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(YEO. STEWART GOODWIL, Church of England scholar of Cam

. LIE, M.A., barrister, solicitor, bridge. He entered Toronto Univeretc., Georgetown, Ont., was born there, sity in 1861, and after carrying off April 12th, 1842. His parents were scholarships in mathematics and geneGeorge and Eliza (Forbes) Goodwillie. ral proficiency, graduated B.A. in 1865, His father was a native of Vermont, and M.A. in 1866. He then entered and his mother of New York, U.S., the law office of Morphy, Sullivan & both being of Scotch descent. His nio- Fenton, of Toronto, where he remained ther was descended from a noted Forbes three years. After completing his law family, who were forced to flee the coun- course, he was for several years engagtry after the battle of Culloden. His ed as classical tutor and registrar of father was from a noted Fifeshire fami- University College. In 1876, he began ly. After completing his course in the the practice of his profession at Georgepublic schools, Mr. Goodwillie was town, Ont., where he has built up placed under the tutorship of the late a large and remunerative practice. Rev. Charles Dade, a distinguished He is a member of the Presbyterian

Church, also of the A.F. &
A.M. In politics he is an
enthusiastic Reformer, and
has been clerk and treasurer
of Georgetown for sixteen
years. In December, 1861,
after the Trent affair, Mr.
Goodwillie took an active
part in organizing the Uni-
versity Rifle Company, now
“K” Company of the To-
ronto Q.O.R. He remained
a member of the company
until he left college, when
he joined No. 3 Company of
the 20th Battalion as en-
sign, and has remained in
the regiment ever since,
now holding the rank of
inajor. Mr. Goodwillie was
married, July 21st, 1870, to
Miss Annie, daughter of the
late Jos. Barber, of George-
town, by whom he has one
son and three daughters.
The eldest, Florence F., is
now Mrs. H. Dalrymple, of
Georgetown; Fred. B., is at-
tending Toronto University,
and L. and M. are at home.
Mrs. Goodwillie died on
11th August, 1889.


ICHOLAS HOPKINS YOUNG, day School superintendent and record

reeve of Blyth, Huron county, ing steward. He has also been a Ont., salt and stave manufacturer, delegate to the annual conference since under the corporate name of the Gray, the Union, and to the first general conYoung & Sparling Co., was born March ference after the Union. He was school 18th, 1839, in the township of Bastard, trustee for eight years previous to 1890, Leeds county. His parents were Wil- when he was elected to the village counliam and Sarah (Hazlewood) Young, cil, holding that position for two years. who came from Ireland to Canada about In 1893, he was elected to his present the year 1816. Mr. Young, the subject position of reeve. In politics, he is a of this sketch, came to Huron county, Reformer, and takes an active part from Leeds county, in the year 1863, in the affairs of his party. He was and settled on a farm, in the township married, May 31st, 1870, to Eliza J., of Howick. He remained there about second daughter of Christopher Sparleight years. In 1871 he removed to ing, of Seaforth. They have one son Seaforth and engaged in the manufac- and one daughter. ture of salt, in company with his brothers-in-law, Wm. M. Gray and F. G. Sparling. After remaining in Seaforth about eight years, they extended their salt works to Blyth, with Mr. Young in charge. In 1887, they also started Salt works in Wingham. The same year, such was the extent of operations, they organized themselves into a joint stock company, of which Mr. Wm. McD. Gray, whose biography appears in vol. I, page 370, is president. It is well understood by the trade that this company holds the leading position in the salt business of the Dominion. The firm manufacture their own barrels and staves, and the extent of their facilities for the manufacture of salt will be apparent from the fact that they have a capacity of over 100,000 barrels per year. Mr. Young is a member of the Blyth Methodist Church, also trustee, Sun


TOUIS NAPOLÉON DELORME, The same year that he graduated M.D., M.D., Montreal, Que., was born he was appointed resident physician in

