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endiary four yearsh

in his present Mattawa,

ILLIAM DORAN, Stipendiary four years, when he succeeded his

Magistrate, Local Master of brother John in his present position. Titles, Registrar and Judge of the Dis- Judge Doran holds Court at Mattawa, trict of Nipissing, North Bay, Ont., North Bay, Sturgeon Fall and Sudbury. was born in Perth, Ont., March 30th, He is also Coroner of the District of 1831. His father was John Doran, for Nipissing, and is abundantly qualified many years a merchant, in the town of for the discharge of these important Perth, and his mother was Mary offices. He is, in religion, a Roman McGarry, of Irish descent. Judge Catholic, and in politics, a Reformer. Doran was educated in the public and He once contested South Lanark, a Grammar schools of Perth, and was strong Conservative riding, and was engaged in the mercantile business defeated by Abraham Code, by the until 1881, when he went to Toronto small majority of 65 votes. Judge and accepted the position of chief clerk Doran was married, Oct. 22nd, 1866, to in the Bureau of Industries, Agricultu- Miss Isabella, daughter of James H. ral Department, which he retained for McRae, of Wolfe Island, Ont.



mayor of Milton, O., was born January 14th, 1837, in the township of Nelson, Halton county, O. He is a son of the late Geo. Dice, one of the pioneers of Halton. He received his education at the common school. Upon the death of his father, in 1857, he took the management of the farm which he carried on successfully until he retired in 1880, when he removed to Waterdown. In 1881, he assumed the agency of the Royal of England Insurance Company, which business he has successfully conducted since. In 1882, he located in Milton, and is district agent of that company there. He has taken an active part in school and church work, and was for several years a member of the Synod of the dioceses of Toronto and Niagara. He is a pronounced temperance man, and a member of the A.O.U.W., and for twelve years, financier of his lodge. He was a contest in 1890. In 1891, 1892 and an enumerator for the first Dominion 1893, he was elected by acclamation, Census, a License Commissioner for and being a lover of law and order, and Halton for three years, returning officer possessed of a penetrating mind, he for Halton in 1892, and chairman of the makes a good chief magistrate. AlBoard of Public Health for Milton for though, not claiming to be a public seven years. Mr. Dice is a Conserva- speaker, he can, when called upon, extive in politics, was secretary of the press his mind in a very clear manner. Liberal Conservative Association of He has been married twice; on June Halton for several years, and has been 5th, 1862, to Miss Sarah Martin, of executor for several estates. Although, Milton, who died December 7th, 1871; not previously having a seat in the and on October ist, 1872, he married council, he was first elected mayor of Miss Abigail Dorothy Shuert, of the Milton, April 22nd, 1889. His occu- township of Nelson. By his former pancy of the civic chair, was so satis- marriage, he has two daughters, and factory, that he was again elected after by the latter, one daughter.


(now Chief Justice) Galt, and he was not slow in reaping the advantages of being connected professionally with such a noted lawyer. Mr. Sharpe was called to the Bar in 1870, and soon after began the practice of his profession in Dresden, where he has continued ever since. In 1885, he accepted the managership of the Dresden branch of the Bank of London, and in 1887, bought out the business of this branch, and opened a Banking House of his own. In religion, Mr. Sharpe is an Episcopalian, and has been a church warden for many years. He is also a member of the I.O.F. and is F.P. of the R.A. in the Masonic Order. He has been for years a member of the Dresden Municipal Council, four consecutive years of which he was mayor. He has for some years past been the president of the Conservative Association of the

county of Bothwell. He I W. SHARPE, barrister and was married, April 30th, 1873, to Miss

• banker, Dresden, Ont., was Frances, daughter of Charles R. Dicka born August 15th, 1847, at son, Esq., of Toronto, Ont. His family “Wellington Square," now Burlingtoni, consists of two sons and two daughters, Ont. His parents were James and namely: Francis William, accountant Elizabeth (Middleton) Sharpe. The in his father's bank; Ethel St. John father, a native of Glasgow, came to and Clementina Mary, who, at present, Canada about the year 1830, and saw are attending the Bishop Strachan active service in the stirring times of School (Wykeham Hall), Toronto, and 1837-38, participating in the “Caro- Ernest Middleton, attending school. line" affair. Mr. Sharpe was educated Mr. Sharpe's interest in the welfare of by private tuition, under the late Rev. his church and the prosperity of his Dr. Green, of Wellington Square, Ont. adopted town, his business ability and He received his legal training, first in a sterling integrity, have gained for him law office in Kincardine, Ont., and after- the confidence and esteem of his fellowwards in Toronto, in the office of Mr. men.

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ALBERT D. NELSON, of the firm monstrates the wisdom of young men A of H. A. Nelson & Sons, nier- concentrating their efforts on one line

To chants and manufacturers, of business, and learning to do that Montreal, Que., was born December well, rather than spreading their ener24th, 1843, in that city. His parents gies over many things, and excelling were Horatio A. Nelson, of Keene, New in nothing. He is an honored member Hampshire, U.S., and Maria D. David- of the Presbyterian Church. He is son, of Irasburgh, Vt. Mr. Nelson also a member of the Masonic Fraterreceived his education in the public nity, and has held important offices in and high schools of Montreal, standing connection with that institution. He high in his classes, and completing his is a Liberal, but does not take an active course with distinction. After he com- part in political matters. In 1865, he pleted his education, he commenced in married Annie S. Warren, of Montreal. the business in which he has since con- One son and one daughter have been tinued, and in which he has been so born to them. The latter is married, successful. His business success de- and the son is in business with his father.


TEWIS WILLIAM SHANNON, chemistry, in 1880. He taught in

B.A., proprietor of the Kingston Hawkesbury High School, in 1878, and

© News, Kingston, Ont., was in Almonte, in 1879. He purchased born in that city, February 3rd, 1859. the News in October, 1880, and has His parents, James and Letitia (Leath- published it as a daily and weekly jourem) Shannon, were born in Ulster, nal since that time. The News is the Ireland, and came to Canada, landing in oldest paper in Ontario, having been Kingston, Oct. 9th, 1857. The former established in 1810 by Stephen Miles, a published the News from 1871 until Liberal-Conservative. Mr. Shannon is, 1880, when he was appointed to his pre- in religion, an Episcopaliani, in politics sent position, postmaster of Kingston. a Liberal-Conservative. He is a Past Mr. Shannon was educated at the pub- Master of Minden Masonic Lodge No. lic schools and Collegiate Institute, 253, G.R.C., a member of the A. and A. Kingston, matriculated into Queen's Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, and University in October, 1873, graduated major in the 14th Princess of Wales B.A, in 1877, and was gold medalist in Own Rifles, Kingston.

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