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merchant and M.P.P., u Quebec, Que., was born on the old historic “Holland” farm, near the city of Quebec, Dec. 23rd, 1835. He is a son of the late Niall Carbray of Tyrone county, Ireland. Mr. Carbray was educated in the city of Quebec, where he has always resided. He is a member of the well-known firm of Carbray, Routh & Co., lumber merchants, who have offices in Quebec and Montreal. Mr. Carbray has won a good position in the commercial world, and as a business man, has received the public confidence wherever know11. In addition to his other duties, he fills the important office of Consul of Portugal at the Port of Quebec. He is a trustee of St. Patrick's Church, and also of that noble Irish Catholic Clarity, the St. Bridget's Asylum. He occupies a large place in the regard of the Irish Catholic population of the ancient capital, which he by acclamation as M.P.P. for Quebec represented in the Quebec Parliament West at the Provincial General Election from 1881 to 1886. He also takes on the 8th March, 1892. He is also a an active part in all the local na- commissioner ov the Board of the Quetional movements of his countrymen, bec Harbor Commission. Mr. Carbray and has filled the highest offices in was the mover of the resolution adopted the various influential Irish bodies in by the Quebec Legislature, in favor of his native city. In politics he is a granting home rule to Ireland, and Liberal Conservative, and was first sympathy with Mr. Gladstone in his elected to the Legislature in 1881. His efforts to solve the Irish problem. His career in the House has been very cre- prominence on this occasion increased, ditable. He is a good speaker and if possible, his popularity among his debater, and speaks both English and constituents of Irish descent. He was French with equal fluency. He is spe- married, May 1854, to Miss Margaret, cially strong on matters of finance and daughter of Wm. Carberry, Esq., who commerce. Mr. Carbray was returned came to this country in 1847.


EV. LOUIS ADOLPHE PA- sent to Rome to study theology at the

QUET, B.A., Doctor of The University of the Propaganda, where he

o ology, Professor of Apolo- spent four years in following the courses getic and Dogmatic Theology at Laval of celebrated professors, and took his University, and assistant director of the theological degrees after a public conGrand Seminary of Quebec, Que., was troversy before Pope Leo XIII. He born in the parish of St. Nicholas, was ordained a priest in the Church of county of Lévis, Quebec, April 4th, St. John Lateran, on March 24th, 1883, 1859. He is the son of Adolphe and by Card. Monaco Lavaletta. Doctor Eléonore (Demers) Paquet, the heads Paquet returned from Rome the same of one of the old French families of the year, carrying with him several prizes province, and which has given to the and medals including two from the Roman Catholic Church five priests Pope himself. Since that time, while and several nuns. Dr. Paquet studied teaching theology and preaching, he in the Quebec Seminary. He entered has written a book the title of which is the ecclesiastical state in 1879, and was La Foi et la Raison.

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UNCAN RAY, dry goods mer in business for himself, and has now a

chant, and mayor of Lindsay, thoroughly established trade in the

Ont., was born in the county town of Lindsay. He has given consiof Victoria, November 25th, 1848. He derable attention to public affairs, and is the son of Angus Ray, one of the has received a good share of municipal first school teachers in the early history honors; he was in the council during of the township of Eldon, and for a long 1887 and 1888; Deputy Reeve for 1889, period, clerk of that township, and a and was elected mayor for 1892. He postmaster for over twenty years. Mr. is a member of the Masonic and OddRay was educated at the common fellows societies, which he has represchools of Victoria county, and at the sented in the grand lodges. He is in age of sixteen, engaged as a dry goods religion a Presbyterian, and on the clerk in the establishment of Mr. Ro- board of management. In politics, a bert Spier, of Lindsay. He spent a Liberal Conservative. He was married portion of 1872 in the wholesale dry in May, 1875, to a daughter of the late goods trade. After this, he embarked Dr. Skinner, of Burford, Ont.

position he filled for two years. Dr. Workman became a candidate for the Methodist Ministry in June 1873. In 1878, he received the degree of M. A., was then ordained and spent the next four years in the regular pastoral work. In 1882, he obtained an assistant professorship in Victoria University, and tauglit Hebrew and Philosoplıy for two years. In May 1884, he received his present appointment, and shortly went to Leipzig to qualify for special departmental work in Oriental languages, where he spent nearly five full academic years in that way. He was there privileged to attend lectures by Prof. Delitzsch in Old Testament Exegesis and Assyriology; by Prof. Krehl in Arabic and Syriac, and by Prof. Heinze in Philosophy. The greater part of his time, however, was spent in private study and

investigation, as pastor of EORGE COULSON WORK- the American Church. In 1889, the Uni

MAN, M.A., Ph. D., Professor versity of Leipzig conferred on him the of Old Testament Exegesis and Liter- degree of Ph. D. in recognition of his ature in Victoria University, Cobourg, work 011 Textual Criticism, entitled Ontario, was born near Grafton, “The Text of Jeremiah." This work Ontario, September 28th, 1848. Dr. not only received an appreciative introWorkman began his education at the duction from Prof. Delitzsch, but also public school. In January 1870, he encouraging reviews from distinguished entered Victoria College, Cobourg, and scholars in Great Britain, Germany and in May 1875, received the degree of America. But the work which has B.A. from Victoria University. He stamped his name on the public mind then went to Europe and travelled over is his well-known publication on “MesEngland, Scotland, Ireland, France, sianic Prophecy," which is constantly Italy and Switzerland. In June 1876, bringing him the most gratifying testihe was appointed assistant editor of the monies from noted literary men in Toronto Christian Guardian which different parts of the world.


DEN, M.A., Principal

o of the Collegiate Institute, Peterborough, Ont., was born at Romeo, Mich. U.S., March 11, 1851. His parents were Elisha and Elsie, (Tibetts) Fessendeni, both natives of the Province of Quebec and descendants of the early pioneers who came from the United States and settled in Quebec. Mr. Fessenden began his education at the Knowlton Academy, Que., and at the age of fifteen years entered the McGill Normal School, Montreal, where he remained for two years. He then taught school for three years and subsequently entered Trinity University, Toronto, wliere he won the Wellington Scholarship. He held the position of Mathematical Master in Hellmuth College, London, for eighteen months and was appointed Principal of Brampton High School in 1876, which position he filled very sucessfully for five necessary to erect larger and improved years. His success at Brampton in- school accommodation, speaks volumes duced the Napanee Board to offer him for his ability and success. He is not the principalship of the High School in only a brilliant scholar, but a born eduthat town. He accepted the position cator, having a fine natural adaptation and for nine years filled it with great to his chosen profession. He is a memicredit to himself and advantage to the ber of the Masonic and A. (). U. W. large number of students uder his societies, and in religion is a member care. In 1890, Mr. Fessenden was ap- of the Church of England. Politically pointed to his present responsible posi- he does not take an active part, but his tion in the Collegiate Institute. In his sympathy and support have always new sphere his sterling qualities and been given to the Conservative party. devotion to his profession, have served Mr. Fessenden was married December to strengthen his previously good re- 18th, 1878, to Miss Ethel E. eldest cord. The fact that in every place daughter of T. A. Agar, Esq., of where he has labored, it has been Brampton, Ontario.

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