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ILLIAM WARREN DEAN, the Bar in 1858, and practised in Belle

Lindsay, Ont., judge of the ville until 1874, and during the greater county and surrogate courts of Victoria part of this time was Master in Chanand Haliburton counties, local judge cery. He was then appointed judge of of the High Court and Master in Chan- Victoria county, and in 1886, the Procery, was born in London, Ontario, visional county of Haliburton was October 25th, 1830. He is the son of added for judicial purposes. Judge the Rev. Horace and Ruth (Tisdale) Dean, is in religion, a Methodist. He Dean, both U. E. Loyalists. Judge has been a delegate for many years to Dean began his studies at the Grammar the General Conferences, and for thirty school, Barrie, and subsequently attend- years has been a member of the board ed the Victoria University, Cobourg, of Regents and Senate of Victoria from which he received his B. A. in University. Mrs. Dean is the eldest 1854. He studied law at Belleville daughter of the late Gilbert Bogart, with Lewis Wallbridge, Q.C., late chief of Belleville, also a well known U. E. justice of Manitoba. He was called to Loyalist family.

HELATE HON. COL. 1 W. RHODES, Quebec, Que., was born at Bramhope Hall, Yorkshire, England, in 1821, and was educated in the schools and colleges of that land. At an early age he entered the army as an ensign in the 68th Durham Light Infantry, commanded by Lord William Paulet. This regiment was sent to the West Indies and subsequently ordered to Canada in 1842. On obtaining his company, Capt. Rhodes decided to settle at Quebec, and in 1848 acquired the beautiful and picturesque lands of “Benmore,” formerly owned by Sir Dominic Daly, late Governor of Prince Edward Island. He was married, in 1847, to Miss Anne C. Dunn, daughter of the late Robert Dunn, son of the former administrator of the Government. Col. Rhodes soon entered the political arena, and in 1850 he went to the Canadian Commons as the representative of the county of Megan- ent of the agricultural class of the protic, which, more than twenty-five years vince was Col. Rhodes, and in 1887 he later, renewed its confidence in its old became Minister of Agriculture and member. The colonel was a most en- Colonization. The Colonel lived in his ergetic promoter of railways and was rural home like a respected English for years chairman of the North Shore gentleman of the olden time. His roses Line (since merged into the C. P. R.). and strawberries were famous; his adHis ever active mind was constantly vice was always, and his purse not unfreemployed in revolving the questions of quently, at the disposal of the needy. He improvements in farm stock, tillage of died suddenly from an attack of parthe soil, the erection of butter and alysis, Feb. 17th, 1892, and was laid to cheese factories over the length and rest by gentle and loving hands, under breadth of the land, the opening of the shade of the whispering pines of colonization roads, and the recognition solemn and beautiful Mount Hermon, by legislation of agricultural merit. not far from the fragrant walks and It was evident that the coming expon- pleasant bowers of “ Benmore."


present Chief Justice Hagarty, and the late Lieutenant-Governor Crawford, and subsequently with the late Hon. John Hillyard Cameron, the Hon. J. B. Robinson and C. J. Robinson. He was admitted to the Bar in 1857, and commenced his profession in Whitby where he still reresides. He was for some time a partner of H. J. McDonell, and also of Hector Cameron, Q.C. He was appointed Master in Chancery in 1859, and junior judge in 1873, both of which offices he still holds (1892). Judge Dartnell is known as a brilliant scholar and an honor to the Bench. He was a sub-editor of the Daily Patriot, the first daily paper issued in Toronto, and has given much valuable aid to the cause of education, having been for eighteen years a member of the school board of the town of Whitby, and for nine years chair

man of that body. He is a EORGE HENRY FREWEN member of the A.F. & A.M. and A.O.F.

DARTNELL, Whitby, Ont., Societies. Is past grand senior deacon junior judge of the county of Ontario; of the Grand Lodge of Canada; past local judge of the High Court of Justice district deputy grand master and refor the province of Ontario; local mas- presentative in the Grand Lodge of ter in Chancery, and special examiner Canada, of the Grand Lodge of Cuba in all the courts, was born Feb. 13th, and Ceylon. He is president of St. 1834, in the city of Limerick, Ireland. Patrick's Society and of the Whitby He is the son of the late Edward Taylor Cricket Club. He is now (1892) a Dartnell, a prominent Irish solicitor, lieutenant-colonel (unattached) of the who came to this country in the year volunteer force and served on the 1850 and settled in Toronto. His edu- frontier during the Fenian raids. He cation was begun at King's College, has been married twice, first to Louisa Loudon, England, and continued and Hawke, daughter of Anthony B. completed under the tuition of his Hawke, and second to Caroline Gross, father. He first studied law under the daughter of G. C. Gross, of Whitby.


