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I H. A MÉDÉE BOUCHARD, age, he entered the Seminary of Ste. • LL.B., notary public, Montreal, Thérèse, where he studied classics with

Que., was born in Napierville, brilliant success. He studied philoIberville district, Quebec, November, sophy at the Seminary of Montreal, and 4th, 1865. His father the late E. Bou- as he was destined to be a notary, took chard, a man of sterling integrity and a course of law at Laval University, excellent judgment, was notary and meanwhile following the practical study registrar of Napierville for over forty of his profession in the office of Aryears. His brother the late J. E. Z. chambault & Leclerc. After passing a Bouchard, an eminent legal man and splendid examination in October 1890, French translator, was a gifted writer he was admitted as notary, and has and a poet of great strength and beauty. since then practiced on his own account. Mr. Bouchard pursued his elementary It is expected that his ability will be studies at the Napierville Academy, largely increased with maturing years. where his success marked him for Mr. Bouchard is a Roman Catholic, higher studies. When twelve years of and in politics a Liberal.

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plished with much credit to
his industry and persever-
ance. He thus surmounted
great obstacles and gave
himself a good useful edu-
cation. For fifteen years
he was the successful man-
ager of a large farm. In
1872, he engaged in buying
grain for the late Chester
Draper, and on the death of
that gentleman in 1876, Mr.
Long succeeded him in the
business and has proven
himself to be an unqualified
success. He has now ex-
tensive connections abroad
and ships from Whitby to
foreign ports. Grain and
produce men are most im-
portant factors in any com-
munity, but owing to the
fickle nature of the markets,
very few of them retire with
a competency. Mr. Long
appears to possess those
commercial qualities which
bid fair to make him an ex-
ception to the general rule.
He is active in municipal
affairs, was a member of the

Whitby council for three JEREMIAH LONG, wholesale years; deputy-reeve in 1878, re-elected

grain merchant, Whitby, Ont., in 1879; reeve in 1881-2, and mayor in

was born in Pickering town- 1886. The latter office he held for ship, Ontario county, September 6th, three years with much satisfaction to 1839. His parents were James and the citizens of Whitby. In religion he Johannah (Ryan) Long, who came from is a Roman Catholic. In politics he the county of Cork, Ireland, in 1831, has always been a Conservative, but and settled in the above township. Mr. has decided to identify himself with the Long acquired his education under Equal Rights movement, to which he great difficulties. He was not per- gave valuable assistance during the mitted to attend public school for more campaign of 1890. Mr. Long believes thau eleven months, when he was ob- in sending men to parliament who will liged to engage in farm work, in order act in the interest of the people, irto maintain himself, aid his parents and respective of party. He was married secure the means of attending a night in 1878 to Miss M. McBrady, of Pickerschool in winter, all of which he accom- ing, Ontario.



ROY, notary, Lévis,

Que., was born in that place, December 7th, 1858. He is a son of Léon Roy and Marguerite LaVoye. The original family, whose name was LeRoy, came from Saint Rémi of Dieppe to Canada in 1663, and settled near Quebec. They subsequently became possessors of the seigniories of Beaumont, Vincennes and Monta peine. Mr. Roy was educated in the College of Lévis and at the Seminary of Quebec, but studied science and law in Laval University, where he took the degrees of L. B. and LL.B. Was admitted to the profession of notary in May 1880, and has since remained in Lévis, where he succeeded to his father's office, and continues to do a large practice. From 1879 to 1886 he was the chief editor of Le Quotidien, a daily paper published in Lévis. In 1883 and again in 1886, he contested the county of Lévis for the Dame des Anges," 1890. He has also Legislative Assembly of Quebec, but written a great number of historical was defeated both times. After this he sketches in Le Journal de Québec, Le decided to follow literature and history, Courrier du Canada, La Presse, &c., &c. which were more to his taste. In 1887 Mr. Roy is the possessor of one of the the Royal Society of Canada granted finest collections of books and manuhim a diploma for his works. In 1891 scripts on Canadian history, on the he was elected a member of that society. American continent. He is a member Mr. Roy is the author of several books, of the Notarial Board for the Province prominent among them are “ Guillaume of Quebec, and secretary of the law Couture, first inhabitant of Lévis,” pub- commission of said board. He was lished in 1884; “Monseigneur Deziel,” married in 1885 to Lucienne Carrier, a 1885; “L'Ordre de Malte en Amérique," descendant of an old French family 1888; “Voyage au Pays de Tadoussac," established in Lévis since 1666. A 1889, translated into English in 1891; Liberal Conservative in politics and in “La Justice Seigneuriale de Notre religion he is a Roman Catholic.


ILLIAM HAMILTON, mayor honors. He has been in the Uxbridge

of Uxbridge, Ont., was born council for three years, reeve for one at that place November 2nd, 1856. year, and in 1892 was elected mayor by He is the son of John and Nancy (Bas- acclamation. He is in religion a Prescom) Hamilton. He received his edu- byterian, and secretary of the board of cation at the public and high schools management of that Church. He is of Uxbridge. After leaving school he also a member of the “Home Circle”. served an apprenticeship in his father's society. In politics he is an active general store, where he soon became Conservative, with unbounded faith in thoroughly conversant with business his country, and believes in Canadian and popular with the general public. independence, with a defensive alliance In 1878, at the early age of twenty-two with Great Britain. Mr. Hamilton was years, he was appointed postmaster of married September ist, 1880, to Miss Uxbridge, and has continued to fill that Abbie Parrish, daughter of Samuel position most acceptably. Mr. Hamil- Parrish, grain merchant, Uxbridge, ton has had a good share of municipal Ontario.


OHN HELDER ISAACSON, lieutenant, and subsequently as captain

notary public, Montreal, Que., of the Montreal Rifles. He was also

was born in the village of Great major and lieutenant-colonel in the Chesterford, county Essex, England, Hochelaga Light Infantry, and has February 9th, 1820. His father, the since retired retaining rank. In religlate R. P. Isaacson, came to this coun- ion, he is an Episcopaliani, in politics, try in 1832, and settled in Montreal. an out-and-out Liberal. He is an offiMr. Isaacson was educated at the cial in high standing of the Masonic schools of Cavendish, county of Suffolk, fraternity in Montreal, being past masEngland, emigrated to Canada in 1837 ter of several lodges, and grand secreand has since resided in Montreal. tary of the Grand Lodge of Quebec, He was adınitted to the practice of law holding the latter office for nearly a in 1845, and has enjoyed an extensive quarter of a century, and has been the clientage for many years. He was a recipient of many tokens of esteem volunteer during the rebellion of 1837, from the local brethern and the frathe following year was gazetted as 2nd- ternity throughout the provinces,

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