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TOUIS GEORGE AUGUSTUS Hon. J. A. Chapleau, Lieut.-Governor I CRESSÉ, advocate, Montreal, of the Province of Quebec, and Joseph

5 Que., was born in Three Riv- Doutre, Q.C., now deceased. He began ers, Que., February 24th, 1860. He is the practice of law in partuership with the son of the late Augustus B. Cressé, his father, in Montreal, and to-day is a Q.C., of Three Rivers, who is the member of the firm of Cressé & Deseleventh generation of legal men in his carries. He is a member of the M.A.A.A. family; also belongs to one of the old and honorary president of the “TrapFrench families, and is the possessor peur" snow shoe club. He is also preof three seigneuries. Mr. Cressé began sident of the Notre-Dame section of the his education in the Seminary of Three St. Jean-Baptiste Society, and honorary Rivers, and won the gold medal at gra- president of several workingmen's soduation. He studied law at Laval cieties. He was elected alderman for the University and McGill College, gra- Centre Ward in 1892. He was married, duating from the former with honors. in 1882, to Miss St. Jean, daughter of He then studied law in Montreal, under a wealthy merchant of Montreal.


I OHN RICHARD HARRIS, cialty of friezes for the wholesale trade,

proprietor of the firm of Harris but manufactures a general line for his

& Co., woolen manufacturers, local customers. The factory buildings Rockwood, Ont., was born August 29th, were replaced by stone, in 1884, and 1837, at that place. His parents John the entire machinery is of the latest and Jane (Wetherald) Harris, were pattern. He is a member of the school amongst the first settlers of Eramosa board; and was for some years in the township. Mr. Harris was educated in township council. In politics a Rethe public schools and the Rockwood former, and in religion a Friend. He Academy. In 1867, he established a was married, October 21st, 1863, to woolen mill at Rockwood, in company Mariana, daughter of John and Mary with his brothers, Thomas and Joseph. Ann Treffry, by whom he has four sons. Joseph retired in January, 1874, and The eldest, Williamı, is identified with Thomas, in January, 1887. Since then, his father's business, and the other Mr. Harris has carried the business to three, Charles, Edwin and Richard, are its present proportions. He makes a spe- still pursuing their education,


Y LAY CRAIG,B.A., head master of the High School, Arn prior, Ont., was born December 18th, 1852, at Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a son of George and Ann (Clark) Craig, who with other members of the family removed to America, and settled in Arnprior, about the vear 1857, but the subject of this sketch remained in Scotland until 1873. Mr. Craig's father is a J. P. and for over twenty years either a member of the Arnprior Council or School Board. He is now president of the Arnprior branch of the South Renfrew Reform Association, and was once strongly urged to stand as the Reforın candidate for the Local House, in South Renfrew, but declined. Mr. Craig received his early education at the parish schvol of Kincardine, O'Neil, Scotland, and Ash Tree Academy, in Staffordshire, Eng. He entered Aberdeen, (Scotland) Grammar School. position for two years, he went to in 1866, and matriculated into the Aber- Kingston and took an honor course in deen University, in 1870. After work- Queen's University, graduating in tlie ing nearly two years in the North of Spring of 1888, and became head masScotland Bank, he came to Canada in ter of the Arnprior High School, in 1873, and after three years returned to July, 1891, which position he has filled Scotland and accepted a position as with marked ability, improving the accountant for the North of Scotland already high standard of that instituCanadian Mortgage Company, at Aber- tion. In religion, he is a Presbyterian, deen, where he remained until his and in politics, an Independent, with return to Canada, in 1878. In Sep- Reform tendencies. He is also a memtember, 1879, he became first assistant ber of the I.O.F. and S.O.S. Mr. Craig's master of the public school, Arnprior, superior education eminently fits him and at the end of four and a half years, for his position, and being at the best became first assistant master of the stage of his intellectual manhood, he High School. After occupying that will doubtless have an excellent career. his profession with a large measure of success. Mr. McDonell was one of the promoters and engineers of the Erie and Huron Railway. He has also been prominently connected withi the drainage of wet lauds on the Peninsula, and introduced a number of important changes in the Drainage Act of Ontario. He was the promoter of the gigantic scheme known as the “Forbes'Drain Scheme," in connection with the land now known as “Kent's Little Holland," which consists of some 5,000 acres of land, which have been recovered from nearly two feet of water, and converted into fertile land, capable of raising during 1892, some 15,000 bushels of wheat. The cost of relieving this tract of country from its watery bed, was something over $56,000, and it is now worth upwards of $125,000. The water is pumped from


this land by a huge water UGUSTINE McDONELL,P.L.S. wheel some 28 feet in diameter, which A and Civil Engineer, Chatham, makes about three revolutions per

was born in the township of minute, pushing out with its gigantic Dundee, Huntingdon county, Que., paddies the almost incredible amount of June 22nd, 1828. He is a son of Austin 3,000 barrels of water per minute. McDonell, a strong adherent of the This scheme was vigorously opposed Stewart dynasty, who emigrated to by the people living on the higli lands Canada, in 1816, from Inverness-shire, in the township, who spent over $5,000 Scotland. He was educated in the in opposing it; however, Mr. McDonell common schools of Lower Canada, the sustained, and completed his work. He High School of Glengarry county, and is a gentleman of large public spirit, and the Normal School, Toronto, and con- his character stands high for integrity, fined his studies to English branches Religiously, he is a Roman Catholic, and mathematics. In 1860, he became and politically, a Conservative. He was articled to a Provincial Land Surveyor, married, in Aug., 1861, to Margaret and since then has continued to follow Flynn, of Brockville, Ont.


TOHN EDGAR BIRCH, organ- Gray, at present organist of Trinity

ist and choir master, Christ College, Cambridge. He accepted, after

Church Cathedral, Montreal, four years, the more lucrative position Que., was born August 25th, 1854, at of organist at Hereford College, at the Reading, England. He is the son of same time studying under Dr. Colborne, W. H. Birch, S.C.F., the well-known organist of the Cathedral. Three years composer. Mr. Birch was originally a later, he was appointed organist and chorister in the Chapel Royal, Wind- choir master of St. John's Church, Notsor, under Sir George Elvey. After ting Hill, London; a churclı noted for five years there, he went to London, to the beauty of its services. Througlı the more thoroughly study music, uuder kindly influence of Dr. Pearce and Mr. the direction of Dr. C. W. Pearce, aud A. Eyres, F.C.O., organist of Crystal his brother, E. H. Birch, Mus. Bac., Palace, he accepted the offer of organist Oxon. Three years later, he became and music master at Trinity College assistant organist at Wellington Col- School, Port Hope, Canada, and whilst lege, having as his senior, Dr. Alan there he accepted his present position.

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