X UGUSTIN COTÉ, printer and course of 47 years, his journal was, by

journalist, Quebec, was born in an unexpected event, forced to suspend.

lo that city in 1818. He is a Suffice it to say, that our subject has son of Augustin and Marie-Louise been a great worker, persevering, (Letarte) Côté, and first went to a pri- honest, deserving and universally resmary school called Bishop's Chapel, pected for his many good qualities of where he was prepared to make his first head and heart. Mr. Côté was married communion in Notre Dame Church in in 1845 to Miss Caroline Emilie Le1829. He learned the art of printing, mieux, daughter of the late Charles and in 1834 worked in company with Lemieux. Of a family of thirteen the now great publisher, John Lovell, children, eight are living, amongst of Montreal. In 1837, he began a whom are Augustine, wife of Hon. E. J. course of private study, and, in 1842, Flynn, Minister of Crown Lands; became sub-editor of La Gazette de and Amélie, wife of Adolphe Poisson, Québec, and later on started the Journal advocate and Registrar of Arthade Québec, with Joseph Cauchon, as baska. chief editor, who died in Manitoba in 1885, having been Lieutenant-Governor of that Province. Among Mr. Côté's many publications may be mentioned, Les Relations des Jésuites, in three large volumes, which appeared in 1857-58. He has also printed L'Annuaire de l'Université Laval, since its establishment in 1854. In 1855, he offered a premium for the best abridgment of the History of Canada. The task was accepted by the late Mr. F. X. Garneau, and over 38,000 copies sold up to 1870. In 1861, Mr. Côté was invited to run for the Legislative Assembly, and, at the beginning of Confederation, he was tendered the Postmastership of Quebec, both of which he declined in order to promote his journal. He has been magistrate since 1855, and Captain in the Militia, under a commission signed by Sir Edmund Head. After an influential

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AJOR SAM. HUGHES, M.P. Toronto Model and Normal schools, the

of The Warder, Lindsay, On- University of Toronto and the Military

O tario, was born in Darling school under the 29 line Regiment, ton, Durham county, Ontario, January Mr. Hughes holds “ist A.” School 8th, 1852. His father, John Hughes, Inspector's and “ist class Military ” a native of Tyrone, Ireland, came to and University Modern Languages, HoCanada about 1845, taught school, set- nor certificates, and is author of a map tled on a farm, and now lives retired at of Canada and a geography. He is Blackstock, Ont. His father was one member of A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., of the famous 67“Royal Bengal Tiger” L.O.L., O.R.A. and D.R.A. As teachRegiment. Major Hughes' mother is er, he served in Belleville, Lifford, Caroline Laughlin, daughter of a Bowmanville, and for ten years in ToBritish Royal Artillery officer, and ronto Collegiate Institute, where he grand-daughter of a Huguenot Cavalry was first English master. In 1885, he officer, Poirier de St. Pierre, under Bona- purchased The W'arder, which he has parte. Educated in Durham schools, since conducted with very great suc

cess. The circulation has increased four fold since he assumed control of the paper. As athlete, Mr. Hughes in 1872, won championship mile race for America, and from 1872 to 1884, was on ist 12” of Toronto Lacrosse Club, besides active in football, cricket, baseball, bicycling and rowing. He is also a good rifleman. In 1891, he was defeated for the Commons for North Victoria by J. A. Barren, Q.C., but in 1892, on revised lists, he won over Mr. Barren by the handsome majority of 239 votes. A Methodist and Liberal Conservative, Mr. Hughes is opposed to union of Church and State. He was twice married ; first, in 1872, to Caroline J., daughter of Major Preston of Man vers, and second, in 1875, to Mary E., daughter of Harvey W. Burk, ex-M.P., Bowmanville. A son and a daughter of his second wife constitute the family.

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