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ZARIE BRODEUR, Doctor in pital, after a brilliant competitive exA Medicine and Laureate of the amination. He spent the year 1877, in

O Faculty of Medicine of Paris, Beaujon's Hospital, and from 1878 to Laureate of the Institut de France, 1885, was successively residing physiKnight of the Legion of Honor, was cian in the hospitals of Chardonborn in Varennes, on 7th July, 1850. Lagache, for old people, Loursine for His ancestors came from Luçon, France, midwifery, Ivry for incurables, Tenon in 1679. He was educated at Varennes for general hospital and St. Louis for and St. Laurent Colleges, took his surgery. He has studied and practiced medical course at the Victoria School, under such eminent specialists as Péan, and went to Paris in 1874, to complete Gubler, Trélat, Dreyfus-Brissac, Lucashis medical and surgical education. Championnière, Lefort, Périer, GouWhile in the great city, he first attended raud and Ferréol. In 1886, he passed Trousseau's Hospital, and in the fol- his final examination with great dislowing year, was assigned the position tinction, his thesis being “The interof assistant surgeon in Loursine's Hos- vention of surgery in the diseases of

the kidney," a treatise of nearly 600 pages; he was awarded the silver medal and the title of Laureate of the Faculty. Later on, the work was presented to the “Académie des Sciences," where it obtained for its author, the Godard prize of 1,000 francs, and the title of Laureate of the Institute. Subsequently, the French Government decorated him Knight of the Legion of Honor. After an extended tour on the continent, and in Great Britain, he returned to Montreal, from which he had been absent thirteen years, and settled down to practice, which has been most successful, and is ever increasing. On August 31st, 1887, he was married to Miss Adèle Prevost, youngest daughter of the late Amable Prevost, a prominent merchant of Montreal. In religion, Dr. Brodeur is a Roman Catholic. He takes no part in political matters.

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TAMES D. ANDERSON, banker, boots and shoes, Montreal, for ten

Essex, Ont., was born in Rox- years. In 1885, Mr. Anderson started

borough, Glengarry County, a wholesale dry goods house in London, September roth, 1852. After receiving in company with R. C. Struthers, such education as the public schools of which partnership existed for six years, his day afforded, Mr. Anderson began when Mr. Anderson sold his interest, life at thirteen years of age, as a clerk and engaged in the banking business, in the store of Samuel Cline, Cornwall, in Essex, and is rapidly securing the where he remained about three years. confidence and good will of the comHe next entered the employ of Donald munity. He is a shrewd business man, McRae, Glencoe, and at the end of five and has won a large circle of friends. In years became a commercial traveller, politics, he is a Conservative. He is an for thirteen years, first for three years, adherent of the Presbyterian Church, for J. Atkinson & Co., wholesale dry and also a member of the I.O.O.F. In goods, London, Ont., and then for 1874, he was married to Mrs. Elizabeth James McCready & Co., wholesale Bawden, London, Ont.

offices in Canada and tlie United States. This, with his formerly acquired general knowledge, gave him ample qualifications for entering upon his plan of establishing a sound and extensive real estate business upon an original basis. Mr. Daly's efforts in this direction have been more than successful, as he is 110w the sole proprietor of the most extensive real estate business on this continent. The Canadian Farm Advertiser, published by bim, is one of the main elements of his phenomenal success, and shows very fully a keen and shrewd business disposition, an unitiring energy, and an enterprise and supervision rarely fouuid in any business. Although but eiglit years have elapsed since he began business, he now has hundreds of agencies in Canada, and is making extensive connections with the United King

dom. The Guelph Mercury OHN J. DALY, dealer in real says: “Mr. John J. Daly has returned estate and publisher of the Can- from Europe, where he has established

adian Farm Advertiser, Guelph, agencies with proininent business firmis Ontario, was born in Durham, Ont., in London, Glasgow, Belfast, and DubMay 26th, 1855. He is of Irish parents ; lin.” Mr. Daly takes no prominent his father, who was a retired farmer, part in political or public matters, died in September, 1890. Mr. Daly owing to his business requiring all his began his education at the Durham time and attention. In business dealPublic School, and continued it in other ings, he is liberal, and one of the most parts of the province. His time was able and highly respected business men spent until he was twenty-one years of of the city of Guelph. He has never age, partly in keeping up with the used tobacco, and is of very temperate regular school work, and partly in gain- habits. He was married, in February, ing a practical knowledge of Agricul. 1888, to Miss Mae A. Halley, only tural pursuits. Afterwards he spent daughter of William Halley, Esq., of four years studying in prominent law Chicago, U.S.A.



O and principal of Tunnel City Business College, Sarnia, Ont., was born in 1852, in London township, Middlesex county, O. His parents were Thomas and Mary (Oliver) Telfer, of English and Scottish descent, respectively. Mr. Telfer was educated at the Brantford and Strathroy Collegiate institutes, the London and the International Business colleges, and Prof. Reynold's School of Penmanship, graduating with honors in all subjects, standing first in a class of 90, and winning first prize in penmanship in a class of 30. During his early manhood, Mr. Telfer farmed, and therefore understands the requirements of farmers' sons. In 1873, he began his career as a teacher, which profession he followed with success for fifteen years, and finally, rising to be president of the Lambton Teachers' Association, and delegate cial class drill, the students receive lecto the Provincial Association in 1890. tures on the various subjects by leading Principal Telfer has now one of the business men of Sarnia, viz. : Messrs. best and finest business colleges in T. W. Nisbet, manager Bank of ComCanada. The imposing edifice stands merce; J. C. Douglas, manager Huron in a most healthy location on the bank & Lambton Loan and Savings Bank, of the St. Clair River, and the chief class and J. W. Hanna, barrister, on commerroom 60 x 6o, commodious, airy, well cial law. In religion, Mr. Telfer is a ventilated and lighted on three sides, Presbyterian, and president of the Miscommands an unobstructed view of the sionary Association in his church. He beautiful river, with its ever changing is a member of the S.O.S., and a prompanorama of commerce and pleasure. inent official in the W.O.W. On April Each student in this college, whether 6th, 1882, he was married to Mary, in Business, English, Shorthand, or only surviving daughter of the late Penmanship, receives the personal at- John Cowen. His family consists of tention of the principal. Besides spe- two sons.

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