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CAS. STEWART LAIRD, P.L.S., place. By a thorough knowledge of

and Warden of Essex county, his business, close and careful attention

Essex, Ont., was born in Blen- to the work entrusted to him, Mr. Laird heim, October ist, 1842. He began his has built up a large and growing busieducation at the public schools of Blen- ness, and is justly regarded as a leading heim, and continued it at the Grammar man in his profession. In religion, he school, Chatham. When nineteen years is a Presbyterian, and in politics a of age, he began teaching school, which Liberal. He is also a member of the he continued for four years near Louis- 1.0.0.F., A.F. & A.M. and A.O.U.W. ville, Ont. He then entered the office orders. During the past seven conseof A. McDonnell, P.L.S., Chatham, cutive years, he has been reeve of and obtained his certificate in 1867. Essex, and is always active in whatever He first located in Maidstone, Ont., tends to the improvement and prosperwhere he practiced his profession for ity of the town. He was twice married ; five years, and then spent one year in first, to Miss Adeline Arnold, and second Windsor, finally settling in his present to Miss Mary Beattie, Maidstone, Ont.

ETER FORHAN, retired mer- highly esteemed wife, Mr. Forhan re

chant, Wallaceburg, Ont., was tired from business. He now employs

born December 15th, 1833, in himself in raising valuable standard New Richmond, Province of Quebec. bred trotting horses on his 200 acre His parents, Michael and Alice (Fitz farm, adjoining Wallaceburg. On Janpatrick Forhan, who were natives of uary 20th, 1862, he was married to Ireland, settled in Chatham, Ont., in Miss Ellen Quellette, daughter of Peter 1840, where for many years, Mr. For- Ouellette, formerly of Chatham, Ont., han engaged in ship building, and was but latterly of Bay City, Mich., U.S. afterwards an officer on several of the Mr. and Mrs. Forhan belong to the craft which he built. Their family Roman Catholic Church, and are liberal consisted of three sons and one daugh- and influential workers in their congreter, namely: Michael, now a leading gation. Mr. Forhan was secretaryjeweler of Owen Sound, Ont.; Thomas, treasurer of his church during the ereca prominent business man and bailiff tion of the magnificent $15,000 structure of Wallaceburg ; Maggie, afterwards which adorns the town of Wallaceburg. Mrs. L. Doyle, of Michigan, who died some years ago, and the gentleman whose portrait appears on this page. Mr. Peter Forhan received a fair common school education, and entered mercantile life as a clerk in Chatham. His last employer, Mr. Beatty, selected him from among his clerks to become his partner, and the firm of Beatty and Forhan, did business for two years in Ingersoll, Ont. In 1865, Mr. Forhan opened a general grocery and provision store of his own in Wallaceburg, and although his capital at first was limited, Mr. Frank Smith (now Hon.), wholesale grocer, then of London, reposed implicit confidence in him, gave him all necessary credit, and remained his patron till he retired in 1885, and has been his fast friend ever since. After twenty years of an honorable and successful business career, in which he was ably assisted by his

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ALFRED HENRY CLARKE, period with Blake, Kerr, Lash & CasA L L.B., barrister-at-law, Wind- sels. He was admitted as a solicitor

lo sor, Out., was born October and called to the Bar in Michaelmas 25th, 1860, at Manilla, Victoria county, term, 1882, and at once commenced Ont. His father, John Clarke, was a practice in Essex Centre, Ont. After Justice of the Peace for many years, remaining there about eight years, he and a member of the Mariposa town- removed to Windsor, in September, ship council for twenty years. Mr. 1890, where he still remains, a member Clarke was educated at the Manilla of the firm of Clarke, Bartlet & Bartlet. common and Grammar schools, and at In the Fall of 1891, he was appointed Oakwood High School. He subse- local master of the Supreme Court of quently entered the law office of McIn- Judicature for Ontario, and Deputy tyre & Whiteside, Lindsay, and after Registrar of the Chancery Division, three years study in that office, went to pro. tem., in consequence of the illness Toronto, and was one year in the office of S. S. Macdonell, Q.C., and is also of Henderson & Small, and a similar filling the offices of County Crown

