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( B. FARIBAULT, M.D., physi- to Canada in December 1891. He was

1. cian and surgeon, Montreal, appointed consulting surgeon of HôQue., was born at L'Assomption, Que. tel-Dieu in January, 1892. He is also He is a son of C. T. Faribault, a well examining physician for the Mutual, known doctor in L'Assomption. The New York and Phænix Insurance doctor began his education in the College Companies, and is a member of and of L'Assomption, then studied philoso- physician to the A.O.U.W., I.O.F., phy and practical science in Laval Uni- and C.O.F. In addition to his large versity, Quebec, and received his B. A. surgical practice, the various other imdegree from the latter institution. He portant interests represented by him, studied medicine in Victoria College, are evidences of the way in which his received his M.D., in 1888, and was then valuable time is employed. In religion, appointed house surgeon of Hôtel-Dieu the doctor is a member of the Roman Hospital for two years. He subse- Catholic Church, and in politics, a quently studied surgery in Paris, Ber- Liberal. He was married, May 30th, lin, London and Vienna, and returned 1892, to Miss Alice Beaupré.

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EV. FATHER ALPHONSE and built a church. He then labored

CHAINE, parish priest, Arn- acceptably for eighteen months, at

lo prior, Ont., was born Feb. Curran, (in Plantagenet township) and 9th, 1836, at Rousset, in the South East was appointed to his present charge, of France. He received his classical June 5th, 1875. He has been very suceducation at Embrun, France, and sub- cessful in his work and is popular with sequently studied theology at Gap, in all classes of people, and has built the that country. After taking a three present beautiful presbytery, since years' course in St. Joseph's College, moving to Arnprior. When he first Ottawa, he was ordained in St. Joseph's went there, the Separate School had but Church in that city, June 17th, 1860, one teacher, now it has four, and they by Bishop Guigues. He was then are about to build a convent. The full curate for two months at Gloucester, attendance at the Separate School is (near Ottawa, Ont.,) and afterwards about 275. In politics, Father Chaine appointed parish priest at Orleans, Ont., is Conservative, and is doing good where he remained for thirteen years, work for his Church in a quiet way.

cured a first-class teacher's certificate, and then taught school for about six years. During three months of that time, he served as a volunteer in the first Western Battalion, Stratford Rifles, under Lieut.-Col. Reeve, in preserving peace on the border, about the close of the Civii War, in the United States in 1865. He graduated M.D. with honors, from Victoria College, Cobourg, in 1872, winning the silver medal. He then practiced his profession at Stratford, Ont., but subsequently removed to Haysville, Ont., where he remained seven years, and then went to Bayfield. Here he was a church warden, a member and secretary-treasurer of the School Board and Medical Health officer. He sold out his practice in Bayfield, and removed to Hamburg in 1890. Dr. Nichol is a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of On

tario, physician to the I.O.F. NGUS NICHOL, M.D., Ham- and the Maccabees, is financial secre

burg, Ont., was born April 15th, tary of the I.O.F. and health officer for

O 1844, near Pictou, N.S. When Hamburg, and is a director of the three months old, he was removed with Mechanics' Institute, and of the Wilhis parents to Perth county, Ont. His mot Agricultural Society. He is a parents were William and John (Mac- member of the Church of England, and donald) Nichol, both Highland Scotch. takes a prominent part in church matHis grandfather was in the 93rd High- rs. He is also the examiner for sevlanders in the years 1801-1808, during eral insurance companies. In politics, the Irish Rebellion, and was one of the he is a Conservative, but with independoriginal members of that company (hav- ent leanings. He was married, Deceming served three years in the Reay Fen- ber 19th, 1878, to Miss Ruth S., daughcibles previously). His father came to ter of W. R. Plum, J. P., by whom he this country with his parents in 1815, has one daughter. Dr. Nichol does a settling at Pictou, N.S. Dr. Nichol good deal of literary work, and is noted attended the public school until he pro- as a poet, and is also quite a naturalist. HE LATE ROBERT 1 BALDWIN, gentleman, Toronto, was born in that city, April 17th, 1834, and died there, December 9th, 1885. He was the son of the late well known Hon. Robert Baldwin, and was educated at Upper Canada College. When fifteen years of age, he had a strong desire to follow sea faring life, in which he finally engaged and remained in connection with the merchant service for several years. For many years subsequent to this, he was not actively engaged in any business, until the year 1874, he became secretary of the upper Canada Bible Society, and won the esteem of a large number of friends. Mr. Baldwin was very much interested in everything which contributed to the morality and improvement of the community in which he lived, and did grand work in many ways for the calise of humanity. He was a devoted and influential member of the Anglican lical Alliance, can never forget the deep Church, and continued secretary of the interest he took in their welfare. PoliBible Society for some years. He was tically, he was a Liberal, but took no one of the founders, and first president active part in political matters. He of the Y.M.C.A., and in the early years was twice married ; first, in 1859, to of its history in Toronto, devoted con- Miss McDougall, and in 1877, to Miss siderable time and energy to its pro- Walker. He had ten children. His gress, and rendered very efficient ser- eldest son, Rev. Jas. McQueen Baldwin, vice to the work carried on by that is a missionary to Japan, having been institution. His noble Christian influ- sent there by Wycliffe College; his seence was a powerful stimulus to others cond son, Robert Baldwin is a well to render help in this good cause, and known barrister in Toronto; his third much is due to his efforts for the good son, William Warren Baldwin, is a work that has been accomplished by homeopathic physician in Toronto; and that institution. Wycliffe College, his eldest daughter, was married to Evangelical Churchman and Evange- Rev. Dyson Hague, Halifax, N.S.


been of so much benefit to the community, and conducted with such signal success, was established by him during his first year there. The success of this institution was so marked, that after having had six years practical experience in its management, he determined to open a branch hospital at Sudbury, which he did in 1892, with Dr. J. G. McKee, as resident surgeon. The system of the Huntsville and Sudbury hospitals, in selling certificates of admission to persons in good health for a small sum, has proved a merciful provision to laboring men and those without homes, as otherwise they might be thrown into an almshouse, if not supported by public or private charity. On payment of $5.00, this certificate, which is not transferable, entitles the holder in case of sickness or accident, contagious diseases excepted, to nur

sing, board, medical and TACOB W. HART, M.D., pro- surgical attendance in either the

prietor and medical superin- Huntsville or Sudbury hospitals, at a tendent of the Huntsville and any time during one year from date of Sudbury hospitals, Huntsville, Ont., such certificate. Dr. Hart is to be conwas born in East Durham, March 12th, gratulated on his success, and is desery1858. His early education was obtained ing of every encouragement. The Dr. at the Durham county public schools, is a Methodist in religion, and a Reand continued at Omemee and Port former in politics. He is a member Hope High schools. After teaching of several societies, amongst others of five years, he attended Trinity Medical the A.F. and A.M., I.O.O.F., C.O.O.F. College, Toronto, and graduating in and I.O.F. societies, and was elected 1886, at once began practice in Hunts- reeve of Huntsville, for 1891 and 1892, ville. Dr. Hart was a bright student, by acclamation. He was married, and his success in his student days December 14th, 1892, to Martha P. gave promise of success in future life. Hood, a graduate from one of the The hospital at Huntsville, which has American training schools for nurses.

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