October 12th, 1863, at St. Jac- the Notre-Dame Hospital, and in 1889, ques de l'Achigan, Montcalm county, he was called to the Chair of Anatomy Que. His parents are Louis and Odile at Laval University, Montreal, and has (Archambault) Delorme, who are farm- continued to lecture there since. In ers, and are still living (1893). Dr. religion the doctor is a Roman Catholic. Delorme was educated at the College of He is a member of the following socieJoliette, Que., one of the largest colleges ties : I.O.F. Order of Catholic Forestof Lower Canada. He entered this ers, Society of the French Canadian institution of learning in 1873, and gra- Artisans, Society of St. Joseph's of duated in 1880. He began the study Montreal, and Society of St. Vincent of medicine in 1882, at the Laval Uni- Martyr. He is also the medical examversity, Montreal. He obtained his de- iner of these societies. Oct. 2nd, 1888, gree of Bachelor of Medicine in 1884, he married Marie Philomène, daughter and that of Medical Doctor in 1886. of C. H. Le Tourneux, iron merchant.


ENRY SAMUEL STAFFORD, ary reporter for the Montreal Gazette,

editor and proprietor of the and was one year secretary of the press

© Courier, (Conservative), Mor- gallery. He remained with the Gazette risburg, Ont., was born in Leeds county, until September, 1890, when he purOnt., October 11th, 1858. He is a son chased the Morrisburg Courier. Mr. of the late Wm. Harrison Stafford, and Stafford was Associate Press corresponat the age of five years removed with dent in Montreal, and correspondent his parents to Athens, Ont., where he for the New York Tribune, New York attended the public and High schools. Times, Boston Herald, Chicago Times, At the age of fourteen, he entered Minneapolis Tribune. The Courier the office of the Renfrew Mercury, has become widely known and deservand served three years apprenticeship edly popular. He is a member of the to the printing business. He subse- A.F. and A.M., and in religion, is a quently worked on the Brockville Re- Presbyterian. He was married, May corder, Montreal Star, Montreal Herald, 18th, 1880, to Sara A., fourth daughter and was for five years the parliament of the late Robert Kent, of Montreal.

6. GOSNELL, barrister, soli- large amount of work for monetary

citor and Police Magistrate of institutions, among others the Canalo Blenheim, Ont., was born dian Bank of Commerce. He is an adin Orford township, Kent county, May herent of the Methodist Church, and a 17th, 1863. His parents, James and member of the Select Knights of CanaElizabeth (Salter) Gosnell are still liv- da and the I.O.O.F. orders, and is noble ing (1893), and are among the most grand in the latter. In politics, he is a widely known and highly esteemed staunch Liberal, and takes an active pioneers of Orford. The former located interest in the local organizations of there on coming from Ireland about his party, being secretary of the Blen1830. He is a life-long Methodist, an heim and South Harwich branch of the ardent Reformer, and an earnest, con- Reform Association for the county of sistent advocate of the temperance cause. Keut. He is still a young man with a He is one of a large family, whose bright outlook. He was married, March united history forms a considerable por 2nd, 1892, to Miss Lillie, daughter of tiou of the history of the township. Wm. Tape, of Howard, Ont. Mr. Gosnell received his primary education at the public schools in Kent Co., after which he taught a few years in Orford and Howard townships. Latterly he attended the Ridgetown Collegiate Institute, from which he matriculated in 1884. After a short term in the law office of N. Mills, Ridgetown, he entered the legal firm of Foy & Kelly, Toronto, where he remained three years. In 1889, Mr. Gosnell passed his final examination as barrister and solicitor, was admitted to practice and located in Bleuheim in January, 1890, where he has already secured a fine practice, paying particular attention to wills, administrations, general commercial law, and since his appointment as Police Magistrate, to criminal law. This latter appointment in 1891, was inade at the special request and petition of the town council. Mr. Gosnell also does a

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