Attorney and Clerk of the Peace for Essex county. In 1886, he received the degree of LL.B., from Toronto University. In religion, he is a Methodist, and in politics, a Liberal. He is also a member of the Windsor Board of Education. While at Essex Centre, he devoted considerable attention to Free Masonry, and in 1889-90, held the office of district deputy grand master for Erie district. Mr. Clarke is very popular among the legal fraternity of Essex county, is a hard worker and painstaking in the cases entrusted to him. He brought to his profession, honesty, talents and indefatigable industry, and therefore, when he was elevated to his present position, he possessed a clear intellect, a well trained judicial mind, and a sound understanding of law. In 1888, Mr. Clarke was married to Miss Maggie, daughter of D. Z. Gibson, Esq., of Brantford, Ont.



TUCKER, B.A., e principal and proprietor of the Montreal Collegiate Institute, Montreal, Que., was born May 2nd, 1858, at Sorel, Que. He is the son of George H. and Mary Ann (Leith) Tucker, both of whom were of Scottish descent. He received his education at the Sabrevois Mission School, McGill Normal School, and McGill University. While attending the McGill Normal School, he received his Academy diploma and won the Earl of Dufferin medal. He graduated from McGill University in 1881, with first rank honors in classics and carried off the Henry Chapman gold medal. He received the appointment of first assistant in the Senior School of Montreal, and when a vacancy occurred in the High School in 1882, he was promoted to it. He remained as assistant in the High School until June, 1891. At this time there was some first boy on the list of successful pupils trouble in the school through the chan- for the annual examination of McGill, ges made in the curriculum, whereby was from the Collegiate Institute. Notthe classics were being forced out of the withstanding the fact of the opening of school to make room for tlie so-called the new High School in Montreal, the modern side, which Mr. Tucker thought second year found the Collegiate Instiwas already fully recognized in the tute with 400 boys, and this institution High School and Senior School of the of learning is doing grand work for the city. On this account, he retired from boys of Montreal. Mr. Tucker is a the staff of the High School, and set up member of the Church of England, and a private school on the old line of clas- is a Liberal in politics. He was marsics. In September, 1891, the school ried, December 22nd, 1884, to Elizaopened iu a suitable building erected by beth Anna, daughter of Louis Lehimself with the aid of his friend, Mr. moine and Elizabeth Tucker. They George Bishop. The roll contained have a family of three sons and two 325 names. At the end of June, the daughters.

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went to Paris and from thence to Rome, where he graduated. He was ordained priest October 28th, 1859, (in the church built by his father) by the Right Rev. Bishop Bourget, then Bishop of Montreal, a large number of the clergy and laity attending his ordination. In the remarks made by the Right Rev. Bishop, he stated that the Rev. Valois was an only son, and that his father, like Abraham, gave him up to the glory of God, on the very altar that he had built. He was then made chaplain of the church and to the Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary, and filled the appointment for over six years. Pope Pius the IX., wrote an autograph letter, praising the father of the Rev. Valois, for what he had done for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, by erecting a “Noble Temple," and imparted to father, son and

family, his apostolic blessD EV. LOUIS ÉTIENNE AVILA ing. In 1867, he went to Europe, where K VALOIS, Montreal, Que., was he remained for over three years, conti

lo born in that city, October nuing his studies, and performing some 16th, 1835. He is the only son of Simon duties in Paris, at the Church of the Valois and Josephine Emmelie Latre- Madelaine. In Rome he was kindly mouille, both belonging to ancient received by His Holiness in private auFrench families, the Latremouille des- dience, and great favors were granted cent going as far back as the First him. He was present at the Ecumenical Crusade, and their coat of arms can be Council of the Vatican, in 1869 and seen in the room of the Crusade, at 1870. On his return from Europe, he and Versailles. He was educated at the his sister erected a church and a monschool of Benjamin and William Work- astery, for the Carmelites, which were man, Montreal, at the Montreal Col- consecrated in 1880; since then he has lege; and after eight years of classical devoted his time to that community, and study, he went to the Montreal Theolo- is now caring for his aged mother, who gical Seminary. Two years later he is now ninety-three years of age, 1893.

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