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(YILBERT MIREAULT, Q. C., Daly, and continued his studies in the

barrister and solicitor, Montreal, office of Lafrenaye & Papin, finishing Que., was born April uth, 1837, in his law course with Mr. Rouër Roy, that part of the parish of St. Jacques de Q.C., City Attorney. He was adınitted l'Achigan, now constituting the parish to the Bar September ist, 1862, aud of Ste. Marie Salomée, in the county of immediateiy commenced the practice of Montcalm, Que. He is a son of Jérôme his profession. In March, 1893, he was and Marie Anne (Melançon) Mireault, created a Queen's Counsel, by the both of wlion are of Acadian descent. Dominion Government. He was local The father is still living (1893) at the president of the St. Jean-Baptiste Soripe old age of 92, while the mother has ciety, for the parish of St. Joseph, in passed away. Mr. Mireault obtained 1880, and general vice-president of the his education at the L'Assomption Col- whole Association, for Montreal, in lege and graduated with distinction. 1883. August 22nd, 1865, he married He commenced the study of law with Miss Elizabeth Mallette, and one son the law firm of Laflamme, Laflamme & has been born to them.

J. ANDERSON, M.D., Smith's under his father's tuition, and later ou

• Falls, Ont., was born in the attended the Matilda Academy, Canacounty of Antrim, Ireland, December da, finally graduated M. D., from ioth, 1839. He is a son of Rev. J. Queen's University in 1861. He is Anderson, M.A., and Elizabeth John- now (1892) physician and surgeon in son. The former was not only a fuent active practice, coroner for Lanark and eloquent preacher, but also one of county, senior partner in Laval & Co.'s the most prominent figures in connec- drug business, proprietor of the Wintion with the Kirk of Scotland, in which chiester Mineral Springs and Sanitalie lived and died. The ancestors of rium, has a private hospital for chronic the latter were English Puritans, who invalids, fully equipped with baths, went over from England, in the time of etc., and is one of the original promotOliver Cromwell, to Ireland, and estab- ers and vice-president of the Ottawa, lished the liuen business, near Belfast. Waddington and New York Railway Dr. Anderson began liis education in and Bridge Co. He is a practical agrithe public schools, and studied classics culturist, and a member of several agri

cultural societies, was a superintendent of schools, a member of the Board of Education for the county of Dundas, a military school graduate, and retired captain. In religion, the doctor is a member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. He is also a member of the Masonic, Orange, Sons of Eugland, Independent Order of Foresters, and I.O. O.F. societies. In politics, he is a Liberal-Conservative, takes a most active part in the work of the party, and was a candidate for the Dominion House in 1878, for North Leeds and Grenville. He is a master hand at appointing and controlling political gatherings, and to his extraordinary executive ability in this direction, may be attributed many of the marked successes achieved by the Conservative party. He was married, January 18th, 1872, to Helen Montague, daughter of Hon. James Shaw.




OHN WESLEY WHITE, bar- ald, Merritt & Shepley. He was admitrister, Chatham, Ont., was born ted to practice as solicitor, and called to

near Charing Cross, Kent coun- the Bar in September 1886, and was ty, December roth, 1853. His parents also appointed notary public the same were Stephen and Harriet Elizabeth year. He has built up one of the (West) White. The former resided in largest business connections in Westthe township of Raleigh, in the said ern Canada, paying particular attention county, and owing to his excellent bu- to wills, instruments, trusts, adminissiness ability was, while yet a young trations, collections and commercial man, placed at the head of the munici- law. His affable, kind and candid manpality, where he remained with the ex- ner, combined with energy, zeal and ception of very slight intervals until force of character, should warrant his the time of his death in 1887. He was future success. He was married, Aua Justice of the Peace, director and gust 28th, 1889, to Mary Jane, only overseer of the Dominion Grange, di- daughter of Wm. Jones, Esq., of Torector of the London Mutual Fire ronto. He is in religion a Methodist. Insurance Co., member of the Provincial Agricultural and Arts Association of Ontario, and from 1872 to his decease, continually represented district No. 12 in the council. Politically, he was a leading Reformer, having contested the Riding of West Kent for the Provincial Legislature in 1875, but was defeated by a small majority. He was in religion a Methodist, and was at various times called upon to fill some of the highest positions in the gift of the church. Mr. White was educated at the Chatham Grammar Schoul, London Commercial College, Toronto Normal School and Cobourg Collegiate Institute, matriculating from the latter in 1881. He began the study of law in September of the same year, and spent the four following years with Chas. E. Pegley, Q.C., of Chatham, and the last year in Toronto, with Messrs. Maclaren, McDon

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FREDERICK EDMOND VILLE- studied law at Laval University, and

NEUVE, advocate, Montreal, Q., after leaving that institution, he coul

was born in that city, March 6th, tinued his course with Messrs. Church, 1867. His father, Joseph Octave Ville- Chapleau, Hall & Nichols, and subneuve, was an alderman, also a mem- sequently with Mr. Pagnuelo. He was ber of Parliament for Quebec, and was admitted as a practitioner in January, one of the best known public men of his 1890, and has since then, devoted himday, and greatly respected by all self entirely to the securing of a large parties. His mother's name was Susan and desirable connection, and has niet Walker, a native of Sorel. Mr. Ville- with gratifying success. Mr. Villeneuve began his education at the Mont- neuve is secretary-treasurer of the counreal College of Sulpicians, and finished ty of Hochelaga, and president of the his course at the Jesuit School. He Conservative Club of Montreal. He was a remarkably good student, stand- takes a very active part in political ing well in his classes, and completed a matters, and is held in high esteein by very creditable educational course. He his confrères and the public.


(LPHONSE RACINE, wholesale Monument. He is a Roman Catholic A dry goods merchant, Montreal, in religion, and a staunch Liberal in

To Que., was born December politics, taking an active interest in the 14th, 1848, at Laprairie, Que. His affairs of his party. He has belonged parents could not afford him a very to the Commercial Travellers Associaextensive education, and what he did tion since its organization, and has been receive, was at night schools, in Mon- one of its directors. He is also a memtreal, and by diligently improving the ber of the Council of Montreal Board of scraps of time which he had at his com- Trade, a member of the Council of the mand. Notwithstanding this, he ob- Chamber of Commerce, and is one of tained by his own exertions an educa- the founders of the Notre-Dame Hostion sufficient to fit him for any busi- pital. He was married, in 1880, to ness calling, a fact fully demonstrated Mary Jane Ross, a lady of Scottish by his success. Mr. Racine belongs to descent. They have four sons and the St. Jean-Baptiste Society, and is a one daughter, all of whom are still subscriber to the erection of the National attending school.

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