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less of his energy and fair dealing with the public, and his faculty of making friends of all who know him. Mr. Duck is an Episcopalian and a staunch supporter of the Reform party, and gives his hearty endorsation to every good cause. He is also a member of the A.F. and A.M. His father was George Duck, clerk of the Peace and Crown Attorney for many years, and an able lawyer, who died in 1859. His mother was Jane (Ridley) Duck, who died some years before her husband. His grandfather was George Duck, born in 1790. The latter came to Howard township, Kent county, in 1833. In 1837, he joined the St. Thomas Cavalry, stationed at Amherstburg, under Capt. Ermatinger. He was made sergeant major, and was afterwards stationed at Chatham, as captain and adjutant of the First Kent Volunteers. He

was the first reeve (then HN MILLER DUCK, mer- called district councillor) of Howard.

chant, Windsor, Ont., was born This council met at Sandwich and e in Chatham, Ont., December represented Essex, Kent and Lambton lith, 1848. He was educated at the counties. He was also the first warden public school of Chatham, and for a few of Kent county, and although he was years thereafter was Deputy Registrar frequently offered Parliamentary honof Kent county. He then took a position ors, he always declined. He was also as book-keeper with A. Heyward, Esq., colonel of the Local Militia and clerk of merchant, of Chatham. In 1877, he the Division Court, at Morpeth, and entered into business for himself, at filled these offices for years in a most Windsor, in partnership with the late satisfactory manner. He died in 1869. David T. Smith, son of Col. Smith, of Mr. John M. Duck was married, Nov. Chatham, and in this business he is 29th, 1877, to Flora Macartney, daughnow engaged. From the beginning ter of Capt. Macartney, formerly of until now, he has been favored with a Paris, Ont. Four children have been very prosperous career, a result doubt- born to them.


EV. WILLIAM BUCHANAN, His first charge after ordination was K Methodist Minister, Norwood, South Monagham, Durham county,

o was born in Goulbourne where he remained three years, then township, Carleton county, April 4th, Warsaw two years, then Fenella, Wark1844. He is the son of Francis and worth, Trenton, Brighton, each for Margaret Buchanan, natives of Antrim three years, and then entered upon county, Ireland. Mr. Buchanan began his present charge June, 1891. He his education in the public schools of was chairman of Brighton district this province. From the age of fifteen for four years, and is now chairman of to twenty-two, he was a confirmed inva- the Campbellford district. He was a lid. After recovery, he attended Carle- member of the General Conference held ton Place and Richmond Grammar at Montreal, 1890. Mr. Buchanan is a schools, after which he taught school very unassuming and retiring man. He for about four years, and then attended was married, September 29th, 1875, to Victoria College, Cobourg. He was Miss Mary R., eldest daughter of the ordained in Picton, June 15th, 1875. late Wm. Pendrie, of Millbrook, Ont.


TARVIE JAMES STRONG, in 1892, he opened a photographic 1 photographer, Brussels, Hu- studio in the town of Brussels. He at

o ron county, Ont., was born once obtained a reputation among his July 22nd, 1870, at Bradford, York customers and art connoisseurs, and his county, Ont. His parents are James G. patrons include those of the most cultiand Mary (Bingham) Strong. Mr. vated taste. This would be naturally Strong was educated in the common anticipated from the beautiful specischool, in the town of Barrie, receiving mens of his handiwork. They are equal a practical education fully qualifying to the best productions of the leading him for mercantile pursuits. In 1889, galleries of Toronto and London. Mr. discovering in himself a taste for the Strong makes a speciality also of landsartistic, he became an enthusiastic cape views, ground and residences. In student, under the tutorship of photo religion, he is an adherent of the Megrapher Vise, of Toronto. He made thodist Church. His social qualities rapid progress in the mastery of the are admirable, and he is highly esteemed most delicate processes of the art, and for his quiet sterling worth.

the Medical Faculty of the same institution for four years, where he graduated in 1859, having passed the examination before the College of Physicians, two years previous, for his license as practitioner. He then devoted his time to the practice of his profession in Montreal, where he soon acquired a large practice, with the revenue of which he bought areas of land, upon which he built, thus contributing his share to the progress and prosperity of the city. On many occasions he has been offered positions of honor, some accompanied with emoluments, which he invariably declined, not willing to accept any office that would interfere with the practice of his profession. In politics he is a Liberal, and on several occasions, has refused the candidature to represent the city of Montreal or adjoining counties,

preferring to serve his party HOMAS PATRICK O'LEARY, as full private, giving them the sup1 C.M., M.D. (McGill), Justice of port of his personal influence. Dr. the Peace for the district of Montreal, O'Leary was married in 1870, to Miss commissioner for expropriations for the Amanda, eldest daughter of the late city of Montreal, etc., etc., practicing Senator Honorable Chas. S. Rodier, surgeon and physician, was born in of Montreal. He has had eleven childthe city of Quebec, in 1835. His father ren, six of whom are now living, namewas James O'Leary, Esq., M.D., sur- ly, two sons and four daughters. The geon in the British Army, who came doctor ,while a Medical student, devoted to this country about the year 1818. his leisure hours to music, composing Dr. O'Leary made his full classical and publishing several pieces, amongst course at the College of St. Hyacinthe, others, “Les Bords du St. Laurent," and although the youngest of his class, “Hochelaga Polka," and the popular took first honors during the entire “University Polka,” dedicated to his course. He then joined the arts class fellow students, which reached its fifth of McGill College for two years, then edition of 1,000 copies each.


- ------ --------M ATHIAS CHAS.


1 Judge of the Court of Sessions, Montreal, Que., was born at St. Vincent de Paul, county of Laval, on the Isle Jésus, April 23rd, 1835. His father was a farmer. He took an elementary course in the school of his native parish, and in Montreal. When still a youth, he entered as a clerk in the dry goods store of his brother, Magloire Desnoyers, spending his evenings in receiving private instruction from that well known teacher, Pierre Garnot, when many other young men, similarly situated, devoted their spare time to pleasure. Bent upon an education, he made rapid progress, and at this early day, gave promise of his subsequent successful career. He obtained his law education in the legal department of the Jesuits' College, in Montreal, where he received his diplomas. He also studied in the office of Mr. LeBlanc, who subsequently became ever since in the capacity of License Sheriff of Montreal, and whose daughter Commissioner of the city of Montreal. he afterwards married. Mr. LeBlanc In 1868, he was appointed secretaryhad a large law practice at this time. treasurer of the Catholic School ComHe also studied with Sir George Etienne missioners of Montreal, which office he Cartier. He was admitted to the Bar in filled until 1892, when the pressure of 1860, and for sixteen years practiced official business forced him to resign. his profession in Montreal with marked His life has been one of usefulness to success. For thirteen years, Judge Bé- the community, and he is esteemed langer, now of the Superior Court, was by all who know him. He is a Roman his partner. Judge Desnoyers was ap- Catholic in religion, and his eldest son pointed Police Magistrate for the city of is a priest of that church. He has Montreal, in 1876, and two years later, twelve children living, five of whom received the appointment of Judge of are yet at school. Although a Conserthe Court of Sessions for the district of vative, from birth and conviction, he Montreal. He has also been acting never took any active parts in politics.

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