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X A. STANLEY BURNS, den- institution, he entered the office of G. A tal surgeon, Smith's Falls, Ont., J. Clint, dentist. He subsequently en

☺ was born in tlie village of tered the Royal College of Dental SurPakenham, Ontario, September 26th, geons, graduating in March, 1890. He 1868. He is a son of Robert and Lucy then settled in the town of Smith's Burns. The former practised medicine Falls, where he is at present (1893) enin Pakenham for sixteen years, after- gaged in his professional calling, and is wards moved to Almonte, where he is rapidly securing a fine dental connecat present a practising physician. The tion. In religion, he is a Methodist, latter was the daughter of Arthur and in politics, leans toward the ConMcArthur, lumberman, of the same servative party, but does not take an place. Mr. Burns began his education active part in political matters. He is at the public school, which he attended also a member of the I.O.O.F. and the until thirteen years of age, after which A.F. & A.M. societies, and is connected he attended the High School at Almon with the Board of the Mechanics' te. After completing his course at that Institute.


EV. JAMES SIEVERIGHT, right was the first Home missionary in R B.A., pastor of St. Andrew's the Saskatchewan Territory, and was

lo Presbyterian Church, Hunts- practically the founder of Prince Albert. ville, Ont., was born in Aberdeen, Scot- He declined several larger salaries, to land, June 9th, 1833. He was educated take the mission fields in Huntsville, in the Grammar Scliool, Marischal Col- in 1884, where he has been very suclege, and Free Church Divinity Hall, cessful. He has been instrumental in Aberdeen. He attended Queen's Uni- erecting fourteen churches and four versity, Kingston, Ont., from which he manses. He is a member of the A.F. graduated in 1857, and was ordained and A.M., I.O.O.F., C.O.F. and S. of T. the same year. He then spent three Societies. In politics, he is an Indepenyears in Melbourne, Eastern township, dent with Reform leanings. He was three years in Ormstown, Que., twelve married, Aug. 16th, 1859, to Frances years in Goderich, Ont., and after the Anne, daughter of Archibald Petrie, uvion in 1875, was colleague to the captain of the R. N., who was at one Rev. Dr. Ure, of Goderich. Mr, Sieve time M.P. for Russell county,

St. Georges and St. Andrews churches, and a great many buildings, both in and out of the city, attest his skill as a builder. In 1875, he gave up the building department, and confined himself to the finer branches of the trade, and manufactured church furniture, bank fittings, art furniture and parquet plans and other fine furnishings. An example of the latter was the fine wood-work of the palatial residence of R. B. Angus, Esq. The parquet floors made by him were used in nearly all the cities and towns of the Dominion, as they attained a national reputation, and the demand was accordingly great. Since 1885, he has confined himself to architecture, and has carried on that business, in which he is associated with his son, W. S. Wright, with remarkable success. The many public and private buildings designed and su

perintended by them, testify TAMES WRIGHT, architect, to their skill in this department, and

Montreal, Que., was born in their large practice testifies to their

Glasgow, Scotland, January, popularity. He has been a member 1833. He removed with his family to of the Board of St. Andrew's Society Hawick, Roxburghshire, in 1837, and for a good number of years, and is was left an orphan in 1841. At fifteen past president of the Caledonian Soyears of age he was apprenticed to the ciety, and as would be naturally excarpenter trade. He went to Newcastle pected, he is much interested in whaton Tyne, in 1853, and emigrated to ever pertains to perpetuate the memory Cobourg, Ont., two years later, when of Scotland. He is at present treasurer he married Miss M. Hutchison. In of the North American United Caledo1861, he removed to Montreal, and one nian Association, and also president year later commenced business on his of the National Mutual Loan and own account as builder. For some Building Society. He is a prominent years he did an extensive business. He member of the Presbyterian Church, at executed the wood work on St. Pauls, St. Lambert.



R.C. P. S., Wallaceburg, Ont., was born August 2nd, 1857, in Chatham township, near Wallaceburg. His father, Silas Watson Knight, of Scottish descent, was born in 1804, in Rockingham, Vt. In carly life, he was a blacksmith, and had the first shop in Port Huron, Mich. He afterwards engaged in farming on the Chenel E. Carte, three miles from Wallaceburg, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a well educated man, a leading Methodist, a staunch Reformer, and an intimate friend of John Hillyard Cameron. He always took a great interest in school affairs, was noted for his integrity, acquired an easy competence, and died in 1888, deeply regretted. His wife, Abigail (Burnham) Knight, is still living, and resides on the old homestead, is of Pennsylvania Dutch desceut. One great object in duating in 1880. In 1885, he located her life, was that her sons should be in Wallaceburg, and has now a wide well educated, an ambition which has and successful practice. He is sanitary been fully realized. Two children, a physician to Wallaceburg, and is a son and a daughter, died in early life. member of the A.F. and A.M., and other Four sons, Milton, Charles, Alonzo and societies. On July 28th, 1886, he marSilas, taught school for a time, and lat- ried Miss Jennie Fraser, daughter of terly, became successful farniers in Chas. Fraser, Esq., whose portrait apChatham township. Another son, A. pears elsewhere in this volume. Two G. Knight, B.A., is principal of the children comprise their family. He is Collegiate Institute, Deseronto, and the president of the Wallaceburg Reform portrait of the youngest appears on Association, a strong advocate of free this page. Dr. Knight taught school trade, and if that is not obtainable, for some years, and then took his medi- would greatly prefer political union cal course at the Royal College of Phy- with the United States to the present sicians and Surgeons, Kingston, gra- policy of Canada,


property on the

R. WHITE, Q.C., Mayor of succession deputy reeve of Pembroke,

• Pembroke, Ont., and deputy and warden of the county of Renfrew grand master of the Masonic Grand one year, was elected mayor in January, Lodge of Canada, was born in Pem- 1891, and re-elected in 1892, by acclabroke, September 18th, 1843. Mr. mation. Mr. White owns a very valuWhite began his education at the pub- able fishing property on the Ottawa lic schools in Pembroke, and continued River. In religion, lie is an adherent it at Victoria College, Cobourg. He of the Episcopal Church, and in polisubsequently studied law, and making tics, a staunch Conservative. He is a rapid progress with his course, was 32nd degree Scottish Right Mason and called to the Bar in 1868, and has since Knight Templar, is past G.S.W., past practiced successfully in Pembroke. D.D.G.M. and was elected to the office He was made Q.C. in 1889, and is well of deputy grand master, July, 1892. known for his legal ability, and for the He was married, Oct. 12th, 1870, in admirable qualities he possesses as a Brantford, to Miss Jane, daughter of the public man. He was eight years in late Col. M. Wilson, of Onondaga.

orja College, Cobourutinued River. In

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