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Félix Cardinal. The paper was signed by Geo. Pyke, J.K.B. Judge Dugas was educated at the Montreal College. He entered the law office of the late Chief Justice Dorioni, and afterwards that of Hon. J. J. C. Abbott and Carter and of the Messrs. Loranger. He was admitted to the Bar in May, 1868, and became co-partner with D. Girouard, which partnership existed for five years, and also with A. B. Longpré, afterwards prothonotary of the Superior Court in Montreal, for a similar period. He was appointed president of the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, October, 1878, which position he still holds. Amidst the multiplicity of his legal business, he devoted himself a little to politics, and ran for Hochelaga county, in the interests of the Liberal party, but was defeated in the election of 1878. He has also interested himself

in military matters and has UDGE C. A. DUGAS, Montreal, been connected with the 65th Battalion

Que., was born February with, Mount Royal Rifles since 1879. With

1845, at St. Rémi, near Mon- this battalion, as major, he went to the treal. His parents were Adolphe Du- North West Rebellion in 1885. In 1886, gas, M.D., and Clothilde Oligny. His he was promoted to the rank of colonel, father figured prominently in the trou- which he held until recently, when he bles of 1837-38, and was for some time resigned, retaining rank, on account of incarcerated in the gaol for high trea- pressing legal and magisterial duties. s011. His commitment is dated March Judge Dugas is much interested in deveist, 1837. On the 23rd of the following loping the mines of this country. He was June, his name is mentioned as having married to Susan Harkin, sister of the been discharged from prison, in a paper late Reverend Peter Harkin, curé of headed “Discharge of various State Sillery, Que. His family consists of Prisoners," and with him were dis- three children. He is a keen sportscharged some well known parties, such man and enjoys greatly a hunting as Joseph Tougas, Léon Breault, and expedition.


-- - - ----- - - - - I J. MAYHEW, mer• chant and banker,

Thamesville, Ontario, was born in Deleware, Middlesex county, Ont., September 2nd, 1841. His parents, William and Ann (Aldis) Mayhew, came from Suffolk, England, early in this century, and settled in Deleware, where they followed farming and the milling business until 1847, when they removed to Thamesville, Mr. Mayhew being appointed postmaster, which position he filled until he finally resigned. His son received a fairly good common school education, and at the age of fifteen years, began life for himself as clerk in a store. He subsequently entered the employ of Mr. Collier, merchant, Thamesville. At the age of twenty-one, he went to London, England, and obtained a situation in a large wholesale establishment, where he remained about two years, after which he returned to Thamesville, and re- shrewd and careful buyer, and always entered the employ of Mr. Collier. In consults the best interests of his cus1864, he bought his employer's inter- tomers. He was councillor for several est, and established his present busi- years, and subsequently reeve for three ness, adding departments to it, froni successive years. He has often been time to time, until it has grown from pressed to stand for parliamentary an output of $5,000 per annum, to one honors, but has always declined, owing of more than seven times that volume. to the pressing calls of his business. He Mr. Mayhew possesses the elements of is an Episcopalian, a staunch Consera thorough business man, namely, vative, and an efficient officer of the tact, energy and principle, and is cal- East Kent Conservative Association. culated to make friends with those He is also a member of the A.F. & A.M. with whom he does business. His and A.O.U.W. orders, and is financier commercial career has been marked for the latter society. He was married, throughout by a ready grasp of all the October 3rd, 1864, to Agnes, daughter requirements of his trade; and he is a of the late Dr. Walker, of Adelaide, 0.


TENRY LYMAN, head of the Co., of Toronto, was formed, in both of

well known firm of Lyman, which he was partner, and has so conti

© Sons & Co., of Montreal, nued for a period of 57 years. During Que., was born in Derby, Vt., October this long period, many changes have 4th, 1813. His parents were New Eng- taken place, and most of Mr. Lyman's landers of the old stock, and farmers. old associates have passed away, but he He came to Montreal at the age of seems to be full of health and vigor, three years. His education was received the changing years apparently little in Montreal, and in the Academy at dimming the strength of his vitality. Amherst, Mass. In 1829, at the of Mr. Lyman belongs to the Congregasixteen, he joined the establishment of tional Church, and as an earnest Hedge & Lyman in St. Paul street, the Christian, has all his life been promifirm consisting of W. Hedge and W. nent in good works. He has also held Lyman. At the dissolution of that firm some of the highest offices in a busiin 1836, the partnership of Wm. Lyman ness and municipal way, which fall to & Co., of Montreal, and Lyman Bros. & the lot of prominent men.

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EORGE MCEWEN, reeve of Hay business. In 1892, he commenced the

township, Huron county., Ont.. manufacture of flax, which business is is a manufacturer and grain merchant, rapidly extending. Mr. McEwen is an at Hensall, Ont. He was born May adherent of the Presbyterian Church, is nith, 1849, in Kilbride, Scotland. His a member of the A.F. and A.M., of the father, Peter McEwen, and his mother, Canadian Order of Foresters, and the Isabella Schouler, came from Scotland Canadian Home Circle, and also beto Ontario, in 1852, with their five longs to the Commercial Travellers' children. Mr. McEwen received only Association. He was deputy reeve of a common school education, and after Hay township, from June, 1888, to June about ten years of successful farming, 1890. Resigning in 1892, he ran for he engaged in the manufacture of salt, reeve, and was elected by a handsome in Goderich, removing to Hensall in majority, and again re-elected in Jan., 1884, largely increasing and developing 1893. He is a Reformer in politics, and the business. Since 1887, he has also takes an active part in political matters, been extensively engaged in the grain and in all public affairs.

AMES CRADOCK SIMPSON, bec. In 1864, owing to ill health, Mr. real estate agent, Montreal, Q., Simpson gave up the engineering pro

was born May 26th, 1838, at fession, and came to Montreal. He Penetanguishene, Ont. His parents, then entered a mercantile office, and William and Catharine (Cradock) Simp- worked his way steadily upward, until son, were also born in Canada. He the Spring of 1879, when he comstudied civil engineering and land sur- menced business on his own account as veying with his eldest brother, Alex. a real estate agent and fire insurance W. Simpson, C.E. and P.L.S., and was broker, and for the last ten years, he engaged for some years in railway con- has been looked upon as the leading struction under Norman Booth, C.E., real estate man in Montreal. In Noand on Crown Lands Surveys. On vember, 1887, Mr. Simpson commenced his return from Vancouver Island in the publication of the Real Estate 1860, on the recommendation of Hon. Record, a monthly journal, which is John Rose, he was employed in the now in its sixth year. In March, 1888, Public Works Department, below Que- he adınitted Mr. H. L. Putnam, as a

partner in the general real estate, insurance and mortgage loan business, now carried on under the name of J. Cradock Simpson & Co. Mr. Simpson is a member of the Church of England, is treasurer of the Citizens' League, director of Society for Protection of Women and Children, president of Montreal Real Estate Exchange, in 1890 and 1891, vice-president for Province of Quebec, of the National Real Estate Association of America in 1892-'93, member of the Council of Montreal Board of Trade in 1891-'92, and member of the Council of the Montreal Sanitary Association in 1892 and 1893. He has always been Independent in politics, with a leaning to the Conservative party. He was married, September 18th, 1867, at Lynn, Ontario, to Frances Caroline, eldest daughter of Norman Booth, C.E. and P.L.S. They have two sons living.

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