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ILLIAM WALLACE WHITE, has been representative to the Grand

Lieut.-Colonel of the 30th Bat- Lodge of the latter order. He has talion Wellington Rifles, Arthur, Ont., been clerk of Arthur since its incorwas born in Suffolk, Eng., October 4th, poration in 1872, and its treasurer for 1843. His father was Wm. White, an fifteen years. He is also a member of English gentleman farmer, who came the Public School Board, secretary of to Canada about 1862, and settled in the High School Board, secretary of the Arthur. His mother Emily (Orford) Arthur Union Agricultural Society, White, was a member of one of the and has been for twenty years secreoldest families in Ipswich, Eng. Lieut.- tary-treasurer of the North Wellington Col. White was educated at the Nor- Conservative Association. He is also wich Grammer School, Eng., founded one of the auditors of Wellington counby Edward VI., and at which Lord ty. He was married, Oct. 15th, 1873, to Nelson was educated. In his early Miss Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John manhood, he held a position in a large McCrea, of Guelph, Ont. His family wholesale silk house, at St. Paul's consists of three sons and two daughters. Churchyard, London, Eng. In 1867, while engaged in the wholesale house of McInnis, Calder & Co., of Hamilton, he joined the 13th battalion. Soon after he returned to Arthur, and opened a real estate office and financial agency, which he still conducts. In 1868, he joined the Fergus Company of the battalion he now commands, and has always kept abreast of the times in drill and whatever pertains to the work. He is entitled to receive the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, about to be awarded by the Imperial War Department, having been for over twenty years continuously, a commissioned officer in the service. The Colonel is an Episcopalian, a church warden, and has been a lay delegate for many years. He is also county master for West Wellington of the L.O.A., a member of the A.F. and A.M. and A.O.U.W., and


H. BULLIS, M.D., C.M.L.R. hospitals, he returned to Canada, and

C. P. (Edinburgh), Dres- in 1885, began to practice in Dresden. den, Ont., was born on Wolfe Island, His practice here grew so rapidly, that Ont., December 26th, 1857. His father in 1889, he was compelled to call in a was Joseph Bullis, a native of Leices- partner, which he did in the person of tershire, England, who died in 1892, at Dr. J. I. Wiley, the gold medalist of Chatham, Ont. His mother, whose Trinity Medical College for that year. maiden name was Abbott, still resides Their practice is now one of the largest there. . Dr. Bullis was educated at the in Western Ontario. Dr. Bullis is an Chatham High School, after which he adherent of the Episcopal Church, and attended the Royal College of Physi- belongs to the I. O. O. F. and the C. O. cians and Surgeons, Kingston, graduat- H. C., in which orders he is physician. ing in April, 1884. He then took a six He is president of the Dresden Blue months' course in Edinburgh, and gra- Rock Gun Club, and although often duated as above indicated. After eight pressed to stand for municipal honors, months spent in the London and Paris had to decline.


UNCAN MCGIBBON, barrister, study of law under the present Judge

etc., Milton, Ont., was born Ferguson, at Toronto, where he re

October 18th, 1941, in Halton mained for three years. He commenced county, Ont. His parents were the the practice of his profession in Milton, late John and Isabella (McCallum) in 1971, where he has continued to do McGibbon, both natives of Perthshire, a large and constantly increasing pracScotland. His father died October 4th, tice ever since. In religion, he is a 1892, aged 92 years, and his mother Presbyterian, and in politics a Conserdied December ist, 1892, aged 84 years, vative. He was for many years, secreafter a married life of 63 years. Mr. tary of the Liberal-Conservative AssoMcGibbon's father was one of the most ciation of the county of Halton. He is successful farmers in Halton county. also a past master workman. He was Mr. McGibbon was educated in the married, May 30th, 1871, to Miss Ann, public schools and the Grammar school, daughter of Jonathan Pettit, of TrafalMilton. He subsequently taught school gar township, Halton county, Ont., by six years, and then commenced the whom he has one daughter and one son.

XDOLPH DAVIS, Mechanical and works and machinery. In 1886, he was

Scientific Engineer, and super- appointed honorary vice-president of the

o intendent of the Montreal New York Cooper's Institute, the PhilWater Works, Montreal. Que., was adelphia Polytechnic, also Smithsonian born in that city, January 24th, 1839. Institute, Washington, for life. He is He was educated in McGill College, also a life member of the American Montreal, and at the age of fourteen Scientific Engineer's Society, of New years, was placed in apprenticeship, as York, which is now connected with the mechanical engineer in the United “Ecole Centrale," of Paris. These honStates Navy Yard, in Brooklyn, and ators were bestowed upon him, for the its expiration, went as first engineer lecture he gave in the Engineers' Club with the Man of War “Tallaponssua." of Philadelphia, Aug. 15th, 1876, on After a seven months' cruise, he became “Natural Heat," thence declaring that connected with railways as mechanical the sun was a cold body. He was engineer. He was appointed by the appointed superintendent of the MonGovernment of Canada, as Commis- treal Water Works, Aug. ist, 1892. sioner and Mechanical Expert to the Vienna World's Exposition of Austria, to make a report to the Government, of the various improvements on machinery and railway appliances generally. In 1877, he was appointed superintendent of machinery for the Quebec Government railways, and in 1880, manager of the North Shore Railway. In 1886, he went to Mexico, after completing a short contract for two iron bridges on the Mexican National Railway, at Perros. He then left for a tour round the world, commencing from San Francisco to Japan. In 1887, he was appointed by the Russian Government as mechanical expert and engineer, and settled some very large claims arising out of important engineering enterprises. He was also sent by the Russian Government nearly all over the world, to make reports on various classes of water


ON. SENATOR SAMUEL his business grew into a large general

MERNER, Hamburg, Ont., blacksmith, carriage and wagon trade;

o was born January 19th, 1823, subsequently he sold out this business at Berne, Switzerland. His parents to his brother Frederick, and started a were Jacob and Susanna (Schluter) foundry in Hamburg and another in Merner. Senator Merner received his Waterloo. In 1873, he sold the Hameducation in Switzerland and emigrated burg foundry to his eldest son Simson, to this country with his parents in 1837, and the Waterloo foundry to his second and settled in Wilmot township, Water- son Absalom. His third son Amon, is in loo county, Ont., where the family sets the Waterloo foundry with his brother, tled on a farm in what was then a and his youngest son Sulum resides in wilderness. After the first winter, Mr. Clifford. The Senator also has six Merner went to Preston, Ont., and daughters. He is now retired from applied himself to the blacksmith trade, business life, but holds a large share in and at the end of four years, he started the Simpson & Co. Furniture Factory, a shop for himself in Hamburg, where in Berlin, Ont. He ran for the Local

House in 1877, and was de-
feated, but in the contest of
1878 for the Dominion Par-
liament, he was elected for
South Waterloo, against the
Hon. James Young, of Galt,
and was defeated in 1882,
by James Livingston, of
Baden. In 1887, he was
appointed a Senator. The
night of September 17th,
1878, when Mr. Merner was
elected, will long be remem-
bered in the village of Ham-
burg. The place was a
blaze of excitement and also
a blaze of light from one
end to the other, from oil
barrels and everything that
could be burned. Senator
Merner was reeve of Ham-
burg for ten years and war-
den of Waterloo county, one
year. He has also been on
the School Board for ten
years. He has travelled
very extensively in Europe,
Great Britain and America,
and is well informed on pub-
lic questions. He is an able
exponent of the principles
of the Conservative party.

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