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TDISON BALDWIN FRALECK, began his studies at the common schools

B.A., Belleville, Ont., Junior and next attended Queen's College,

O Judge of the County Court of Kingston, from which he graduated Hastings county, Ont., was born in B.A. in 1863. He then entered the Sidney, near Belleville, Ont., February study of law with the form of Ponton & 6th, 1841. His parents were Thomas Falkiner, Belleville, and subsequently Tillotson and Hannah (Nicholson) with the Hon. Stephen Richards, ToFraleck, both of genuine U. E. Loyal- ronto. He took out solicitor's certifiist stock. The former was the son of cates at Easter term, 1868, and was Martin Fraleck who came from Wit- called to the Bar at Hilary term the tenburg, Saxony, and took up lands on same year. He was elected to the the Hudson River, which were after- University Council in 1886, and rewards confiscated by the Revolutionary elected in 1891. He continues to reparty. Mr. T. T. Fraleck served as a side in Belleville (1892), where he is a cavalryman during the entire three prominent and influential factor in the years war of 1812-15. Judge Fraleck city and county to which he belongs.

In religion he is a Presbyterian from his youth. His mother was of the same faith and his father was a Lutheran. In politics the Judge is a staunch Conservative and takes strong ground as to the connection of Canada with the Motherland, to whom, he believes, we owe our civil and religious liberty. He rendered valuable aid to his party for fifteen years, until he was appointed Junior County Judge 28th December, 1881. He is a member of the Knight Templar, Oddfellow, Black Kvight, Orange and Masonic societies, and for several years master of Mystic Lodge 278, of the latter order. He was also lieutenant No. 4 Company, 49th Hastings Rifles, from 1867 to 1874, when he retired retaining rank. Judge Fraleck was married August 12th, 1874, to Miss Jane E., daughter of Wm. Judd, Esq., of Sterling, Hastings county, Ont.

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ICTOR PAUL CHATEAUVERT, Parliament in March, 1892. He will,

flour, grain and provision mer- doubtless, show himself to be an able chant, Quebec, Que., was born in that member of the House, as having had a city, March 12th, 1841. He is a son of thoroughly practical training, he is Pierre and Angèle (Rousseau) Cha- well versed in all matters of commerteauvert. The former was a well- cial importance, and is able to give his known contractor and builder, and the constituents the benefit of his long exlatter was the daughter of J. B. Rous- perience. He had the honor of being seau, merchant, Quebec. Mr. Chateau- elected president of the Quebec Board vert was educated at the Christian Bro- of Trade in 1891. He is now in the thers' Academy, and at Thom's Aca- full vigor of his manhood and bids fair demy. He has risen to his present to give to his city and country many honorable position, entirely by his own years of valuable service. He was marenergy and determination. When a ried August 14th, 1860, to Miss Virgimere youth he exhibited those traits of nia Sophie, daughter of David Dussault, character, which have since developed architect and contractor, Quebec. and played such an important part in placing him in his present honored position. When fourteen years of age, he entered as a junior clerk with J. B. Renaud, in the flour and grain business, and was alternately book-keeper, cashier and salesman of the establishment, and later on became partner with Mr. Gaspard Le Moine, his present partner. After the death of Mr. Renaud, Messrs. Le Moine and Chateauvert formed a partnership, having bought the business and conducted it under the same name, and are now among the most widely and favorably known produce men in the Province of Quebec. In 1891, Mr. Chateauvert was forced to present himself as the Federal Conservative candidate, and was beaten by a very small majority in Quebec Centre division ; however, he was elected against Dr. Rinfret, member of Provincial


cial courts. He represented the Belgian Government in the Tournai frauds case at Montreal, and the United States Government in the great Eno extradition case at Quebec. He was counsel for Messrs. McGreevey and Connolly, in connection with the Tarte charges, also counsel for Hon. Mercier, Hon. C. Langelier and E. Pacaud, in the Quebec political prosecutions. In 1885, he awoke to find himself famous all over the Dominion, by his retainer as one of the leading counsel for the defence in the Riel case. Mr. Fitzpatrick was elected a member of the Provincial Legislature for the county of Quebec in June, 1890, and re-elected for the same constituency in March, 1892. From the moment he entered the House, he took a foremost position as a speaker and debater, having complete command of both languages,

