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TOHN CARRUTHERS, presid- ber of the Prescott towii council for two

ent and general manager of the years, and has been mayor continuously

Prescott Emery Wheel Co. (li- since 1887. He was the unsuccessful mited), and mayor of the town of Pres- candidate of the Reform party for the cott, Ont., was born near that place, Dominion Parliament in the election of March 6th, 1847. He is the youngest March, 1891. Mr. Carruthers was marson of the late John and Mary (Calvert) ried, December 25th, 1872, to Miss Carruthers, both natives of Dumfrie- Maggie, daughter of the late James shire, Scotland. Mr. Carruthers was Weir, of Spencerville. In religion he educated in the public schools, and at is a Presbyterian. He is also a promthe age of sixteen, started his appren- inent Free Mason, being a P.M. in the ticeship to the machinist trade in the Blue Lodge, and a P. Z. in the Royal Locomotive Works, Kingston, where he Arch Masons. He may be said to posremained for three years. He then sess all the qualifications of a first-class worked for two years in the repair citizen, and enjoys the confidence and shops of the Port Hope, L. & B. Rail- esteem of all who kuow him. way (now the Midland), and subsequently worked in Paterson, N.J., Scranton, Pa., and Meadville, Pa., U. S. He then commenced travelling for the Northampton Emery Wheel Co. of Leeds, Mass., and with one exception, was the first travelling salesman of emery wheels. He represented this company at the first industrial exhibition held in Cincinnati, Ohio, Chicago, Ill., and Nashville, Tenn., and continued to represent this company in the United States and Canada until 1877, when they established a branch office at Prescott, Ont., of which he was manager until 1881, when he comnienced the manufacturing of emery wheels on his own account, since which tine his business has steadily increased, and now the Prescott Emery Wheel Co. send goods to every part of Canada, and to different parts of the United States. Mr. Carruthers was a mem


ALBERT J. FISHER, M.D., Ph. Peace, and often acted as arbitrator and

G., Brigden, Ont., was born in judicial advisor for his early neighbors.

© Peel township, Wellington Mrs. Fisher, a worthy helpmeet, and a county, October 23rd, 1860. He is the devoted mother, is a woman of beautifourth son of the late Colonel Alexander ful character, and held in universal esFisher, of the 97th Regiment of the teem. Their family consists of four British Army, who was born in Glas- sons and five daughters. The sons all gow in 1806, and died in Peel in 1892. occupy very prominent positions as He served in India, under Sir Colin professional men and leading farmers, Campbell, and being a well educated while two of the daughters are married and exemplary man, rose step by step, and the other three are at home. The by well merited promotion, to the rank subject of this sketch, Dr. A. J. Fisher, of colonel. About fifty years ago, he was educated at Kingston, and after settled on a farm in Peel, and married three years in a drug store, attended Miss Martha Magee, of Peel, who sur- the Ontario College of Pharmacy, takvives him. He was a Justice of the ing a special course in Analytical Che

mistry under Prof. Hayes, and graduating in 1880. After several years' experience as druggist and chemist in Orillia, Gravenhurst, Huntsville and Kingston, chiefly as proprietor, he took his inedical training at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Kingston, graduating as M.D., C.M. and L.R.C.P. and S. in 1887, and as M.C. P.S.O. in 1888. After a partnership of some years with his brother in Wiarton, he bought out Dr. Ames of Brigden, now of Sarnia. Dr. Fisher's practice is already large, and is growing very satisfactorily. He is a Methodist in religion, and in politics a Reformer. He is the president of the Brigden Gun Club, a member of the Moore Board of Health, Coroner for the county of Lambton, a member of the I.O.O.F., and is warden in his lodge of A.F. & A.M. He is held in universal esteem.

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FRANÇOIS GILBERT MIN. in 1890, and was re-elected, in March,

VILLE DECHÊNE, M.P.P., 1892, for his constituency, the county of

barrister, Quebec, Que., was born. L'Islet. Mr. Dechêne, occupies a proin St. Roch, Quebec Province, August minent place in the Assembly, and 18th, 1859. He is a son of the late gives a good account of himself on all Alfred M. Dechêne, merchant of St. matters before the House. He is a Roch Des Aulnais, county of L'Islet. ready debater and a fluent speaker, and He was educated at the College of is well able to look after the interests of Ste. Anne La Pocatière, and in law at his constituency. In addition to his Laval University. He was called to heavy parliamentary duties, he is a the Bar, in 1883. His success as an very busy man, professionally, being a advocate, soon brought him before the member of the firm of Bédard, Dechêne attention of the electorate, and he was & Dorion, who hold their full share of first returned as a Liberal to the Legis- important briefs in connection with lative Assembly, in 1887, and was their city and province, and do an exagain returned at the general election, tensive business.

1887, and

as important briefs in

again retiringly, in



OCTOR HENRY RUSSELL, Physicians and Surgeons of the Pro

Quebec, Que., was born in vince of Quebec, and while studying


that city, March, 1849. His his profession, he spent a long time in father, the late Doctor R. H. Russell, the hospitals of London, Paris, Vienna was one of the most eminent physicians and Berlin. He is a prominent memQuebec has had. Dr. Russell was ber of the Masonic Order, being a educated at Lennoxville, and graduated past deputy grand master, and is the B.A., in McGill University, 1869. He presiding officer of the Scottish Rite, in graduated in Medicine at the Univer- the city of Quebec. He has also been sity of Edinburgh, 1873, was resident the presiding officer of the Knights surgeon of the Royal Infirmary, Edin- Templar, and Royal Arch Masons. He burgh, and private assistant to Sir is surgeon of the Queen's Own CanaJoseph Lister, while the latter was dian Hussars, and takes great interest maturing his antiseptic treatment of in military matters. He began the pracwounds, which revolutionized surgery. tice of Medicine in Quebec, in 1874, and He is a late governor of the College of enjoys a very extensive practice.

ufacturer, Chatham,

Ont., was born in the county of Cavan, Ireland, May 14th, 1845. His parents, James and Mary (Barrett) Dale, emigrated to Canada in 1843, settling near Ottawa city, and subsequently removed to Thorold. Mr. Dale attended the public schools of Thorold for a time, when on the death of his father, he was obliged to abandon school to assist in the support of his mother and sisters. He learned the trade of moulder, serving his time with A. Dobbie, Thorold, working in the shop during the day, and attending night school. When Mr. Dale had been a journeyman for some four years, he rented a foundry, saw mill, planing mill, machine and blacksmith's shops, at Ridgeway, which he conducted successfully for two and a half years, and then sold the business for $4.000. He then went to Dresden, Ont., where through no he is a member of the Church of fault of his own, he failed. After this, England; in politics, a Reformer, and he removed to Chatham and worked as also belongs to the I.O.O.F., I.O.F., journeyman for two years, and then Select Knights, Foresters' Circle, Woodestablished his present business. The men of the World, R. T. of T. and word "discouragement" does not appear Home Endowment Society, of Baltito be in his vocabulary, as he is deter- more, and has filled the highest offices mined that success shall attend his in the gift of these orders. He has efforts. He invented the celebrated been approached to stand for municipal "Dale pivoted land roller," and sold honors, but refused as his business dethe patent for $10,000 cash. He is manded his whole attention. He is gennow worth nearly $30,000, and expects erous in the widest sense, liberal to all shortly to perfect another valuable parties, creeds and colors, and his word implement from which he expects to is equal to his bond wherever known. In reap even a larger profit than that 1869, Mr. Dale was married to Jane Ann, derived from his roller. In religion, daughter of E. Hackett, of Niagara.

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