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AVID WEISMILLER, general sall, and now has the leading business merchant, Hensall, Huron Co., in this section. In religion, he is a

was born January 22nd, 1859, Lutheran, and also a member of the at Wellesley, Waterloo county. His Masonic order, I. O. F. and a Forester. parents were John Weismiller and So- In politics he is a Conservative, and phia Holzschuh, who came from Ger- has been twice chosen for Parliamentmany in 1840. He was educated in ary honors, once in the general electhe schools of Wellesley, Berlin High tion of 1891, when he proved himself School, and the Normal School, Toron- a gallant, though unsuccessful camto. He taught school seven years, and paigner, and again in February, 1893, had the reputation of being a most suc- he was unanimously chosen to contest cessful teacher. He commenced busi- the South Riding of Huron. He was ness as a general merchant at Kippen, married, September, 1882, to Louisa, Huron county, in 1884, and still con- daughter of Henry and Catherine tinues it. In September, 1892, he Deichert, of New Hamburg. They opened a second general store at Hen- have one son and one daughter.


TOSEPH MATHER, merchant Comber, Ont., he went to Detroit, where

tailor, Staples, Ont., was born he further perfected himself as cutter.

on the 16th of April, 1869, in In 1891, he went to Staples and estaRochester township, Essex county, Ont. blished his present business which has His parents, Ralph and Margaret (Mof- grown steadily since its foundation. fatt) Mather, were pioneers of Ontario. In religion, he is a Methodist, holding The father came from England, when a the position of stewart and class leader. boy. After his marriage he bought a He is also an earnest advocate of the bush lot in West Tilbury. This he temperance cause. He is a member of cleared and in time gained a compe- the I.O.O.F. and I.O.F. societies, and tence, and the esteem of his neighbors is financial secretary of the local lodge and acquaintances. Mrs. Mather died of the latter. In politics, he is a Conin 1886, but Mr. Mather is still living servative. Mr. Mather is a cousin of and resides with his son Thomas. Our the accomplished actress, Margaret subject was educated at the public Mather, and a distant relative of Helen school. After learning his trade in Mather, the authoress.

which his father was a member. The firm was dissolved in 1869, and the late James Barber became sole proprietor, which continued until his death in May, 1880. Mr. John R. Barber then succeeded his father as proprietor of the entire estate, paying off the other heirs. The Georgetown Paper Mills make a speciality of fine book papers, aud turn out an average of five tons a day. Mr. Barber is also president of the Toronto Paper Company (mills at Cornwall, Ont.), and of the Barber and Ellis Company, Toronto. After serving in the Georgetown Council for a short time, he was reeve of the place from 1865 to 1875, and warden of the county council in 1878. He takes a lively interest in educational matters, and is a member of the High School Board. He is also president of the Mechanics' Institute, a past

master of Credit Lodge, No. TOHN ROAF BARBER, pro- 219, A.F. & A.M., a member of the

prietor of the Georgetown Paper Congregational Church, and a Protec

Mills, was born on the same tionist Reformer in politics. He has spot where his magnificent Georgetown been in the volunteer service since Deresidence now stands, July 5th, 1841. cember, 1863, and now holds the office His parents were James and Hannah of paymiaster of the 20th Rifles with (Patrick) Barber. His father was Irish rank of major. He was in active serand his mother English. Mr. Barber vice during the Fenian Raid, under was educated in the Georgetown public Col. R. B. Dennison. Mr. Barber was school, Streetsville Grammar School married, January 1st, 1868, to Miss and Georgetown Academy. He was Mary, daughter of Francis Barclay, late preparing for the University, when cir- Registrar of Halton county, by whom cumstances forced him to assume the he has three sons and two daughters management of the office in the George- living. He has the finest residence in town Paper Mills, in 1861, then owned Georgetown, and enjoys the public conby the firm of Barber Brothers, of fidence in an unusual degree.



1. V.S., editor of The e Topic, Petrolea, O., was born in Brampton, Ont., June 29th, 1862. His parents were Robert Wallace and Eliza (Anderson) Mitchell, the father having in early life, emigrated from Dublin, and settled first in Muddy York, and afterwards in Brampton, where, as elsewhere, he engaged in mercantile pursuits. His energy and integrity are such that although financial disaster overtook him twice, once in the form of fire, and again through false friends, he refused to compromise with his creditors, but in time paid 100 cents on the dollar. He resides in Hunter, North Dakota, U. S. where, for the third time, he is acquiring an easy competence. His grandfather was Sir Wm. Mitchell, an author widely known in his day. Mr. J. T. Mitchell received his education chiefly in the printing office and by private study. At fourteen he entered As a journalist, Mr. Mitchell is fearthe office of the Huron Record, at less, outspoken and independent. He Blyth, then spent some time on lead- is the author of a veterinary treatise on ing newspapers in Canada and the the eye (Æsthesiology and some United States. In his eighteenth year, years ago, placed a medicine on the he established the Blyth Review, which market (Mitchell's Veterinary Disfor three years he conducted with mark- covery), which he claims is the greatest ed success. He afterwards conducted medicine known to veterinary science. papers in Wingham, Palmerston, In religion, Mr. Mitchell is a PresbyDrayton and Erin. He practiced as a terian, in politics, Independent. He is veterinary surgeon, in Preston, for two a member of the A.F. and A.M., the years, and then for a year had charge L.O.L. and the I.O.O.F. In 1884, he of the advertising department of the married Miss Letty Mullin, daughter Brantford Expositor. In 1892, he of the late Thomas Mullin, of Luckbought his present paper, and almost now. His family consists of three doubled the circulation in eight months. children.

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HEO. DAOUST, architect, Mon- months, then taking Mr. A. Gendron 1 treal, Que., was born at Pointe as partner, and this partnership conClaire, April 13th, 1867. His father tinued for five years, it being dissolved was L. B. Daoust, and his mother, De- April ist, 1892. He now carries on nise Valois. He was educated at the the business alone. He is considered Christian Brothers' School in Mon- as a first-class architect, and has detreal, also took a classical course at signed some of the finest buildings of the Normal School. He took a spe- Montreal. He has secured an enviable cial course at the Fine Art School in reputation with real estate speculators drawing, under Abbé Chabert and Mr. and builders generally, and his taste Lawrence. After that he studied with and the originallity of his designs have Mr. A. F. Dunlop, architect, for three caused him to be much sought after. and one half years. He then finished He belongs to Le Trappeur Club, his architectural studies with Mr. Vic- St. Lawrence Yacht Club, Pointe tor Roy. He started business for him- Claire Boating Club, and St. Jean-Bapself after this, continuing alone for ten tişte Society.

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