English and French. On RLES FITZPATRICK, advo- the formation of the De Boucherville cate, Quebec, Que., was born in ministry in 1891, he refused the port

o that city, December 19th, folio of Attorney General and a seat in 1853. His ancestors were Irish. Mr. the Cabinet as the representative of the Fitzpatrick was educated at the Quebec Irish Catholic element, on the ground Seminary, and Laval University of of his Liberal antecedents, but promised which last he was, in 1876, the Dufferin to support all honest and economical Medallist in the law faculty. On being government from whatever party it admitted to practice law, he rapidly proceeded. He is at present (1892) a pushed to the front, and soon acquired foremost member of the Liberal opposia large business. He is an able crim- tion, of which he was offered the leaderinal lawyer, and in 1879, was appointed ship. He was married May 20th, 1879, by the Provincial Government, Crown to Miss Corinne, daughter of the late prosecutor for the city and district of Hon. R. E. Caron, ex-LieutenantQuebec. He has figured in most of Governor of Quebec, and sister of Sir the important cases before the Provin- Adolphe Caron.




lo postmaster, Peterborough, Ont., was born in Grafton, Ontario, July 16th, 1839. His parents were Lieut.-Col. James G. and Maria (Burnham) Rogers, of U. E. Loyalist descent. The former died in 1874 in Grafton, Ont., where his father opened the first Post Office between Kingston and York (now Toronto). Col. Rogers began his studies at the Grafton public school, and at the age of twelve, entered the Model school, Toronto. He subsequently attended the Grammar school at Kingston. After leaving the latter institution, he engaged in business with his uncle, the late Lieut.-Col. R. D. Rogers of Ashburnham, with whom he remained for about five years. He then formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Harry Strickland, under the firm name of Strickland and Rogers, and for ten years conducted a suc- borough Rifles. He was duly promoted cessful lumbering, mining and mercan- and took an active part during the tile trade in Peterboro'. In 1871, Col. Fenian raid of 1866. He is an active Rogers received his present appoint- member and Pastmaster of the Masonic ment, and consequently retired from order, and is in religion an Episcopalbusiness to attend to the duties of his ian. The colonel's official position, office. He has made a most efficient prevents him from taking the active and obliging official, and has given part in politics for which his talents every satisfaction to the general public. qualify him, but his sympathy is In 1889 he was elected commodore of with the Conservative party. He was the American Canoe Association, and married September ist, 1863, to Maria, is well up in all nautical matters. Like eldest daughter of Dr. W. H. Burritt, his illustrious ancestors, Col. Rogers is Esq., of Smith's Falls, Ont. The latter every inch a soldier, and has always is also of genuine U. E. L. stock. The had a great love for military life. At family of Col. Rogers consists of five the age of sixteen he joined the Peter- sons and two daughters.


LIVIER M. AUGÉ, Q.C., M.P.P. business, and now (1892), occupies a

Montreal, Que., was born in the prominent position in the city of MonParish of Sorel, Quebec, August 7th, treal, not only in connection with his 1845. He is a son of Olivier and profession, but is also a noted factor in Henriette (Piché) Augé, both of whom public affairs generally. In 1890, Mr. were among the early settlers of Que- Augé was the Liberal Conservative bec Province. Mr. Augé began his candidate for St. James Division, Moneducation in Joliette, where he attended treal, but was defeated by alderman college. After completing his course Brunet by a majority of 220, but in he began the study of law at Joliette 1892, he defeated the same man by a in the office of Mr. now Judge Baby majority of 132. This was a very (of the court of Queen's Bench), and exciting contest, the number of votes afterwards with Cartier, Pominville cast was over 5,000. Mr. Augé is in and Bétournay, of Montreal. On finish- religion a Roman Catholic. He was ing his law course he began practice married in November, 1871, to Miss and soon acquired an important legal Melina, daughter of Dr. Hercule Roy.

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