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TAS. EDWIN EAKINS, M.D., residence in Belleville, Dr. Eakins

M.B., Belleville, Ont., was born has attracted a very large practice a in Newburgh, Addington county, and enjoys the confidence and respect Ontario, in 1850. He is the son of of his fellow citizens. The doctor is on George Eakins, of Tyrone county, Ire- the staff of the Belleville Hospital ; land. Dr. Eakins began his studies at physician for Marchmount Home; disthe Newburgh Academy, and in 1870, trict surgeon for the Grand Trunk R’y entered the Toronto University, where Co., and physician of the Institution for he took the degree of M.B., graduating the Deaf and Dumb. He is a member of in 1875. He then went abroad for a the Masonic and I.O.O.F. societies, but few years, and in 1875, obtained the for some years has not taken an active degree of M.D. at the Royal College of part in the work of the orders. He is Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh, in religion a Methodist, in politics a Scotland. He then returned to Canada Liberal Reformer. Dr. Eakins was and located in Belleville, where he pow married in 1878, to Miss Annetta, resides. During his eighteen years' daughter of Sidney Warner, Esq.


OSEPH ALEX. LAIRD, reeve successfully, and in 1883, removed to

of Hamburg, Ont., was born Hamburg, and engaged in the grain 7 September 26th, 1844, in Wa- business for a number of years. He is terloo county, Ont. His parents were a member of the Presbyterian Church, John and Rebecca (Crotty) Laird. the I.O.O.F., I.O.F. and A.O.U.W. He They were both Irish, his father being was a member of the Wilmot township one of a few survivors from a ship Council for two years, and was first wreck in crossing the Atlantic. Our deputy reeve of Wilmot township, for a subject was educated in the public similar period. He was in the Hamschool, and at the Ingersoll Grammar burg Council in 1886 and 1887, and School. He also holds a certificate reeve in 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892 from the Toronto Military School, and and 1893. He was married, Jan. 25th, was for some years captain of No. I 1871, to Miss Agnes, daughter of W. Company of the 29th Batallion, and he R. Plum, J. P., of Waterloo county, is very fond of military matters. He Ont. His family consists of three sons conducted farming for many years very and one daughter.

TEAN DAMIEN ROLLAND, principal in the business, which he has

merchant, Montreal, Que., was carried on with his three brothers ever

born in that city, in 1841. He since. Their paper mill at St. Jérôme, is the eldest son of the late Hon. Jean- P.Q., is one of the finest in the DomiBaptiste Rolland, who was a member of nion of Canada. They are the only the Dominion Senate, a gentleman who manufacturers in Canada of tub sized was highly esteemed by all classes, in and loft dried papers, and enjoy a Montreal. He received his education large and prosperous trade. The partat the Christian Brothers' School, and ners in the firın are well and favorably the Jesuits' College. He commenced known in commercial circles, and they his commercial career in 1857, as clerk, have always interested themselves in in the extensive book, paper and fancy any movement likely to benefit the city. goods house, which his father had Mr. Rolland was an alderman of the founded in the year 1842. In 1859, he city, representing Hochelaga Ward was admitted as partner, and on the from 1872 to 1892, having previously death of his father, in 1888, he became been Mayor of Hochelaga, from 1876 to

1879. He represented St. Antoine Ward in the City Council, in 1892, and on the occasion of his election to that ward, an incident occurred which shows what an indispensable member of the Council he is considered. He being defeated in his own constituency, Alderman Shorey retired from the contest in St. Antoine Ward, in order that Mr. Rolland should retain his seat in the Council. As chairman of the Finance Committee, he has done a great deal towards economizing civic outlay. As a member of the Council of the Board of Trade, he has distinguished himself in bringing about much good to commercial interests. He was one of the founders, and was vice-president of the Dominion Travellers' Benefit Society. He is also president of the Montreal & Western Railway, and a director of the Bank of Hochelaga, and of the Manufacturers' Life Insurance.


ALTER I. JOSEPH, local at life rates. The company has already

manager at Montreal for the paid under the “Maine Non-Forfeiture Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., was Law," since March, 1877, over $350,000 born in 1863, at Birmingham, England. to the beneficiaries of policies that had He was educated at Dr. Schwartz' Busi- lapsed through non-payment of preness College in that city, and at Kahn's miums. It has also made payments to College, Brussels, Belgium. He has its policy holders since its organization, been connected with the Union Mutual to the extent of $26,191,648.43. The Life Insurance Co., of Portland, Maine, assets of the company, January ist, for a period of six years. This compa- 1892, were $6,301,010,18, and its surny was incorporated in 1848, and hence plus, according to the 412 Canadian is one of the oldest on the American table, $712,000.00. Mr. Joseph is a continent. Its aim is to consider its first-class insurance man, and he is policy holders' interests in every possi- making this popular company wellble manner. Its contracts do not known in the territory under his manabound with technicalities, but are a agement. simple promise to pay a certain stipulated amount, either at death or at the end of a certain term of years, according to the nature of the contract. Mr. Joseph states that the Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., is the only company issuing policies under the “Maine Non-Forfeiture Law," which provides that after three years' premiums have been paid, failure to pay any subsequent premiums, shall not forfeit a policy, but it shall continue in force for its full amount until the reserve upon the policy is exhausted. Thus, if a person aged 36, pays three years premiums upon a fifteen year Tontine endowment, and then discontinues payment, the policy will be continued in force for the whole fifteen years, and should the assured die during this extension, owing more than five annual premiums, the company would only deduct five premiums


OHN ATCHESON SMITH, finest dental connections in Western

L.D.S., Windsor, Ont., was Ontario. The doctor is very popular

born near Ingersoll, September with the profession, being recently 2nd, 1856. He is a son of George Smith, elected a member of the Board of Direca pioneer of Oxford county, and a popu- tors and Examiners for Ontario, and lar and widely known Justice of the also represents a section of the city of Peace. He was educated at the Inger- Windsor, as alderman. In politics, he soll public and High schools, and after is an active Reformer, and interested in leaving the latter, concluded to turn his all matters affecting the welfare of his attention to dental surgery. In order to party. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. prepare for his profession, he entered and K.O.T.M. societies. He is an imthe Royal College of Dental Surgeons, portant factor in the community, and has at Toronto, and graduated in 1882. a very desirable future before him. He After practicing two years in Toronto, was married Jan. 17th, 1883, to Agnes, he located in Windsor, where he has daughter of Andrew Smith, of Ingersoll. been successful in securing one of the His family consists of two children.

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