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FRANCIS RAE, M.D., physician popularity with his fellow craftsmen and

and surgeon, Oshawa, Ont., was his standing in the community. His

born at Fredericton, N.B., July medical practice of nearly thirty years 8th, 1833. His parents were James has given him an influence with the and Jane (Johnston) Rae, who came public and that respect throughout the from Scotland about the year 1829, and country which can only be secured by shortly after settled in Ontario county. long and favorable contact. He is also Dr. Rae received the rudiments of his coroner for the county of Ontario, and education at the public school in York surgeon of the 34th Battallion of Volcounty, and subsequently attended tlie unteer Militia. In religion he is a Normal school at Toronto, after which Presbyterian; in politics an active Rehe taught school in Ontario for ten former. He was married October 5th, years. During this time he began the 1865, to Miss Elizabeth Jane Currie, study of medicine, and in the fall of daughter of the late Andrew Currie, 1863 entered upon a course of lectures Esq., a prosperous hardware merchant at the Toronto School of Medicine, and of Chatham, Ont. took the degree of M.B. in 1865, and at once began the practice of his profession in the town of Oshawa where he still resides. He took his M.D. in 1866. Dr. Rae has been examiner in medicine for the University of Toronto for 1875-76 and 1891-92. He was appointed by the government a member of the Provincial Board of Health in 1882, and was chairman of the board for three years. He is a member of the A.F. & A.M., I.O. O.F., I.O.F., A.O.U.W., K. of P., and S. of S. Societies. He was W.M. in the A.F. & A.M. for three years, and on retiring was presented with a beautiful silver service. He is P.G.P. and P. G.R. of the I.O.O.F. with which order he is deservedly popular. Dr. Rae takes an active interest in municipal affairs; was reeve of Oshawa from 1876 to 1880, and mayor from 1880 to 1886.

The holding of these high offices speaks volumes for his


HE LATE REVEREND DAVID building suitable for Sunday school

MARSH, president of the Jeffrey and other purposes was erected. From Hale Hospital, and for forty years pas- the origin of the Jeffrey Hale Hospital, tor of the Baptist Church, Quebec, Que., Mr. Marsh was one of its governors, was born in Accrington, Lancashire, and was also its president until two England, December 19th, 1805. Mr. years before his death, on February 7th, Marsh prepared for the ministry at 1888. When Lord Elgin was GoverHorton College, Bradford, England, nor-General of Canada, he selected Mr. and subsequently held three pastorates Marsh as tutor of his daughter, Lady before leaving the Old land. In 1835, Elma Bruce, which position he held by invitation of a few Baptists at Que- while she remained in the country. Of bec, he became their pastor and organ- him a prominent literary lady of Queized a church during his first year, with bec writes: “As he has always united a no more than fifteen or sixteen mem- humility very touching and lovely with bers. In 1852, he built the church the soundest and most profound of which they now occupy, and in 1877, a teachings, his life has been most active

and saintly, and the reverence for him has been so great that many people in sick and dying hours, who never belonged to his church, sent for him to minister to them.” Had Mr. Marsh remained in England, he doubtless would have risen to the first rank among divines. He refused calls to different parts of Canada, with a higher salary, caring only for the welfare of those whom he believed needed him. The different members of his family are occupying positions of honor and trust throughout the Dominion and the United States; of these may be mentioned W. A. Marsh, one of the leading boot and shoe manufacturers of Quebec. It is estimated that he manufactures more boots and shoes than any other firm in the Province. He has been in business for twenty years and now employs between 350 and 400 hands.


EVEREND JAMES WESLEY wards filled the appointments of Dar

WILKINSON, Methodist min- lington, Pickering, Aurora, Markham

loister, Sutton West, Ont., and Goodwood. He was ordained in was born in the village of Markham, Toronto in June 1884, and assigned to Ontario, September 25th, 1857. His his present charge in June 1890. At parents were Miles and Sarah E. Goodwood he accomplished a grand (Allison) Wilkinson. The former was work and was also instrumental in erecta native of Yorkshire, England, who ing a beautiful parsonage. He is a came to this country in 1834. He be- man of great energy and has held imgan his education at the George street portant appointments in connection public school, Toronto, from which he with the work of the denomination. He passed to the Collegiate Institute, Co- is an excellent singer, which greatly bourg, and subsequently attended Vic- adds to his success. Mr. Wilkinson toria University. Mr. Wilkinson's first was married December 3rd, 1884, to appointment was Kirkville, where he Miss Arvilla A. Richardson, of Whithad a successful pastorate. He after- church township, York county, Ont.


COMER GOUIN, advocate, Montreal, quently appeared for the Grand Trunk 1 Que., was born in Grondines, Railway Company, the Montreal and

o Que., March 19th, 1862. He Champlain Junction Railway Co. and received his general education at Sorel the Beauharnois Railway Co., and has and Lévis, and studied law under Sir never failed to acquit himself with disJ.J. C. Abbott and Hon. R. Laflamme. tinction. He has published a special He was admitted to the bar in January, edition of the Quebec Municipal Code 1884. He subsequently became part with annotations, and is now writing a ner with Judge Pagmuelo, Hon. L. O. book on commercial societies and joint Taillon, Hon. J. E. Robidoux, R. Pré- stock companies. Mr. Gouin is, in fontaine, E. N. St. Jean, and is now religion, a Roman Catholic, and in pol(1892) a partner of Hon. H. Mercier itics a Liberal. He was a candidate and Rodolphe Lemieux, Esq. Mr. for Richelieu in 1891, but was defeated Gouin has quickly gained the front in by Sir Hector Langevin. He is marlegal circles, and is well known for his ried to Eliza, daughter of ex-premier ability as an advocate. He has fre- Hon. Honoré Mercier.

(1892) à parin. St. Jeancoux, R. Pré


FIŽET, advocate, Vo Quebec, Que., was born in that city, October 3rd, 1825. He is the son of the late Hon. Louis Fizet and Mary Powers. The former is descended from an old French family who left Normandy in 1656 and settled in Canada, and the latter is a daughter of an officer in the Royal Navy. Mr. Fizet received his education at the private school of the celebrated Dr. Wilkie, and subsequently at the Seminary of Quebec, where he had afterwards for professors, among others, the Rev. Alex. Taschereau, now His Eminence Cardinal Taschereau, the Rev. Jean Langevin, late His Grace the Bishop of Rimouski, and the Rev. M. Bouchy, a distinguished French Professor of rhetoric. At the latter institute he exhibited more than ordinary aptitude and taste for literature, for which he has since become widely known. He has travelled extensively has written some of the most graceful in the Old land, and is well acquainted poems and lyrics published in this with the chief cities of Europe. He country. In 1867 he obtained the silver studied law under the Hon. Ed. Bac- medal at the poetical competition open quet, who was later one of the Justices to all comers, by the Laval University of the Superior Court, and the Hon. on “The Discovery of America.” In Chas. Alleyn, Q.C. Was admitted to 1873 he was prepared to publish an the bar on November 24th, 1848. One edition of his poems and lyrics, most year later he began to take an interest of which were unpublished, when his in politics, and the following year he manuscripts were burned, which was a was offered by the administration of great loss to the public, as his profesSir George Cartier, the office of joint sional duties will not permit him to reProthonotary of the Superior Court, produce them. He is a favorite in sowhich he 'accepted and still retains ciety, and the citizens of Quebec con(1892). Mr. Fizet is alluded to as the gratulate themselves on having such well-known French Canadian poet, and a poet and scholar in their midst.

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