to Miss Anna Hester and LL.B. in 1878. Mr. Riddell's first K. Crossen, daughter of the late James position was that of professor of mathe- Crossen, Esq., the well known manumatics in the Normal School in Ottawa. facturer of Cobourg, Ont. He filled this appointment for three years, when he began to study law in Ottawa, and continued his course at Belleville and Toronto. He was called to the Bar in February, 1883, bringing with him the Law Society's gold medal, standing first in all examinations, both as barrister and solicitor. He then began to practice in Cobourg where he now lives and conducts a large civil, criminal and counsel practice. Mr. Riddell has conducted important prosecutions for the Crown, amongst others the celebrated Davis murder case. He is the president and also a shareholder of the well known Crossen Car Manufacturing Company, (Limited), which he, with others, organized on the death of the late proprietor, James Crossen. He was elected to the Senate of Victoria University in the faculty of Arts by his fellow graduates in 1888 and reelected in 1891. He is also

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